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Overall rating 3.8 stars
3.8 from 5 reviews
GSM 900/1800/1900, 3G
Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 3.0, USB
Support DLNA
Satellite navigation
Battery type
Battery capacity
1350 mA * h
GSM 900/1800/1900, 3G
Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 3.0, USB
Support DLNA:
Satellite navigation:
Battery type:
Battery capacity:
1350 mA * h


Overall rating 3.8 stars
5 reviews
Overall rating 4.00 stars
October 6, 2012


I decided to buy a smartphone, not expensive but with all features. Long had to choose, they are either expensive or very weak.And the eyes fell upon Fly IQ280. Original design plus USB flash drive 8 gigobayt complete, and most importantly the right price. Chose between Fly IQ280 LG Optimus L5, as at the price they were about the same.Fly IQ280 chose and do not regret it for a minute. A fairly fast smartphone, with no glitches and a nice set of features. Quite powerful processor: Qualcomm MSM 8255T, 1200 MHz, the speed is maintained with a memory size of 512 MB. Support flash cards up to 32 GB. Large capacitive display. Built-in Yandex apps, such as maps, posters, search, etc. Good quality photos and video 5 megapixel camera and front camera 0.3 with support for HD. 4 inch screen with a resolution of 480×800.The load on the RAM is quite small, about 100 MB. (originally). LG free only 250 (lot of takes android 4.From shortcomings I can note android 2.3 without updating to 4.0, if only to flash separately). A fairly easy way to get ROOT access.Generally pleased with the phone for 3 months never nebylo no glitches, no crashes, everything runs like clockwork. Would recommend, why pay 2 times more?

Advantages:- excellent quality pictures, low price, excellent build quality

Overall rating 5.00 stars
October 28, 2012


This wonderful smartphone had given me when he showed up at the sale. At first I thought, “EW, that’s Fly!(((” But when I took it in hands, has understood with all functions, menu, my happiness knew no bounds! Mobile axis Android 2.3; processor Qualcomm MSM 8255T, 1200 MHz; the diagonal of 4 inches; 480×800 screen; two cameras: one front – 0.3 mpx, and the second rear 5 mpx; video playback formats: DivX, Xvid, MP4, 3GP, AVI; audio – MP3, AAC, WAV. There is GPS. Built-in memory 1 GB, RAM 512 MB, support memory card up to 32 GB. Included, in addition to the standard set ( charger, earphone, USB cable), there was a memory card of 8 GB and a protective film for the display. I have to say that the battery I have lasts at best a day, all because, first, I do not “release” from the owner, I have installed a large number of different programs, books, etc., and secondly, all phones on the Android system, not “hold” the battery is very long, but I don’t feel that a huge drawback. As it is, the photo quality is just great, the sound quality is also normal, I like it!!! PS Photo 1 is how the phone looks from the back, and 2 photos made with this phone.

Advantages:- excellent quality of photos, large amount of memory, low price, excellent build quality

Overall rating 5.00 stars
January 17, 2013


Ripe for buying a phone that would suit me in the first place to access the Internet, but rather began to search for a phone with the largest possible screen for the “cheap”. Decided to stop at 4″. Fly IQ280 with a Qualcomm 1.2 GHz, a 800×480 screen was immediately acknowledged as THE CHEAPEST from the line of (was regarded not only Nokia, Samsung, and more or less “bleached” by the Chinese). From a quick purchase pushed too much difference in price compared to similarly stuffed. The closest competitor to the eminent cost 100$ more expensive, while yielding the CPU frequency. I think, in the Socket dismantled(4 days). In result I had to run. In Ukraine there is no brand service center Fly (import from Russia), which several sellers are automatically ranked him “gray” to the Chinese. But Fly – KOREAN, and with this build quality, service center, and I hope you never need it. Pleased equipment – manufacturers have taken care of a two-layer film for the screen and memory card 8Gb. The rest seems to be standard kit: cord,charger,headphones, Packed in neat, clearly worn box, once again makes imbued with respect for the Koreans. There is no extra memory is 512MB, and it is actively consumed pre-installed Shell 3D and all sorts of, non-deletable without Root-rights applications, But the “brake” in work is not felt : the matrix obedient and responsive without unnecessary delay. Video eats everything through MXplayer, HD video via Wi-Fi flies.In the end, among the single core smartphones like the diagonal provided by “stuffing” Fly IQ280Tech are very competitive, and based on the ratio price-quality of competitors do not have!(as the Ukrainian market in 2012)

Advantages:low price, great build quality, excellent screen, no brakes

Overall rating 4.00 stars
March 23, 2013


Hello! So, go to the cons of the phone. I’m not spoiled by the phones, but the judge certainly can My previous phone was a regular (not smartphone). But they are fucking for their small cost, kept charging at 3-4, and then 5 days! And that 2 days does not stand up. So… those who have had Androids, buy, you, I’m sure, already worn out with that… one had to study feedback further and think, will cover whether the pros of this phone is his only, but a horribly negative.So. Go on the positive of this phone. And its quite a lot. First, what immediately struck – it’s big, but light. Ie this is not the stones Philips, which further, but heavier by 5 times. Although I Philips, I must say, like it))) Then design. In my opinion, there are white and black. White was not, took the black with copper trim. Don’t regret that I did not look for a white! Second, the brightness. Just super. I had never seen such brightness. Then, memory. Its a lot, but I bought a memory card) so. Then… the USB. I’m not going to dwell on it. Many useful programs. Facebook, GPS (a big plus for me), Twitter, Play Market, Gmail, maps, Yandex, etc. … Then the camera. Rather camera. The front and back. The rear 5 MP (enough quality images come). Front – Pro MP do not know, I use it at the pictures when you need to see yourself in Skype. So. Like all. And, no, not all. Torn between IQ285 and IQ280. Why is this chosen? Yes, because he is not very different. The battery is almost the same, price too, features too, well, maybe a bit of something new. Generally chasing IQ270 – charging painfully brolla)) But not found. If you choose a smartphone with a good charge, take 270. If you liked this, take it – but will have to charge every 1.5-2 days. But if you use is not particularly active, and enable the eco mode (I have it enabled forever ), it will last 2.5-3-3.5 days)) good Luck in choosing a really good phone!

Advantages:usb I know that some do not have a large amount of memory is large, but lightweight, 5MP camera, beautiful design, many useful programs, no brakes, front camera, different design, brightness - just super

Overall rating 1.00 stars
August 30, 2013


Phone only bought because of the design(I liked)but then regretted…maybe I got a bad defective, I don’t know.1-Buggy, the screen often freezes….(SPB Shell 3d)2-During a conversation can shut down.3-Network catches bad.4-Tune by tapping troyat, then again play….5-the battery lasts barely a day.6-Internet applications often crash…will upload the photo to make it clearer what I’m talking about.I’m upset of course such workmanship and do not recommend buying.

Advantages:large amount of memory, beautiful design, great screen brightness - just super

The Fly company offers users to check out IQ280 Tech. The features of IQ280 Tech, in addition to their interesting design solution, make us pleased with their performance and functionality. Best solution for both house and office. Many customers already appreciated and left IQ280 Tech reviews available on our service. Price comparison, that is also offered by our service, helps profitably purchase Fly IQ280 Tech. Buy Fly IQ280 Tech with benefits.
Standard GSM 900/1800/1900, 3G
Interfaces Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 3.0, USB
Support DLNA Yes
Satellite navigation GPS
Battery removable
Battery type Li-Ion
Battery capacity 1350 mA * h
Connector type for charging micro-USB
Working time in standby mode 120 h
While working in the talk mode 3 hours
While working in the mode of listening to music 6 hours
Diagonal 4 inch.
Screen type color TFT, 16.78 million colors, sensory
Touch screen type multi-touch, capacitive
Auto-rotate screen Yes
The size of the image 800x480
The number of pixels per inch (PPI) 233
Other functions
Sensors light, proximity
Management voice dialing, voice control
Airplane mode Yes
The A2DP profile Yes
Use as USB drive Yes
Loud speaker (internal speaker) Yes
The CPU and memory
RAM 512 MB
Processor Qualcomm MSM 8255T, 1200 MHz
Video processor Adreno 205
The memory card slot there are, up to 32GB
The amount of internal memory 1 GB
Additional information
Equipment phone, battery, charger, USB cable, earphone, memory card, microSD 8Gb, protective film for the screen
General characteristics
Type smartphone
Weight 120 g
OS version Android 2.3
Housing type classic
Case material plastic
Type of SIM card normal
Dimensions (Shmht) 64.3x126.5x11.3 mm
The number of SIM-cards 1
Multimedia capabilities
Audio MP3, AAC, WAV
The camera 5 million pixels.
Recognition individuals, smiles
Front camera there, 0.3 million pixels.
Headphone Jack 3.5 mm
Recording movies Yes
Max. video resolution 1280x720
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