Electrolux EN 3881 AOX

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5 from 1 reviews
Area of freshness
Freezing capacity
up to 10 kg/day
The Vacation Mode
Additional features
superolateral, supersaturate, temperature display
Defrosting the freezer
No Frost
Standalone cold preservation
up to 16 h
Defrosting of the refrigerating chamber
drip system
Area of freshness:
Freezing capacity:
up to 10 kg/day
The Vacation Mode:
Additional features:
superolateral, supersaturate, temperature display
Defrosting the freezer:
No Frost
Standalone cold preservation:
up to 16 h
Defrosting of the refrigerating chamber:
drip system


Overall rating 5 stars
1 reviews
Overall rating 5.00 stars
August 12, 2015


Hello my dear)) today I will tell You about the little representative of the family cold in our family. Refrigerator with bottom freezer Electrolux EN3881AOX.

My husband and I recently moved in together and began to get their equipment into the apartment. First I bought a mega cool induction hob , here’s my opinion on itы on the same day the check was the fridge. We were guided by while choosing refrigerator two characteristics: price and huge area for fruit and vegetables. We bought this refrigerator in the store MVideo, Korolev. Supposedly an insane discount. Gave him 38495, and supposedly he was worth before 54990 rubles. I don’t know what a marketing ploy, but never once visited their official website, it was not worth full price. But do not rule out that at the wrong time came.Dimensions (HxWxD) mm: 2019x595x658.Noise level: 44 dB ( hardly audible, before to buy shoveled a bunch of reviews, and there wrote that it is noisy, if is even, this can be attributed to the category “Russian people”. He sometimes makes a noise no louder than a purring kitty.So begin now to paint the advantages of our cold friend. Coverage. Silvery stainless steel appliances and with such a coating is one negative point. Too visible fingerprints. In this beautiful creation, this problem is solved. Coated with a special coating – “antifinger print”. And prints really don’t remain, well, perhaps only if the arm is in oil a Lot of how almost all languages of the world, and the explanation in such simple language. Even a small child can understand.Convenient display responds well to touch.

Great filter!!! It eliminates any smells. Filter coal TasteGuard . True to purchase it, when will end this, said the consultant of the store is problematic. This filter really is the freshness in the refrigerator always, even if there to put a herring with onions or outdoor cat food with jelly for cats ( the one who has them knows what he is smelly).Independent air circulation system – twintech ® frostfree® FrostFree with MultiFlow. This allows for longer maintain the freshness of products.

There is a special Department “FreshZone” his point is that it has the temperature lower by 15% than in the camera itself. This can significantly extend the freshness of raw meat, and cheese. We also noted a plus, as lack of saveriani products in this area. We this area stored and sausage, cooked and raw foods. Love the drawer. Goes like clockwork. The walls are thick plastic.Now my favorite area. CrispFresh. It can store vegetables and fruits sooo, very long time. We used lots of plant food, so was looking for a fridge with a large area to store them. And that the box was of thick plastic, because he is experiencing daily load. There is a humidity controller. If you make it high, that all the vegetables remain juicy and crispy. Fruits such mode is not very much, so we mainly choose the “Golden mean”. But there is a small point, do not suggest to store cucumbers, they are why we all become like on photo:

There is a FrostFree system prevents frost.There is a mode of intense frost, turn it on when frost berries. ActionFreeze Say, it retains more vitamins.There is an opportunity to outweigh the door and it opens to 180 degrees.

Disadvantages.The tray under the eggs, no seriously, who buys their 6 pack?And thin enough drawers in the freezer.Good luck to everyone! I hope my review was informative, if anything I appreciate your questions))))And here is a link to the official representatives:ы_/_/EN3881AOX/ on the online store MVideo:

Advantages:roomy, beautiful, safe, quiet

The Electrolux company offers users to check out EN 3881 AOX. The features of EN 3881 AOX, in addition to their interesting design solution, make us pleased with their performance and functionality. Best solution for both house and office. Many customers already appreciated and left EN 3881 AOX reviews available on our service. Price comparison, that is also offered by our service, helps profitably purchase Electrolux EN 3881 AOX. Buy Electrolux EN 3881 AOX with benefits.
Area of freshness Yes
Freezing capacity up to 10 kg/day
The Vacation Mode Yes
Additional features superolateral, supersaturate, temperature display
Defrosting the freezer No Frost
Standalone cold preservation up to 16 h
Defrosting of the refrigerating chamber drip system
The volume
The total amount 358 l
The volume of the freezer 78 l
The volume of the refrigerating chamber 280 l
General characteristics
Type refrigerator
Freezer bottom
Management electronic
Refrigerant R600a (isobutane)
Power consumption class an(330 kWh/year)
Dimensions (WxDxH) 60x66x201 cm
The number of doors 2
Number of compressors 1
The number of cameras 2
Color / Material coating silvern/ plastic
Other functions and features
Noise up to 42 dB
Weight 75 kg
Features stainless steel door
Climate class SN, T
Shelves material glass
Protection of children Yes
The possibility of hanging doors Yes
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