Explay B200

Overall rating 3.75 stars
3.75 from 4 reviews
GSM 900/1800
Bluetooth 2.1, USB
Internet access
Ringtones type
64-voice polyphony, MP3-melody
Battery type
Battery capacity
800 mA * h
GSM 900/1800
Bluetooth 2.1, USB
Internet access:
Ringtones type:
64-voice polyphony, MP3-melody
Battery type:
Battery capacity:
800 mA * h


Overall rating 3.75 stars
4 reviews
Overall rating 3.00 stars
November 8, 2011


My favorite phone finally breathed its last, so I decided to buy him some time, something simple, “so called”. The choice has stopped on iRiver, because it is possible to install multiple SIM cards, as compared to reviews on Nokia 2-SIM budget reviews, Explay better. Brought. For the past week goes with him.What to say. In appearance – an ordinary tube. But there is a minus. Take a look at the pictures online, it may not always visible, but behind the phone – revealing the plastic, and well if Matt is really quite a cheap, glossy and with some chipping. Come home – will post a photo will show this time, but in the Internet you can see.As for the SIM cards, work, and work perfectly. On the phone three call buttons (1,2,3). Choose the contact clicks on a particular button – there is a challenge.The call quality is good, really, that some say “as well”. Don’t know, maybe we just still lucky.The phone is only one topic on the main picture it is visible, will not change.Internal memory at all. And memory card see through one. It’s a minus.A radio catches well. Headphones, of course, not “ice”.The buttons are not particularly comfortable, to be honest, when I take the phone, often miss.But the display is bright and good.Camera. 1.3 megapixels – what to expect from it? If to take photos as needed – its enough. If you do fine art shooting – to no avail, of course.Glad that you can charge from a regular USB. This, of course, a plus!The phone has e-book, player, Internet, but, as You know, these functions are pretty useless, given the size of the display, the quality of the headphones and the amount of memory in the phone.Yes. And there’s another drawback. Very quiet call not always heard.Price: 1490 roubles. To sum up: this phone is not a pity to take with you somewhere to travel, for example. Or simply as a budget option, if You are not interested in Internet apps, and the phone needed to call.What did You expect? =)

Advantages:there are apps, charging from usb, radio, three SIM card, price

Overall rating 3.00 stars
November 27, 2011


The phone was purchased as a replacement for a Chinese phone with 2 SIM cards (what I used ) which broke the screen .Bribed the presence of 3 SIM card what do not regret .However, in the process of operation of the phone in addition to advantages ( price , 3 SIM , its the ringtones ,the ability to work with a micro SD memory card, built-in radio ,the ability to use 2 types of charges : slim from Nokia, and mini usb to use as a USB flash drive just by connecting to computer ,long battery life :5-7 days ,lightweight , compact ,good resistant to damage display ) identified a number of shortcomings ,namely a quiet speaker is 70 % hard to hear the interlocutor , no own memory, without a card micro SD cannot put own ringtones and pictures ,the interlocutors complain of background noise during a call ,the total call list for all 3 SIM cards sometimes long reception after the subway or Elevator. Overall a very good machine for not so important calls . With family and for work prefer to speak to the second basic phone so as not to annoy the interlocutor and not to upset Almost forgot-the phone doesn’t support java ( if it is important to look at the older models Sony ).

Advantages:recharged by usb, radio, three SIM card, price

Overall rating 4.00 stars
December 26, 2011


Unique price/functionality. About the quality so far (phone month), but the “bugs” have not yet observed.I bought my husband as he spent a lot of money when making calls to other operators.Function 3 SIM works it is very convenient.It is possible to save contacts on each SIM separately. Dovolani purchase!Potderzhivayu 16 GB card.Without it, some functions are not available.The biggest and most sad is the sound. The interlocutor is not audible.Radio only with headphones.Been looking for a flashlight(it was not clear how to enable)-center key,if someone need.They say that they are recently on the market,perhaps this is flawed.Although for the price(1490)a very decent phone.By the way the quality is better than the 2 SIM of Nokia!!!(often buggy).java is not potderzhivayu,Well, games have enough on your computer.

Advantages:recharged by usb, three SIM card, price

Overall rating 5.00 stars
January 27, 2013


Many do not believe me when I say that I have a phone with three SIM cards. And what, such happen?He bought shares in Real life, as I remember, 1333 rubles. But without a stock, its price is not much more – somewhere in the area a thousand. You know, Explay phones are not advertised on every corner, so spent is money in the price not included…I have It for more than a year, and yet it has no problems. The battery can sat down a little, but not so much that it was noticeable. Especially because at night it is programmed to disconnect.I use the phone mainly for its intended purpose, sometimes taking pictures (not trying to regulate six levels of brightness, contrast and exposure), upload, reading books, listening to the radio a couple of times… Know that there are still a lot of features, but for now they’re not needed. Three SIM cards are necessary to travel in order not to miss calls and SMS to numbers being in roaming. Home for the customers hold the phone three SIM cards of different operators, so they can call a number more favorable to them operator (.).

Advantages:radio, three SIM card, price

The Explay company offers users to check out B200. The features of B200, in addition to their interesting design solution, make us pleased with their performance and functionality. Best solution for both house and office. Many customers already appreciated and left B200 reviews available on our service. Price comparison, that is also offered by our service, helps profitably purchase Explay B200. Buy Explay B200 with benefits.
Standard GSM 900/1800
Interfaces Bluetooth 2.1, USB
Internet access WAP, GPRS
Vibra Yes
Ringtones type 64-voice polyphony, MP3-melody
Battery type Li-Ion
Battery capacity 800 mA * h
Working time in standby mode 130 h
While working in the talk mode 6 hours
Diagonal 2 inch.
Screen type color TFT, 262.14 thousand colors
The size of the image 220x176
The number of pixels per inch (PPI) 141
Other functions
The A2DP profile Yes
Use as USB drive Yes
The CPU and memory
The memory card slot there are, up to 16 GB
The number of processor cores 1
Additional information
Equipment phone, battery, stereo headset, charger, manual
Notebook and organizer
Organizer alarm clock, calculator, task planner
Notebook in the office 500 rooms
General characteristics
Type phone
Weight 115 g
Management navigation key
Housing type classic
Case material plastic
Type of SIM card normal
Dimensions (Shmht) 46x113x15 mm
The number of SIM-cards 3
Multimedia capabilities
Audio MP3, WAV, FM radio
The camera 1.30 million pixels., 1280x1024
The recorder Yes
Headphone Jack 3.5 mm
Video playback MP4, H. 263, 3GP, AVI
Recording movies Yes (MP4, AVI)
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