Dyson V6 Animalpro

Overall rating 4.5 stars
4.5 from 2 reviews
2 in 1 (vertical + manual)
2.27 kg
Fine filter
Charging time
210 min.
Suction power
100 W
Dust collector
cyclonic filter, capacity 0.42 l
2 in 1 (vertical + manual)
2.27 kg
Fine filter:
Charging time:
210 min.
Suction power:
100 W
Dust collector:
cyclonic filter, capacity 0.42 l


Overall rating 4.5 stars
2 reviews
Overall rating 4.00 stars
January 15, 2016


Hello, everybody) the Holidays are over and ahead of us the General cleaning after two weeks of rest. And what is cleaning without the vacuum cleaner? And that’s why, today I would like to tell you about the famous Dyson vacuum cleaners. At the time of purchase, the Internet had too little information about this model and to be honest I took it at your own risk. And now I share with you my impressions. Cordless vacuum cleaner, Dyson V6 Animal Pro specifications:Type – vertikalnye – shavsheti suction – 100 Webjam dust collector – 0.4 LTIP dust collector – cyclonic filtros – 2.04 chtsvet – body fioletovyi for cleaning hard to reach places, a crevice, electromechani power – accumulatively battery life – 20 minima charge – 3.5 hours Price: 23 990 discount vacuum cleaner Packed in a cardboard box on which there is information about model and configuration.

Side specified applications

Supplied with a detailed manual in several languages

And now for the bits, set them camerapedia and the main nozzle. Ideal for cleaning carpets and floors. Collects all the fur and hair on the floor. It is equipped with a turbo brush which increases the cleaning efficiency. But the battery life with it is much lower.

Specially photographed by the brush in operating condition to show how it copes with its task. I brush it after each cleaning, the cushions are easily removed. On the side there is a connector which you can use to open the case. This is written in detail in the instructions.

2. This brush I use for cleaning sofas, armchairs and other upholstered furniture. As well copes with its task.

3. This brush I almost never use it. But it is perfect for cleaning hard to reach places. Corners etc etc

4. Well, the fourth seems to be familiar to everyone) This showerhead easy to clean the radiators, air vents, seams on upholstered furniture.

All tips joined directly to the pipe by means of fasteners, which during operation do not open spontaneously.

The same nozzle can be attached to the unit. This method is convenient to clean the input on the rugs or sofas. In General, something small or that is located on top.

And here is the block/cleaner.

Design small and take up almost no space. Weight 2.04 kg. In the hand is easy and you do not get tired during cleaning. Noise like that of a conventional vacuum cleaner. He makes a whistling sound. At first annoying, but now used to. In the article with the button-trigger, but the downside is that to let go of the button it is impossible. That is, during the cleaning arm is constantly in tension.

The dust container with a volume of 0.4 l and is too little. Given his power he rammed completely in 5-7 minutes.

And then you have to take it off) to do this you must click on the lever. I still can not adapt to this system. Then I only opened the bottom cover, on the contrary completely removed from the dust collector. In General, the cleaning system of dust collector is a bit ill-conceived. But it is possible to get along, one push – opens the lid, two hit – removed the dust collector.

To clean it quite difficult, I would even say not difficult, but cleaning takes a lot of time.. First, it needs to shake out, but in the end cleaning and even wipe cloth, and during the harvest it will have to do several times.

By the way, this type of dust collector – cyclone filter. Here is the filter itself. It’s washable. This can be seen even pictures on it.

Is extracted very easily. Enough to pull up, remove anything not necessary.

The device is equipped with a button for maximum power. However, at the time of its inclusion gets much faster. I use it when cleaning carpets. Don’t forget to disable it when it’s not necessary.

As for charging.. charging Time 3.5 hours. And time battery life in just 20 minutes. And this is a significant drawback. Personally, I don’t have time for this time to vacuum the entire apartment. You have to stop. Input for charging is located behind

During charging, the LEDs are illuminated.

There is also a stationary charger. Mounted it on the wall, but I have to her hand until he came. Thing is very convenient and necessary. With it, the vacuum cleaner will always be “active” mode. At any time you can pick up and vacuum what you want. And, with it, it will take much less.

My opinion about this cleaner is quite ambiguous, so will highlight the pros and cons of Plusapartment. You can get it in the car, vacuum the mats in the entrance and don’t need to carry extension cords and other wires. This is a huge plus.Power. It will perfectly clean the carpets of any dirtiness. This is especially appreciated by pet owners. I am a happy owner of a furry friend, but also long hair to boot. And what is “the whole house in wool and hair” I know firsthand. In this case it is indispensable. But I want to note that a power of 100W is the maximum. Specifically, the power when pressing the” max power”. In normal mode its output power is about 30W, not sure. But with confidence I can tell, this is more than enough. Design. Agree, he looks stylish. Ease. For me a significant advantage, the hand is not tired during the harvest. With it you can mess around even children. Stationary charging. The thing is really convenient and necessary. Using her vacuum cleaner always at hand. Scattered grits/ground removed the vacuum cleaner, vacuumed, hung in place. All! No unnecessary movements. The turbo mode. Minasyan. Vacuum cleaner expensive.Time. Only 20 minutes of battery life. And it is very small. But if in turbo mode, and 15. Of course, you can buy an extra battery and change it. But the process is complicated, need to Unscrew the bolts. The difficulty of cleaning. Brush and dust have to be cleaned regularly of hair and dust. Plus a filter wash. But on the other hand, the conventional vacuum cleaner has the same needs constant cleaning. A small amount of dust. Honestly, I don’t think it is for a full vacuum, but also to change it on anything else is not desirable. It extends to the hand and cleaning a pleasure. Ideally, it should not be the only, and a cleaner for daily cleaning. For those who have a house cleaner once a month is better to avoid this model of the party, and for those who support clean the house constantly is the perfect solution to many problems. Off score for a high price, without the discount, it will cost 29990. Certainly recommend, if you have any questions or anything I missed email) I Will be glad to answer and help! ● ❤ ●•Thank you for your attention● ❤ ●• With you Dasha

Advantages:design, ease of use, mobility and power, does not occupy much space

Overall rating 5.00 stars
March 6, 2016


Good day, dear Irecovery!Today I would like to write a review for wonderful wireless Dyson vacuum cleaner V6+ let’s Start with the fact that 2 months in the apartment it was cleaner. Let me have just one Mat, but cats with long hair have aggravated the situation in my apartment. Had to spend a lot of time washing the floor, the carpet cleaning hands and wiping dust. Every month I do a General cleaning which includes washing of curtains, as they are gaining a lot of dust. Regular cleaning service I spend once a week, including once a week my floor. To some it may seem sloppy, but, unfortunately, because I have a bad back I physically can’t do it more often. Mops I do not trust, and wash the floor, koryachkah, takes me about 2 hours (the apartment is 90 sq. m.) In General, I realized that I could not continue, and my husband went to get the vacuum cleaner. Chose a very long time, even a little quarrel on this ground. I said that we need a Dustbuster, my husband insisted on a conventional, bulky. In our house a few sockets and the road to Calvary the apartment from the outlet to the outlet seemed inappropriate. The main factor for me was the attachment for hard surfaces, that would not damage the flooring. In conventional vacuum cleaners it mainly had to buy separately, and which she had the price starts from 15 Tr To the same wireless vacuum cleaner she had, their price starts from 7 p m., but the average suction power was 18 watts. The Golden middle of all that was Dyson V6+, but it turned out to be a minus, is the price. In MediaMarkt it was the lowest, 26990. Immediately we are certainly not decided to buy this vacuum cleaner and I even forgot about it until my mail not received a letter from MediaMarkt with an invitation to some kind of a closed sale. The price there on the first 21000 that we certainly pushed to buy. And now, he’s at my house! I left out the shortcomings of price as I believe that it fully justifies this amount. Initially is its portability and “permeability”. He’ll fit in the far corner, under the bed, behind the dresser and in the dark corners of your apartment, thanks to its main nozzle.

I specifically took a picture of him in a “pose” that would be seen as he is quirky.Second for me its advantage is its running time. Many may be surprised, because he has 18 minutes in regular mode and 6 minutes in turbo mode. I sincerely do not understand those people for whom this time is not enough. After 2 months of absence in my home cleaner for complete cleaning of the apartment (I even vacuumed the curtains, sofas, chairs and beds ) I had the two charges. Now I vacuum them every day and can’t even defuse it entirely. Despite the fact that the apartment I, again, 90 sq. m.

I am the owner of medium length hair. Judging by the intensity of their loss, I am prone to hair loss )) Third for me his dignity, and probably the main is that it collects everything! hair. I’m not talking about cat hair, he swept it away in seconds (and that’s not even Dyson v6 Animal Pro) My previous bulky vacuum cleaner, this never did.

I did not clean the brush that would be seen due to which it easily assembles volosistymi brush itself is very easily disassembled, cleaned and washed. This requires only an ordinary coin.

The dust collector offers easy, straightforward movement, but all this is so reliable that you will not be able to open it accidentally while cleaning. The bowl itself to dust can also be separately removed and washed.

Also the cleaner comes with 3 attachments-a brush with stiff bristles, crevice and combination nozzle. Honestly I don’t use them, there was no need. A big plus has a stand for cleaner, which you can attach behind the door and hang it on the vacuum to save space.

Combined nozzle

Crevice nozzle

A brush with stiff bristles

Stand vacuum cleaner that can be hung wherever you pagnotto like my husband about this vacuum cleaner is the fact that the aluminum tube is removed and the result is a compact mini vacuum cleaner, which is very convenient to vacuum the car.

And finally, only one minus, which for me is negligible. This is what I have but scratched the aluminum pipe. Whether I am playing a game, whether the tube is very “delicate handling,” I can’t tell the fact remains.

The General impression of a vacuum cleaner of course positive. I don’t think he’s loud, he’s very powerful (on the turbo mode you have to vacuum two hands, so it sticks to the carpet that one is not right). Sucks small and medium garbage, with the husks of onion and other seeds to cope at times. Very convenient it will be for those who have small children who love to make a mess. Once or twice and clean. He lithium-ion battery that does not lose its power over time, it will work the same amount of time after a year, two, three, etc. Another important aspect, he does not need replacement filters. No additional costs throughout the service cleaner. I also want to note that he is simply irreplaceable for people with a bad back. You don’t need to Krutitsa and squirm, you don’t need to keep the back under constant tension.Of course, I recommend this cleaner, it is definitely worth the money.P.S. I’m new on your website and would like to hear your opinion about my opinion. I will be glad and constructive criticism, thanks in advance for reading!

Advantages:really easy to use, compact, lightweight, easy to disassemble and wash, easier house cleaning, turbo mode, good vacuuming in normal mode

The Dyson company offers users to check out V6 Animalpro. The features of V6 Animalpro, in addition to their interesting design solution, make us pleased with their performance and functionality. Best solution for both house and office. Many customers already appreciated and left V6 Animalpro reviews available on our service. Price comparison, that is also offered by our service, helps profitably purchase Dyson V6 Animalpro. Buy Dyson V6 Animalpro with benefits.
Type 2 in 1 (vertical + manual)
Weight 2.27 kg
Cleaning dry
Fine filter Yes
Charging time 210 min.
Suction power 100 W
Dust collector cyclonic filter, capacity 0.42 l
Power regulator on arm
Power consumption 350 W
Time battery life up to 20 min
Additional information wall mount: used for charging the battery, storage vacuum cleaner and additional attachments
Dimensions of the vacuum cleaner (WxDxH) 24.9x20.83x120.65 cm
Pipes and nozzles
Suction tube composite
Tips included combined for upholstered furniture and polished surfaces; slit; soft brush
Turbo brush included Yes
Electrobrush included Yes, mini-electro
Possibility of connection of electric brushes Yes
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