Electrolux ESTM 6400

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Power cord
cord length 2 m
Wall mount
Case material
Material submersible part
700 W
mechanical, number of speeds: 2, stepless speed adjustment
Power cord:
cord length 2 m
Wall mount:
Case material:
Material submersible part:
700 W
mechanical, number of speeds: 2, stepless speed adjustment


Overall rating 5 stars
1 reviews
Overall rating 5.00 stars
October 10, 2015


So today’s lunch was (Yes, it has not ) delicious soup of chicken with mushrooms.

For preparation we need:1. All ESTM Electrolux blender 64002. Producticity I. Blender.

The blender was purchased in December 2012 in the shop “Technopark” for 4500 rubles. Currently it is sold on the website of the Technopark in 3990, Yandex-market average price – 4900.What we have for the money?Mixer with a capacity of 700 w, made from quality black plastic, has a 2 speed, has turbo, has a lever for fine adjustment of speed. Top blue bar speed indicator (LEDs). Starts very gently.

Also the mixer is equipped with a snap clip (like vacuum cleaners) that allows you to not worry about the fact that in the process, the head will suddenly fall off.Two nozzles, both stainless steel look powerful.1. Double halo (this was brought to our attention shopper when buying)

2. Nozzle ULTRAMIX/PRO – chopper with the mixing knife on the end (three open blades). This nozzle long (25 cm), which allows to work even in deep pots and other containers.

Also attached to the blender bowl cutting (capacity 1 liter) and measuring Cup (capacity 1 liter).

Both containers are made of sturdy plastic, both have a bottom rubber cap, slip.

Have a bowl cutting inside is a removable mini-nozzle with two blades at the bottom.

Upper part of the head has a mount to the lid of the bowl, the bottom – to the bottom.

And plastic mechanisms and I have worn….In fact the outside cover is attached to the blender, providing work for smaller heads.

So… what else. The device works only from a network, has a fairly long cord (1.8 m). There are also wall mount mixer with hole for cord (to it the screws and anchors), but we never used it.

From proizvoditelyami Electrolux all ESTM 6400 perfectly mixes the products of different types, achieving a perfect consistency. The fact that the device is equipped with a nozzle of special shape and the knife with triple blade. In addition, the device delivers high power – he crushes even hard products. Besides, You can work in a deep dish: the nozzle has an extended length. The cord also has a large length – give yourself freedom of movement!As additional attachments are a whisk and a mini chopper. And thanks to a special bracket blender can be mounted on the wall.To summarize:a Very good blender with powerful attachments. This isn’t some flimsy thing, it is a reliable kitchen appliance. For three years, nothing bent, not twisted, not fallen off.Convenient to operate, easy to clean.The disadvantage can be called only by the continuous need to clamp the power button (though with special inconveniences of this experience).I recommend families with small children and elderly relatives (boiled meat easily turns into a puree), as well as all other ))))by the Way!Today I read the reviews on Yandex market on this blender, the reviews are not so hot: one through the year, burnt out motor, the other quickly wore out the plastic gear mechanisms.Don’t know MB I got a perfect unit, MB we rarely use (2-3 times a week, sometimes less), but we have everything in order (TTT).PART II. Soup or blender to work.Show will be on the windowsill, because it is the brightest space in the apartment. First floor, autumn, sad.Take the chicken and potatoes, cut, put in a saucepan with water, salt, boil.

700 grams of chicken breast

3 large kartofelina mushrooms, take the onion and carrots. All cut and fry on the pan.

250 grams of mushrooms (in General, you need two times more, but alas…)

1 onion

1 markovchain some time added to fried tablespoon flour

1 tablespoon mukii milk with butter (the idea is have cream, but I did not found)

2 cups milk

Butter on gazochak only potatoes with chicken cooked and fried how to fry – mix them in a saucepan.Immerse in a pan mixer with a nozzle ULTRAMIX/PRO and……


Chopped fine. Here’s proof

Actually all. Pour it into plates, add butter for more saaristotie.

Can crackers to distribute

PS My blender and utensils

The Electrolux company offers users to check out ESTM 6400. The features of ESTM 6400, in addition to their interesting design solution, make us pleased with their performance and functionality. Best solution for both house and office. Many customers already appreciated and left ESTM 6400 reviews available on our service. Price comparison, that is also offered by our service, helps profitably purchase Electrolux ESTM 6400. Buy Electrolux ESTM 6400 with benefits.
Power cord cord length 2 m
Wall mount Yes
Case material plastic
Material submersible part metal
Key features
Type submersible
Power 700 W
Management mechanical, number of speeds: 2, stepless speed adjustment
Whisk Yes
Chopper Yes
Measuring Cup there, volume 1 l
Additional modes turbo
Dimensions and weight
Weight 1.1 kg
Additional information LCD speed indicator
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