Electrolux EWF 1274 EDU

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The choice spin speed of
Rotation speed during the spin cycle
to 1200 rpm
Special programs
washing delicate fabrics, economical washing, prevent crushing, super-rinse, rapid wash, pre-wash, the program stains
Wash program wool
Control imbalance
Protection of children
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The choice spin speed of:
Rotation speed during the spin cycle:
to 1200 rpm
Special programs:
washing delicate fabrics, economical washing, prevent crushing, super-rinse, rapid wash, pre-wash, the program stains
Wash program wool:
Control imbalance:
Protection of children:


Overall rating 4 stars
1 reviews
Overall rating 4.00 stars
January 25, 2014


Why Electrolux? In addition to the basic requirements that are important to me in the washing machine, – digital display showing remaining washing time (hour and minute), front loading with a maximum load of 5.5 to 6 kg, not too many modes, only the main – I was looking for something where there is a mode of discharge. Drain only, without any additional functions. Because sometimes the machine gets out of the program and can’t stop, its like jammed. And plums – the fastest solution to the problem, merges and razblokirovat the door. In other modes, to wait longer. Before this machine I had to deal with LG and Samsung Silver nano. Both cars are still alive, one from the beginning of 2007, the other since December 2010 (my mother and our former). Never would have refused the latter (where the silver plate is valid for up to 10 years with heavy use, and it’s only been 2 years), if we had not changed residence. Where to hire a car to transport her from Chisinau to one of the neighboring cities Moscow I did not dare, for some of our roads will shake the electronics, everything, then be exhausted to fix. I took disinfecting function of silver for the baby, not to iron her clothes and not to waste your time and energy on it. Daughter from infant to age out before the next baby for another 2 years at least. Now these machines (silver) does not produce or sell, I asked. A new generation of Samsung Eco bubble washing foam), something I was not inspired. In new machines there was no mode the drain, as my previous Samsung. In General, I thought it was time, perhaps, to learn something new. Focusing on the above criteria, and settled on the Electrolux. And download of 6 kg of them and there is 5 and 7 only. Probably all know, but still mention that the maximum load is valid only for the mode of “cotton” and “rinse, spin” or “spin”. In this machine is another variation of the “cotton ECO”. In other modes, the download of half – 1-3 kg (minimum for hand washing). In General, this machine – with a secret. About six months I studied, tested, adapted, and only now can more or less something to say about it objective (+and -). Of course, I’ll lead in comparison with LG and Samsung. Advantages: – delay wash starts with half an hour (the Samsung – 3 hours); – at the bottom of the rubber rim has a hole and outlet channel for the water after washing (very comfortable, and there is always water collects, even during long periods of ventilation, and be sure to wipe the rubber, otherwise moldy);

hole and an outlet channel in the rubber rim – less time on the intermediate spin (Samsung is spending a lot of time in my opinion), consequently, more Laundry. For example, on the mode of “Synthetic washes of 1 hour (at 40 ° C) for 45 minutes, while Samsung starts to drain the water much sooner, after about 35 minutes; – in the compartment for powder has a lid covering it for Laundry liquid detergents (for example, a special gel for wool and silk) when water is poured on the top only;

the right blade for the washing liquid detergents

how it works – energy efficiency class A++; – mode is “Drain”, drain only, as I wrote. The best (in my opinion) the washing modes: the best mode for your washing was, surprisingly, not “Refresh” and “Fine fabric”. Unexpectedly, right? For me it was a revelation, and quite recently. Unlike the 30-minute “Refresh”, “Thin cloth” washes intensively enough (later I in the passport machines noticed in the description of “Refresh” the wording “for fabrics that require delicate handling”, which previously was ignored), maximum load 3 kg, can be washed at 30 and 40º, while running a Manager’s time (don’t write it in a separate advantage, because it is not branded – it’s just, in my opinion, the illusion of benefits, because the full length of the wash on many modes is very long, and he reduces her to only normal, as it should be). A function of the time Manager (constrictor or extension cable) acts, by the way, not all modes, and this was an unpleasant discovery. In General, this mode can be very intense short washing for half an hour or 45 minutes (time Manager) – 30º and 35 and 50 minutes at 40º. Just super! also I often use a mode of “Synthetic”: 40º erases hours, including wash itself is long, 45 minutes. In this mode it is possible to increase the temperature to 60 ° C, which is also sometimes necessary. Now disadvantages: – strong vibration during the spin cycle. Such ugliness I have not seen even once. You can call the machine with full rights “grasshopper dragonfly, especially at maximum load (the feeling that it is generally not suitable for washing 7 kg, as stated). The angle at which the car pivots when pressed, you can see in the photo. Basically, this vibration is on acceleration of the drum. And this despite the fact that we have tiled floors, we did

Advantages:min delay wash 30 minutes, the rubber rim has a hole and an outlet channel, a long washing for a whole cycle time, is the mode of draining, energy class a++, less time spent on INTERMED.spin, a compartment for washing liquid MS

The Electrolux company offers users to check out EWF 1274 EDU. The features of EWF 1274 EDU, in addition to their interesting design solution, make us pleased with their performance and functionality. Best solution for both house and office. Many customers already appreciated and left EWF 1274 EDU reviews available on our service. Price comparison, that is also offered by our service, helps profitably purchase Electrolux EWF 1274 EDU. Buy Electrolux EWF 1274 EDU with benefits.
Cancel pressed Yes
The choice spin speed of Yes
Rotation speed during the spin cycle to 1200 rpm
Special programs washing delicate fabrics, economical washing, prevent crushing, super-rinse, rapid wash, pre-wash, the program stains
Wash program wool Yes
Control imbalance Yes
Protection of children Yes
Control over the level of foam Yes
Protection against water leaks partial (housing)
General characteristics
Color white
Drying No
Weight 62 kg
Display there is a digital
Management electronic (intelligent)
Installation freestanding
Download type front
Dimensions (WxDxH) 60x48x85 cm
Maximum load of Laundry 7 kg
Other functions and features
Tank material plastic
Additional features the choice of washing temperature, signal the end of the program
Additional information jeans
Noise level (wash / spin) 58 / 77 dB
Timer delay start washing Yes
Classes efficiency and energy consumption
Energy class A++
Efficiency class spin B
Class washing effectiveness A
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