Fujifilm FinePix S1500

Overall rating 4 stars
4 from 18 reviews
F2.8 - F5
Optical Zoom
The name of the lens
Fujifilm Fujinon
Focal length (35mm equivalent)
33 - 396 mm
Face detection
The AF illuminator
The minimum shooting distance
0.02 m
F2.8 - F5
Optical Zoom:
The name of the lens:
Fujifilm Fujinon
Focal length (35mm equivalent):
33 - 396 mm
Face detection:
The AF illuminator:
The minimum shooting distance:
0.02 m


Overall rating 4 stars
18 reviews
Overall rating stars
November 2, 2009


Hi, i am considering changing cameras at present I have a Kodak c713 which has been great but did not like the water of the med, i am thinking of either the fujifilm s1500 or Pentax K-m, both get good reviews but which is the best?
Any help is greatfully recieved.

Overall rating stars
December 23, 2009


Awesome camera for the price!!
I purchased this camera as a replacement for one that had stolen from my wife. All I can say about it is “AWESOME”, we really enjoy all the features. For those of you reading the bad reviews, just remember like any digital camera you have to read the instructions. Generally the photo quality isn’t because of the camera but more the person using it. We’ve used it on trips, school activities, and sporting events. The only thing that I find needing improvement is the motor hum on video, but then again I didn’t purchase a video camera!

Overall rating stars
January 9, 2010


I bought a fujifilm finepix s1500 some days ago and i think that the difference point of view between users are users that usually use automatic cameras and user that like manual mode camera, for those who like automatic digital cameras which do everything automatically for them it will be a nightmare using the s1500 and for advance users that like manual camera and like to have control over their picture quality its a dream camera.

Personally me i really like this camera cause i have almost total control, example iso setting which varies between 64 to 6400 which is great, the flash control strong flash and close shot flash.

It has a good image quality in low light shots, rapid to use, nice view finder.

Here are some advantages and disadvantages.

1. When shooting in the dark view finder or lcd display is poor
2. Poor video quality

1. When shooting in dark more open the flash the space in the bottom of the flash can be used as a 3rd view finder to aim your shot hehehe.

2. Sharp image quality depends on the settings you put on it.

3. High quality images in low light

4. Nice flash, and nice control over flash

5. Easily connects to computer as mass storage so it like using a card reader or pendrive

7. Face detection works fine

8. The one i like the most on it is the panorama shot .. really great this function

9. Macro shots close object work great if you know how to tune it well.

10. Good control over iso setting

11. Focus technology great


My personal conclusion – if you buy this camera and you want to take the best shot with it. Don’t hesitate to lean how to use it on manual mode and fine tune it for the type of shot you want and the type of image that you are looking for.

Have fun using the s1500
Mauritius Island

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April 11, 2010


Question for Fujifilm S1500 owners (and this is something I would like to see included in all digital camera reviews): how big an SD-Card do I need if I buy a S1500? Put another way – what is the average file size on the SD-Card of a jpeg picture taken at the camera’s highest resolution? Or, typically how many pictures taken at highest resolution can you get on, say, a 4GB card?

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June 18, 2010


Hi, I bought the s1500 after damaging a s7500 (unavailable now). I used 4 rechargeable batteries in the s7500 and they lasted a long time, however the new camera just eats them up and I need to carry 3 x 4 fully charged batteries to not get caught short. The view finder is also very blurred with color distortion. Anyone else found these probs and should I send it back?

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August 7, 2010


I have answered my own question: I bought an 8GB card and it is way OTT unless you want to take movies or expect to make heavy use of burst mode. A 10MP picture takes approx 5MB on the card. A 2GB card would have been fine for my purposes.
I cannot identify with Margie’s comment above. The batteries supplied with my camera lasted through a week’s holiday and several social occasions before expiring. One good thing about the S1500 – I find the flash largely superfluous – this camera takes great pictures indoors. I suspect it was using the flash that ate up the battery life in my old camera.

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October 20, 2010


Hi, I have been looking into buying a camera which is better than the basic £40 digital jobby that I have at the moment. The main reason is because I am coming up to a photography module on my course and am looking to get a more manual camera to get more accustomed to tweaking and playing with functions. This specific model is now rather “cheap” compared to other models. Is it worthwhile really? As there are a lot of mixed reviews about it.

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July 28, 2012


I have the Finepix S1500, I bought back in 2009, that has worked great until last 6 months. The batteries only last a few hours and sometimes less. What is going on? Does the on/off slide wear out and not close down the camera?

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Aperture F2.8 - F5
Optical Zoom 12x
The name of the lens Fujifilm Fujinon
Focal length (35mm equivalent) 33 - 396 mm
Face detection Yes
The AF illuminator Yes
The minimum shooting distance 0.02 m
Number of batteries 4
The format of batteries AA-compatible
Camera type digital
Size 1/2.3"
Crop factor 5.62
Sensitivity 64 - 6400 ISO, Auto ISO
Maximum resolution 3648 x 2736
The type of matrix СCD
The total number of pixels 10 million
The number of effective pixels 10 million
Excerpt 8 - 1/2000 s
Metering multizone, center-weighted, spot
Compensation +/- 2 EV in 1/3-step increments
Exposure bracketing Yes
Automatic processing of the exposition with shutter priority, aperture-priority
Manual setting of shutter speed and aperture Yes
Flash built-in, up to 8.70 m, suppression of effect of red eyes
White balance auto, manual, from the list
Image stabilizer (photography) optical, shift matrix
Shooting modes
Macro Yes
Timer Yes
The timer 2, 10 c
Speed shooting 1.4 frame./sec
Maximum series of images 3 for JPEG
The frame format (photography) 4:3, 3:2
Size and weight
Size 103x73x68 mm
Weight 324 grams without batteries; 424 g with batteries
Memory and interfaces
Interfaces USB 2.0, video, audio
Image formats 2 JPEG
Type of memory cards SD, SDHC
The amount of internal memory 23 MB
The maximum amount of memory card 16 GB
Record video and audio
Video codecs MJPEG
Sound recording Yes
Video recording Yes
Record audio comments Yes
Format video recording AVI
The video recording time the video file size to 2 GB
Maximum resolution videos 640x480
Optical Zoom when recording video Yes
The maximum frame rate of the video 30 fps
Viewfinder and LCD screen
LCD screen 230000 pixels, 2.70 inch
Viewfinder electronic
The viewfinder field of view 97%
The number of pixels viewfinder 200000
Using the screen as a viewfinder Yes
Other functions and features
Announced 2009-01-01
Digital Zoom 5.7 x
Additional features tripod mount
Additional information ISO 3200 and 6400 available when permits no more than 3MP
Date of commencement of sales 2009-03-01
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