Electrolux ESF 63021

Overall rating 3.4 stars
3.4 from 5 reviews
Water consumption
18 l
Tankless water heater
Maximum power consumption
2200 W
The noise level in the work
49 dB
Energy consumption per cycle
1.05 kWh
Water consumption:
18 l
Tankless water heater:
Maximum power consumption:
2200 W
The noise level in the work:
49 dB
Energy consumption per cycle:
1.05 kWh


Overall rating 3.4 stars
5 reviews
Overall rating 5.00 stars
February 11, 2012


External piggability machine 608561 (width/height/depth).Nastraevaemaya. The color is white. The door is metal, so it can stick like magnets on the fridge. The front panel has a mode switch, a start button and navigation modes.Modes ы5 modes of cleaning.A) For heavily soiled dishes. Temperature: 70°C. Duration 1.5 hours. The water consumption from 22 to 25 liters. In this mode, to clean greasy dishes after cooking, the dried plates and Cutlery.(B) For Ms. ednezagryaznennyh dishes. Temperature – 65°C. Duration 1.5-2 hours. Water consumption is 23-25 litres. This mode is not in use.(C) For low contaminated utensils. Temperature – 60°C. the Duration of half an hour. Water consumption is 9 liters. This Express mode use most often along with the mode A. D) For Ms. ednezagryaznennyh dishes. Temperature 50°C. Duration – 2-2. 5 hours. Water consumption is 9 liters. This mode is not in use.(E) For all kinds of dishes. Rinse. Cold water. Duration – 12 minutes. Water consumption is 5 litres. Good to use for soaking the dried dishes. Use rarely.Also the machine is provided half load, with reduced washing time and consumption of electricity and water. This mode we never used it.Internal ustroystvami machine roomy. She has two baskets at the top and bottom. The top is used to load the plates, cups, saucers, large knives, blades, glasses etc. the height can be adjusted – on the sides there are two sets of wheels for mounting the basket in two different heights according to your choice. The lower basket is used for pots, pans, lids and Cutlery, which are inserted in a special little plastic bin.Washing is done by two rocker arms arranged at each of the baskets.On the inner side of the door there is a compartment for washing powder or tablets and rinse aid tank.At the bottom of the reservoir for the salt and drain with a filter.Obsluzivaniem washing dishes we use washing powder 3kg Claro one download is required tablespoon without top. Powder box is enough for 6-12 months.Rinse aid the dishes and getting rid of stains and limescale, use mouthwash, which is poured into special tank on the inner side of the door. Its consumption is regulated the same by the switch. We use mouthwash Bravix, fill to the neck of the tank every 3-4 weeks. One bottle lasts for 4-6 months.A water softener uses salt brand Calgonit. Pound box of salt once filled in a special tank at the bottom of the machine. Enough for 3 months.At the bottom of the machine there is a filter for large food particles, which must from time to time remove and rinse under running water.Total vpechatlenieto that I would like to mention is that the machine saves time, water and nerves. Even the longest program consumes the same amount of water that comes out of the tap for 5 minutes when washing by hand.The machine is virtually silent compared to other models from our relatives.I want to note the build quality is done very efficiently and reliably. The outer side of the door is almost not heated and safe for children.Photo 1 external view (with magnet for fridge )2 photo – mode switch washer with the indicators of the wash phase, rinse aid and salt (in the process)3 photo – mode switch with indicator lights wash stage (after work, the indicator is red – you can remove the dishes)4 photos – hint-description of the modes 5 photos two baskets 6 photos top 7 photos lower karinapasian for your attention!

Advantages:quality, almost noiseless, economical

Overall rating 5.00 stars
April 16, 2012


I hate washing dishes. And somehow it always collects a lot. My husband gave me my Electrolux Intuition. Still rejoice! One has only to load everything in the car, and the kitchen is tidy again! And now impressions of the model itself. It is dishwasher quite inexpensive. And I don’t understand – where is better?? What else can make a dishwasher? It washes well and dries that is, it performs all that is needed. I really like the fact that if you open the door during a program, it immediately stops (we run little thief, so we need it). About the noise I can not say, so as to compare with, but clearly quieter than the washing machine! And from the kitchen we can’t hear, and so in this plan everything is OK! In General, I love it!

Advantages:high quality, good price, economical

Overall rating 3.00 stars
March 20, 2013


I have almost six months of daily use this dishwasher. Well what can I say…Disappointed.

I have nothing to compare, and I am unhappy. The first excitement passed through the week. I every day (several times a day) washing dishes, and now this for me makes the car!I was in awe. And then…I realized that she has a washing class – no, and drying class And not…the Glasses that shined,not always Shine. Very often remains a black edge from the tea. Pots is poorly washed, if the soup was fatty. From porridge oats woks wash only 2 times, I though this dish are pre-soaked.Silverware and washing the plates to “URA”, and it’s true. I must say – I laid out the dishes correctly, as shown in the picture in the instructions. At the corners of the baskets, the water does not get… Now I already got another dishwasher. Why? I know the first time launder “mourning” the rims of cups, and pots, and woks…And for the newbies:if you are using 3 in 1 tablets, no salt, no rinse, no powder to add NO longer necessary.

My pills from a TAPE

Advantages:bad washes

Overall rating 1.00 stars
December 18, 2015


I agree with the opinion of Mary. Cleans only forks and spoons. Cups work with a touch, the dishes aren’t always clean. And kostroski and pans, do not even dream washed in it. After washing in compartment for detergent powder is formed into a stone, which every time I otherebay with a knife and discarded. Will change the car!Definitely need a dishwasher in the apartment.

Advantages:bad washes

Overall rating 3.00 stars
February 26, 2016


My dishwasher for almost three years. This is my long-awaited gift on March 8. Bought husband for 22 thousand rubles.Before me eternal-Ton of dirty dishes in the sink kill morally and physically. Now this problem bothers me so much.

Unfortunately, a dishwasher can only wash the dishes. She will not be able to teach Your family members to put dirty dishes properly, and not to play with mugs and saucers in the “Watchtower”. Supposedly, the tower from my mug fell, then do not blame me… And Yes… With the advent of home dishwashers dirty dishes became much more. Because now everybody feels like a king. SIP spring water from a mug, and once in the sink! The tea we drink from this mug does well can’t!

Of course, there is a decent time saver, but not so much as I would like…With the device PMM Electrolux ESF 63021 is not difficult to understand. In addition to the machine itself, the package includes a drawer for Cutlery and a Cup for sprinkling salt.

The control panel is simple. Five programs, one switch, two buttons and five LEDs.

Husband installed yourself, follow the instructions*. (Full Russian version of the user manual for MMP Electrolux ESF 63021 in my photos at the bottom of this review).We bought her with a one year guarantee. That’s about a year and a half and it worked without any complaints. Then the magic began. And this problem is not described in the proposed manufacturer’s instructions.The problem is that PMM started to lose it during work. While the programme selector is lit and the lights faded out all at once. After some time, the machine again comes to life and continues to work. Such freezes for one sink may be a few, and maybe not one. The duration of one of such freezes from one second to several minutes. How to deal with this problem, never found out until the end. The husband blames the washing machine, which is a dishwasher in the neighborhood and could tell its contacts with the vibrations. Analysis of the doors and a detailed examination of the electronic content usually removes these tricks with arbitrary stops. It is also possible to eliminate the defect of the handle on the door, which eventually started to sink. And, it may well be that these two problems are related to each other, as it usually begins to sink the handle of the door and immediately starts to periodically stop the dishwasher.

To the master is not addressed, because the problem is not critical. Machine in any case will wash the dishes. Duration of washing is always the number of the unknown. Any chronometer, announcing the time for washing, this dishwasher has. In control panel, one indicator for washing and rinsing, one for drying.

Of the proposed washing programs often use programs A and B. If a bit of dishes, including a half load.

Load the machine usually on a rolling dirty dishes immediately to prevent unauthorized mountain in the sink. The upper basket has two positions of height. I was enough once to set the height to fit your pan. In the future, something to change was not necessary.

The lower basket just goes on wheels. Beneath it is the salt container and the filters that should be cleaned every 1-2 weeks. And no miracle remedy, contrary to popular advertising, from this necessity does not help.

These filters are cleaned pretty difficult, especially the interior. This is a real thrash-test for old toothbrushes which I have used for this purpose! Well, where else will you find so many different dirty hard to reach places ?! Filters don’t save you from regular cleaning of gutter, which is also why-that regularly clogged. The machine itself also periodically requires cleaning. The main part of the dirt accumulates on the door and close it.

The descaling spend time in 3 months. Buy a normal descaler.Detergents also trying not to spend. The result of the washing by the detergent depends on 10-15%, not more. Asking for detergent to MMP a good price, but not one of those that I tried, does not give the same 100% perfect result. Unfortunately… There are, however, those who not only will not wash the dishes, but will make it even dirtier. And the car at the same time dirty.

But I came across a slightly. Basically, wash all was good. So in the store when selecting funds for my assistant often not guided to the brand and not on advertising, and the price of one washing.Machine I have a large, 12 sets dishes. Often I have enough of one tablet or capsule. For half load often use the powder for PMM, which is easier to dose. Do not use conditioner at all. Salt prefer to buy large.Dishwasher is virtually noiseless, so include as needed, not focusing on the time of day.The result of the work I’m usually satisfied. And despite all these problems with this machine, it is still better than without it. Willing to recommend, albeit not with complete confidence. I still think that such an expensive device with the declared European quality must not the second year of life up tricks with spontaneous shutdowns. *Full Russian version of the user manual for MMP Electrolux ESF 63021

page 53

p. 54-55

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Advantages:roomy, able to adjust the height, grade, virtually silent, cost-effective

The Electrolux company offers users to check out ESF 63021. The features of ESF 63021, in addition to their interesting design solution, make us pleased with their performance and functionality. Best solution for both house and office. Many customers already appreciated and left ESF 63021 reviews available on our service. Price comparison, that is also offered by our service, helps profitably purchase Electrolux ESF 63021. Buy Electrolux ESF 63021 with benefits.
Water consumption 18 l
Tankless water heater Yes
Maximum power consumption 2200 W
The noise level in the work 49 dB
Energy consumption per cycle 1.05 kWh
General characteristics
Type full-size
Display No
Capacity 12 sets
Control type electronic
Drying class A
Energy class A
Installation freestanding
Washing class A
Protection of children No
Other functions and features
Color white
Accessories holder for glasses
Dimensions (WxDxH) 60x61x85 cm
Protection from leaks Yes
Sensor of water purity No
The indicator salt / rinse aid there is / there are
Features of the working chamber height-adjustable basket for dishes
Max. the water temperature at the inlet 60 °C
Automatic installation of water hardness No
Programs and modes of washing
Mode half load Yes
Special programs BIO-program mode pre-soaking
Drying the dishes condensing
The number of programs 5
Standard washing programme normal program for daily wash, intensive program for heavily soiled tableware, Express program (fast cycle)
The number of temperature modes 4
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