Electrolux EN 3481 AOW

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temperature increase – sound, open doors – sound
Area of freshness
Freezing capacity
up to 10 kg/day
The Vacation Mode
Additional features
superolateral, supersaturate, temperature display
Defrosting the freezer
No Frost
Defrosting of the refrigerating chamber
drip system
temperature increase – sound, open doors – sound
Area of freshness:
Freezing capacity:
up to 10 kg/day
The Vacation Mode:
Additional features:
superolateral, supersaturate, temperature display
Defrosting the freezer:
No Frost
Defrosting of the refrigerating chamber:
drip system


Overall rating 4 stars
1 reviews
Overall rating 4.00 stars
May 18, 2015


Ideally, the house should be three refrigerators: in the kitchen, at the computer and watching TV. However, in view of the number of computers and televisions in our house, we would have to put in two refrigerators in every room, and we still ostanovilis on the same refrigerator in our apartment and one in a country house, but now not about it.The refrigerator I chose a long time, reading reviews online and asking all my friends and acquaintances. May be someone else vaguely remembers Soviet times, when home appliances as well, and everything else were bought on the principle “came, saw and grabbed the first hit, if lucky.” Now, however, in a period of abundance, it is possible to go shopping for a few months and still not decide to buy anything (if you do not feel it, of course). Here it happened with me. Pinned. In the end, I went with my man in M-video touch, to try on the tooth, and I did as always: bought what I liked the most in appearance and price. After all, technology is like a cat in the bag: everything seems the same (in the same price category), but only when you use it, only then understand what was happening.Happened I and one more thing – fresh area. That is the compartment where products cron at 0°. I didn’t realize how wonderful this area is. Products stored there much longer than in the fridge. I always bring lots of dairy products: cottage cheese, sour cream, kefir and so on. In the conventional refrigerator, their shelf life was reduced to two or three days. In the fresh area they stay fresh much longer. I often make ground and can day two chrony it in the refrigerator in a fresh area, of course, well-isolating it from other products.The refrigerator, without frills, on the façade only a great handle almost the entire length of the refrigerator and the control screen.

Cooling chamber is divided into three parts: area of vegetables, crisper drawers and the rest of the area.The storage area of vegetables is quite large.

In sophronia vegetables there is a mobile partition, which is very convenient, especially if comebody there to store another toy I there is placed the sea products, not only vegetables. Height holds a three-liter jar of milk, as they are almost anywhere in this holodilnike do not fit. The temperature in this area, I think somewhere around zero, at least the milk Bank has been there for two weeks (don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about him, just couldn’t decide, well they can do) and even dreams.

Humidity controller at the Top of the cover has a humidity controller that can be opened, when the vegetables in the compartment Packed and close, when they were little. Or Vice versa. I do not remember exactly, but not particularly worried about it – my blinds are always closed.About juice zone I wrote above, is very necessary in mosaiste thing!

Here it is – my vaunted fresh area, as you can see Packed. dairy products the rest of the area of the refrigerating chamber is maintained I at a temperature of -4° and that’s enough for me, although it is possible to lower the temperature another degree, but just “OK”, as evidenced by the indicator on the inner wall of the refrigerator, which at very high temperature turns into a black square the circle.

Well, sho? Okay or not Okay???))) The refrigerator has multiple programmes of work, but by and large, I polzuyas only two: the main and after shopping. Although when you go on vacation, probably will use another program called “Holiday”.Freezer razdelek into three compartments.

Pictures not perevorachivayutsya here and start cons refrigerator because the freezer is so small that for our large family, this is critical. I always have the upper hand hammered butter, dough, frozen cheese, etc., the second compartment meat, fish, and the third – frozen vegetables. So here the top compartment is very small, because it “eats”the device in the fridge at the top, it is probably a compressor or something like that, but top shelf all the time it depends on if you want to add more products.

I removed the top shelf and took a picture of it so you can see that the top of the freezer goes downhill that eats part olema Second shelf and third shelf also did not differ special spaciousness.And pulled out all the shelves in the freezer just awful, I mean completely. Zataskivaya worse. To pull the shelf, it must first pull to itself, and then a little pripodnyat and also back: the first raise, so the top podci ( because it is very low and does not have the far wall) for pulling and lifting in the freezer all the time something dashlets to the next ledge. I have to be honest, it’s a little confusing.Shelves in the refrigerating chamber is also located not ideal:too much distance between the bottom and second shelf is too small between the second and the third, well the top shelf, seems to be managed. You may disagree with me, iokasti that the shelves can be moved between! Of course, I blandinka, but not to the same degree. Yes. Can. So what? Then tall pots and pitchers absolutely will not fit

Top shelf of the refrigerating chamber

Second shelf is very small, so there hrony baby food (good for us important), butter and eggs (our chickens benefit of travelling at the speed of a geometric progression)

But the bottom shelf could be a little lower, but if you rearrange the top shelf, the pots and high pots won’t fit neither at the bottom nor on the average Bolkonsky noise. I read the negative reviews about the fridge, where the main complaint about the noise. However, I want to say: “the fool!” . First, we also put him somehow and he repays us in the same coin: buzzed so close it was impossible to be. Not even buzzed and rattled. My man realized and corrected, and peace and quiet returned to us in the kitchen. Now it produces only those sounds which are described in the instructions:Now he’s purring, gurgling and snapping and doing all this in quietly.

And I also want to say that the refrigerator has a special shelf butylamine, inpregnancy not just for storing bottles, and for rapid cooling of beverages, for Chehov the fridge there is a system QuickChill you just Need to remove or rearrange the shelf fresh ‘ zone, to put the shelf for the bottles to open the window QuickChill and enter on the panel the program “Day of shopping”, and the timer to deliver the required cooling time and go quietly to chat with your friends without fear that your drinks in the freezer will turn into ledisko.The contents of the door: nothing interesting:

Here ask me. Why do I keep champagne in the fridge from 10 years ago? )))

Cells for eggs as if the loan was taken. Just 6 cells! Ridiculous

Advantages:there is a fresh area, quiet

The Electrolux company offers users to check out EN 3481 AOW. The features of EN 3481 AOW, in addition to their interesting design solution, make us pleased with their performance and functionality. Best solution for both house and office. Many customers already appreciated and left EN 3481 AOW reviews available on our service. Price comparison, that is also offered by our service, helps profitably purchase Electrolux EN 3481 AOW. Buy Electrolux EN 3481 AOW with benefits.
Indication temperature increase – sound, open doors – sound
Area of freshness Yes
Freezing capacity up to 10 kg/day
The Vacation Mode Yes
Additional features superolateral, supersaturate, temperature display
Defrosting the freezer No Frost
Defrosting of the refrigerating chamber drip system
The volume
The total amount 330 l
The volume of the freezer 91 l
The volume of the refrigerating chamber 239 l
General characteristics
Type refrigerator
Freezer bottom
Management electronic
Refrigerant R600a (isobutane)
Power consumption grade a+n(298 kWh/year)
Dimensions (WxDxH) 60x66x185 cm
The number of doors 2
Number of compressors 1
The number of cameras 2
Color / Material coating whiten/ plastic
Other functions and features
Noise up to 42 dB
Weight 74 kg
Climate class SN, T
Shelves material glass
Protection of children Yes
The possibility of hanging doors Yes
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