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10 kg
Antiphosphate valve
The maximum noise level
56 dB
case: black bezel/panel: silver
enclosure: metal, panel/trim: metal
fireplace wall
10 kg
Antiphosphate valve:
The maximum noise level:
56 dB
case: black bezel/panel: silver
enclosure: metal, panel/trim: metal
fireplace wall


Overall rating 5 stars
1 reviews
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September 21, 2015


This water heater we bought about 5 years ago and generally happy. As it turned out during disassembly in Termeks STAINLESS.G.5 the tank is actually made from stainless steel. For water heating installed two heating element 1.3 kW and 700 W, ie old wiring can handle the load.

Water heater Termex activeresource the temperature is very simple conventional hand knob, seen as electronic thermostats reset for voltage drops in the network.

Water heaters of Termeks uzywana network wire installed protective breaker, and includes a drain valve, not each brand. The Heater is attached magnesium anode for protection against scaling. During the repair of the drain uses a separate tube, it is through this tube we poured the water.

Water heater Termex how to merge Vodochody the instructions and stated that maintenance of the heater you need to do each year and only then it will fulfill its warranty period, but like most consumers set and forget until the boiler during heating was not to make noise and to heat the water worse and longer.

Water heater Termex stainless g 5ы not to pay for the maintenance with cleaning and repair of the boiler to handle any man who has ever held a screwdriver in his hand and is able to turn the nut. In case of a water heater is recommended to have your camera or phone, the whole process and every transaction to take pictures. It will save you a lot of time and nerves during reverse Assembly, especially if it is done every year, you can even make a video manual.Before beginning disassembly of course turning off the water supply in the apartment, and the heater from the mains, allow the boiler to cool and pour water through the drain tube. You can cook and drain two buckets and change them, we poured water into the bowl using a piece of silicone tubing.Then disconnect the boiler from the water, remove from the wall and turn upside down here and start taking pictures of the disassembly, take pictures of each screw which is unscrewed. Begin to remove the bottom cover, some screws may be hidden under stickers.

Water heater Termex specifications

Water heater Termex ustanovleniem screwdriver beauty cover, then they are easily removed by hand, the important thing is not to harm.

Water heater Termex device

Water heater Termex remontoire opening, again all fotkaem, every bolt, nut and transactions., then remove the terminals from the heating elements, carefully extract the temperature sensors and turn off the heating elements themselves. The wiring is better not to understand, and pushed to the side and secure the wire with tape so as not to interfere.

Water heater repair Termeks their hands

Water heater Termex stainless g 5 manual

Termex water heater 80 liters

Water heater Termex not included

Termex water heater wiring diagram

Water storage heater Termex

Electric water heaters of Termeks

Diagram of water heater Termex

Water heater repair Termeks

Vodonagrevatel Termeks plasticene may be slightly attached, carefully hook the edge of the cover with a screwdriver and lift up.

Water heater repair Termeks their hands

heating elements for water heaters of Termeks

A silicone gasket wash in water under the tap or in the same bucket into which poured the water)).

operation of the heater terraccota clean the heating elements from scale, there are many options, we just boiled them in citric acid, purified great.

How to remove tan from nagypirit installation and Assembly the heater is necessary to ring for the breakdown, faulty or broken replace. And to tie new magnesium anode from the old nothing left.

Assembly as they say is in the reverse order according to the pictures it can be done very quickly and not forget something to tie or to leave the “extra nuts”.In General, water heater Termex, Stainless steel.G.5 until satisfied with the tank during operation will not damage the heating elements and serviceable after descaling as new!Among the shortcomings note it is very inconvenient to remove the scum from the tank, write that the horizontal of the heater is realized more convenient. Even the second heater 700 watt Stainless.G.5 works only in conjunction with kW, not included separately. Set or hang up the boiler, preferably on a solid wall.And add a few words about the operation of the water heater, for continuous use is enough to heat water to 40 degrees, this temperature is enough to wash the dishes or for cleaning, and deposits will be less, is to extend the service life of the heater! To wash warm hot water, but it is only a couple of times a week.

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Filter fat
Weight 10 kg
Antiphosphate valve Yes
The maximum noise level 56 dB
Key features
Color case: black bezel/panel: silver
Material enclosure: metal, panel/trim: metal
Installation fireplace wall
Power consumption 225 W
Dimensions (HxWxD) 115х59х50 cm
The number of engines 1
The width of the embedding 60 cm
Functionality, management of
Lighting halogen lamp, 20 watts x 2
Management mechanical, push-button
Number of speeds 3
Modes of operation drainage / circulation
Maximum performance 650 cubic m/h
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