Cowon M2 32Gb

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silver, black
77 g
Dimensions (Shmht)
74.3x53.1x13.8 mm
Built-in memory
32 GB
Memory card support
single microSD slot
own Li-Pol
silver, black
77 g
Dimensions (Shmht):
74.3x53.1x13.8 mm
Built-in memory:
32 GB
Memory card support:
single microSD slot
own Li-Pol


Overall rating 5 stars
1 reviews
Overall rating 5.00 stars
March 12, 2016


Cowon media players I use for almost 9 years. It all started with the now deceased Cowon S9 Curve, it was replaced by a Cowon X9, and now gives me music Cowon M2. Until recently, the Cowon brand has been known in Russia only among the most inveterate audiophile. At the moment the device Korean company confidently conquer the Russian market for its quality, although sometimes controversial works. The model this company has combined what can wish a music lover that is counting on a price range to 20 000. Player Cowon M2 is a worthy representative of the range of media players, which is still not devoid of their drawbacks.The media player was purchased to replace the drowned Cowon X9. The first selection stage was the analysis of reviews on media players price categories 10 000 – 12 000 rubles, with memory of 16 GB. The hottest struggle has inflamed between the Cowon M2 and NWZ-A10. All agreed the actual listening in the store (on my headphones, Sennheiser CX 300 II). Warm and soft sound with nice bass, finally outweighed the scales in favor of a Korean baby. The quality of the sound drew me in even the very first Cowon S9. In the current M2 quality hasn’t deteriorated, but frankly we have to admit that and change for the better did not happen.In most stores (M2) will cost about 11 000 – 12 000 rubles. Complete with player you will receive a cable for charging and file transfer, as well as in-ear headphones. Count on these headphones is not worth it, as the quality leaves much to be desired, and the manufacturer provides them more for show. In M2 we will not see a “unique” connector for charging, so that complicated our lives in the previous models, after ordering a replacement of the lost or damaged was only possible in distant Hong Kong. Now we have banal microUSB, and 3.5 mm headphone jack. Cowon M2 supports memory cards up to 64 GB and 128 consistently under question, in addition to the integrated memory 16 and 32 GB.When pairing with a computer, you do not need any additional software (a dig at Apple with their Itunes), the player is defined as a standard removable media.

When in 2012 on the Russian market, a player Cowon X9, she became a real favourite among media players. And the thing is incredibly capacious Li-Pol battery, capacity of which has not been stated, but in the end from a single charge, at an average level, the device lost the music up to 100 hours! Claimed was 110, however, numerous tests showed that to strap the battery does not hold up. But still, at a time when most of the players barely make it to the level of 60 hours, the competitors have the Cowon X9 was not simple. The model M2 is the successor of a line of “survivor” players, and shows us up to 90 hours of playback at medium volume (this time really about 90 checked). If you often are away from civilization, and thus the service life of your gadgets is important to you, don’t think twice, it’s exactly what you need.Capacious battery, as a rule, leads to one very unpleasant consequence to increase in size. Dimensions M2 not too large – the baby fits perfectly in the hand, feels great in the jacket pocket or handbag, but the player came out the fat almost 1.4 cm and weighs 76 grams. The experience of use – the dimensions of the player do not cause any inconvenience. In his hand he is comfortable, all controls are at hand.

Control the media player Cowon M2 is another controversial issue. On the one hand, all the basic controls are fairly conveniently located on the body. To swing forward, rewind and volume control, pause button, the buttons unlock the screen reachable with one finger, if the player is in your hand. I run almost exclusively by the player in the blind, while he is in the pocket. It turns out I have it is extremely easy – not only can switch the song without taking it out of pocket,but also to enable\disable it completely. From my point of view, the control buttons on the body is organized quite conveniently. Case material – plastic. Good build quality, no backlash, no POPs and no clicks. Don’t know whether it’s purely my player, or is it a feature of all the M2, but inserting the USB cord, you can hear a slight creaking, and the connector itself is tight.

On the other hand, for some inexplicable logic, the manufacturer continued to push the player over 12000 RUB poor resistive touch screen. And this despite the fact that the court in 2016, when the resistive touch screens were only in the most low-end devices, or devices where for some reason cannot be implemented with a different type of screen. It was possible to migrate in 2007, (when, by the way, Cowon used in their players great capacitive screens are protected with impact-resistant glass). In 2012, it was already surprising. But in the yard in 2016 and use such incredible detail spoils all impression from the use of the player. Additionally, the precision of pressing this kind of screen can not boast, and to scratch the tape player is very easy.

Appearance menupeer supports all popular audio formats, besides doing great with reading .the flac files. Graphic and video formats all the more difficult. Player and then produces an error and refuses to read the movies that he do not like.

Clearance proigryvatelya has a built in speaker, but it does not benefit from a lot. He’s too quiet and too small. Even at maximum volume the sound is barely audible. Can not be said about listening to music in headphones. I use Sennheiser CX 300 II, I need 20 of the 40 available units of volume, in order to fully take in the music of the country, shielding themselves from the street and noises.Summing up, we can recommend a player to someone looking for good sound quality and the possibility of continuous music without recharging, and the possibility of a blind control the player. If for 90 hours of work and dizzying quality 12 000 you are willing to put up with antediluvian screen of considerable thickness, then you can go to the store for player Cowon M2. Just remember before purchase to listen to it on your headphones that you normally use in order to adequately assess the quality of the sound, because the opinions on the sound of the player is subjective. Only your own ears will tell you how much you like the sound of your favorite track on a particular gadget!

Advantages:while working, the sound, build quality, ease of control, the size

The Cowon company offers users to check out M2 32Gb. The features of M2 32Gb, in addition to their interesting design solution, make us pleased with their performance and functionality. Best solution for both house and office. Many customers already appreciated and left M2 32Gb reviews available on our service. Price comparison, that is also offered by our service, helps profitably purchase Cowon M2 32Gb. Buy Cowon M2 32Gb with benefits.
Color silver, black
Weight 77 g
Dimensions (Shmht) 74.3x53.1x13.8 mm
Type Flash
Built-in memory 32 GB
Memory card support single microSD slot
Batteries own Li-Pol
Charging the battery from USB
The maximum operating time 90 h
While working in playback mode video 13 h
FM tuner Yes
Screen LCD color, touchscreen, diagonal 2.8 inches.
Number of shades 16.7 million
Screen resolution 320x240
Connecting to a computer USB 2.0
Features clock, built-in speaker, the possibility of firmware
Signal/noise 95 dB
Digital equalizer Yes
Additional information calculator
Sound power (per channel) 29 mW
Format support
Subtitle formats SMI
Support audio formats MP3, WMA, OGG, FLAC, APE, WAV
Support graphic formats JPG
Support for video formats WMV, SWF (Flash), ASF, AVI, MPEG-4, WMV9, XviD
Basic functions
The recorder Yes
Video playback Yes
Viewing text files Yes
Viewing graphic files Yes
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