effire ColorBook TR705A

Overall rating 5 stars
5 from 1 reviews
Battery capacity
2500 mAh
TXT, PalmDOC, PDF, fb2, ePub, RTF
FM tuner
The recorder
Battery capacity:
2500 mAh
TXT, PalmDOC, PDF, fb2, ePub, RTF
FM tuner:
The recorder:


Overall rating 5 stars
1 reviews
Overall rating 5.00 stars
June 8, 2015


1.5 years ago I have a question about buying e-books. As finances were very limited, it is expected to amount within 3 million, of course for the money I was hoping for something super-duper and was ready to buy a simple push-button book.But in the store saw her and could not believe my eyes!!!!! E-book features a tablet computer with a touch screen diagonal of 7 inches and cost only 2200 rubles!I want to make the camera why it is displayed on the screen look like everything is in small cells in the life nothing, absolutely normal clean image!

To the rear there is slot for Micro SD card that supports cards up to 32 GB. I don’t need her did not arise, as there is a built-in memory 4 GB,but I have about 2 GB on all sorts of things.In the back you see two black stripes speaker, he is quite weak rebound at full volume ,but I mostly use headphones.

The reverse side of the book are white, and rough to prevent slipping. But easily soiled, difficult to clean from dirt due to these pimples ,so be sure to gentle case. I skimped and did it myself from the covers from old books and denim, since I use it at home ,while it suits me.

The book is very thin, the buttons are on the sides, button VK\on, adjust the volume and inputs for podkluchenie charger and USB cable on the perpendicular side of a standard headphone Jack 3.5 mm built-in high quality microphone to record the voice recorder is very clearly heard without noise).

The colors on the screen are juicy and bright, but I usually reduce the backlight to conserve.

In the Appendix to the book was the charger, USB cable and USB adapter (I use it as the adapter for the stick, in the manual they write that you can also connect a mouse or keyboard)

Specification of user manual. The manufacturer promises up to 10 hours music playback, 5.5 hours video playback, but in fact it is of course nonsense. The battery is weak, a full charge is only enough to see 2 the film, I read not on maximum brightness ,but enough hours to 3-3. 5. But recharges quickly, 1-1. 5 reaches a full charge. This is certainly a minus of the book, but for such money a sin to expect something else.

Android suits me perfectly, when I download apps from the Play store and never are not appropriate to this version.

Touch screen – capacitive, perfectly responds to the touch, sometimes even triggered on the close carried the finger, BUT in the sunlight the same pattern as for ATMs, I can not see anything, only black screen with latticed ((( Keep this in mind if you want to use it on the street during the day ,that is not an option.The book has built-in Wi-Fi, but because of the small RAM, 512 MB of RAM the speed is quite slow and sometimes freezes, too much of the Internet is not popolzueshsya. But I had looked online a small video in the VC. Spoke on Skype!There are 2 cameras – front and rear 0.3 MP, the quality is certainly worse than on the phone, the stabilization is very weak, but still they are there ))) Here is a photo with the rear camera.

In the Play, you can set rasnice programs for reader, I use Cool Reader, it is very convenient. But the eyes of course if you read for hours on end But you understand that for a completely comfortable reading need ebook reader with E-Ink screen, which cost much more than this book.

Is a look with the flash movies, as well with the stick and you can listen to the music. including the need to Micro-SD disappears. The video quality is not very good because downloaded in a low resolution of 240 , you can watch and more then all clear, but HD will not play ,appears, fine green mesh.

But you have to look for a shady location ,in good light the screen begins to pale.

To summarize, I can say that I’m very pleased for the money this is just gorgeous!!! I use it 1.5 years, virtually shut down ,I have it is in standby mode. During this time there were no excesses ! If you have a decent amount of money ,then you can certainly find better options ,but if finances sing romances, but a book tablet you really want ,then this book is for you!!!!!

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Battery capacity 2500 mAh
Supported formats
Text TXT, PalmDOC, PDF, fb2, ePub, RTF
Other HTML
Sound MP3, AAC
Graphic JPEG, BMP, GIF
FM tuner No
The recorder Yes
Connect and charge
3G No
Wi-Fi there is Wi-Fi 802.11 n
Bluetooth No
USB interface there, with charging
The possibility of charging from network Yes
Design and dimensions
Weight 320 g
Button paging No
QWERTY keyboard No
Dimensions (Shght) 122x183x11 mm
Display characteristics
Type LCD (color), capacitive, multi-touch
Settings 7 inch, 480x800, 133 ppi
Auto-rotate screen Yes
Built-in backlight No
The processor and memory
RAM 512 MB
Memory card microSD, microSDHC
Built-in memory 4096 MB
Processor frequency 1200 MHz
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