Cowon iAudio F2 4Gb

Overall rating 5 stars
5 from 1 reviews
39 g
Case material
Dimensions (Shmht)
35x73x17 mm
Built-in memory
4 GB
own Li-Pol
39 g
Case material:
Dimensions (Shmht):
35x73x17 mm
Built-in memory:
4 GB
own Li-Pol


Overall rating 5 stars
1 reviews
Overall rating 5.00 stars
June 23, 2013


Everyone knows that for older sisters/brothers we the young ones will always be kids. And so it is with me, brother still sincerely believes that the hands on my ass and with the technique I refer not able. Actually all I mean is that when instead of an old CD player I asked for a new mp3 player(it was a long time ago), my brother brought me something small and black with buttons(no, you schaz is not something imagined), it turned out that player. He served me faithfully for 2 years until I loose the headphone socket, and the repair, said that it is easier to buy a new one. He justified this purchase by the fact that such player is the most sturdy and long lasting.And here’s the new and was my favorite Cowon iAudio F2 4GB, in fact it was the same one as the previous one, but it is already far not the second year! I understand that he is already 7 years old!!!(Box, unfortunately the year before last , I sent to Ukraine(Packed valuable goods) and the receipts thrown in the trash).Can boast this baby:Size: schaz no surprise, but before he was a real baby, which I in the days of his wild youth wore proudly hanging on the neck, between the Boobs. Then of course the rope that was hung around his neck, was torn and now carry it in jeans pockets or handbag.You will not believe it, but this player has it all! Literally everything that is in all mp3 players: audio, video, radio, recorder, pictures, even texts to read!Yes, the screen is tiny and he has a video on it it is necessary to compress in a specific format, but for the sake of interest I bother sometimes, you know, it worked or even slowed down) and see what fun watch the video on the screen is 1.3 inches =)))) Pictures it opens any size from small to Wallpaper on desktop.Not very comfortable viewing of texts, as it is best to read only the lyrics are decorated in a poetic mode, i.e. short sentences with lots of transfers.Appearance: all who first saw it were amazed, asking what it is and not the phone. Looks really a bit like the phone. In General, with a’s penis, and especially between the Boobs, the attention you will be just provided!

the main screen. The Wallpaper can be changed, but I’m schaz Brendan Boyd from Incubus.Battery: this model has a great battery 3-4 days can not charge while using, for example, 2 times a day for an hour(the road to uni and back). And my favorite in this thingy is that if the screen indicates that the battery’s dead, you have about 40 minutes of time of work, and if you don’t include too loud and not to switch songs, and all 2 hours will be enough! – This for me is a miracle!!Sound: the Sound is excellent!! The volume is good, I usually even in the subway listening to only half the volume, and on the street, so generally very quiet. Decent equalizer with different modes!Package contents: player, earphones that fit over the neck and fastened them to the player, the installation disk(not useful at all), perhaps a usb cord.Filling: the player is very user-friendly menu, a folder-navigation, navigation in General. There are all sorts of things, to repeat a certain piece to speed up or slow down the sound. Settings all simple, clear. Should get used to the button layout and you can not looking to click all the buttons, it may not as obvious as some models, but no buttons are pressed by themselves!Price: was not great, do not remember exactly, but I think about 2000 rubles.Where to buy: only with hands, he had long withdrawn from sale.Who cipiti: Children who are afraid to entrust expensive equipment that can be lost, or be stolen. In our time on these players people don’t even look, and nothing, since such things are extremely comfortable and do not distract from the main thing – music! Plus Cowon pleasantly surprised by the excellent quality sound ))is Now less likely to ride the subway more on the car, so use the player as I will use it again in the player, and he’s still with me =) And the people in the subway still looks at me puzzled, what is this thing )))

gadadharananda him? Yes, of course! This is the best player I’ve seen! No damage, no glitch, over 7 years of use it works just fine, even the battery is not spoiled!!!

Advantages:compact, great sound, comfortable

The Cowon company offers users to check out iAudio F2 4Gb. The features of iAudio F2 4Gb, in addition to their interesting design solution, make us pleased with their performance and functionality. Best solution for both house and office. Many customers already appreciated and left iAudio F2 4Gb reviews available on our service. Price comparison, that is also offered by our service, helps profitably purchase Cowon iAudio F2 4Gb. Buy Cowon iAudio F2 4Gb with benefits.
Color black
Weight 39 g
Case material plastic
Dimensions (Shmht) 35x73x17 mm
Type Flash
Built-in memory 4 GB
Batteries own Li-Pol
Charging the battery from USB
The maximum operating time 22 h
FM tuner Yes
Recording from the radio Yes
Screen LCD color, diagonal of 1.3 inch.
Number of shades 260 thousand
Screen resolution 128x160
Interfaces line input (with recording)
Connecting to a computer USB 2.0
Features clock, alarm, sleep timer, the possibility of firmware
Digital equalizer there, fixed. settings - 7
Sound power (per channel) 30 mW
Format support
Support audio formats MP3, WMA, OGG, FLAC, WAV
Support graphic formats JPG
Support for video formats AVI, MPEG-4, XviD
Basic functions
The recorder Yes
Video playback Yes
Viewing text files Yes
Viewing graphic files Yes
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