GoldStar HDF-5002

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electronic, display, timer
Power supply
Additional information
timer from 1 to 8 hours, a tank of plastic material with antibacterial coating
Adjusting the fan speed/intensity of evaporation
Water consumption
500 ml/h
Type of humidifier
electronic, display, timer
Power supply:
Additional information:
timer from 1 to 8 hours, a tank of plastic material with antibacterial coating
Adjusting the fan speed/intensity of evaporation:
Water consumption:
500 ml/h
Type of humidifier:


Overall rating 4 stars
2 reviews
Overall rating 4.00 stars
June 21, 2014


This summer was a short period of heat and lack of air when fan, daily wet cleaning and hanging wet rags stopped to help, and at night in the baby’s room was not breathe – it was agreed that we need a humidifier. The husband picked up for reviews and features this one. Now I want to talk about it after a month of use.

Humidifier Goldstar HDF-5002 white

Place of purchase – Internet-shop Yulmart.Price – 3,150 rubles.Video silivren use – 1 month.

From here the steam goes =)I will Shortly tell about its characteristics. Ultrasonic humidifier with electronic controls and hygrometer. A volume of 4.8 liters.

Information from the box

1. Manual and cleaning brush. 2. Packing. 3 and 4 air feldbluse. 1. Nice design.2. The convenient touch screen.3. There are 3 speeds steam generation + turbo.

Turbo mode

Auto-4. A large amount of water – 3 speed-it lasted 10 hours and 40 minutes. At the second speed for 14 hours and 10 minutes. At first notch did not.

Tank inside – No 5. Comfortable tank with handle and wide mouth of the Bay. But his need to get to fill.

Water tank – 1. In this position was filled with water. 2. The situation in the humidifier.6. Is a function of the heating steam.7. The ability to set desired percentage of humidity in the room. At which time it will switch off and will work again only when the humidity again drops by about 5%.8. When it runs out of water he turns off, beeps, displays the icon “empty tank” on the display continue to display the humidity value.9. Does not leak, does not leave condensation anywhere.10. Shows when it needs cleaning.

Indicator cleaning is necessary 11. There is a night mode.

Night 12. After its acquisition the only flower in the room just zakolosilis. Gave a lot of new leaves, now boasts gorgeous crown =).13. To breathe easier. Especially sleeping under the steam jet. I am now without him I can’t sleep =). The nose no longer provides after sleep.

The first mode (the weakest)

The second mode

The third mode

Turbo 14. A very pleasant feeling, if you direct the steam right in the face. The child loves to have fun. When hot, put 3 mode and rest under a jet of steam, fresh and cool =)

Turbo mode on the back of the sofa is visible as vapor drops

Turbo mode on the back of the sofa is visible as drops 15. Remembers the installation and if you turn it off it will renew them. If you unplug settings go astray.16. Long wire.17. He’s very quiet. We have it directly above the bed and I can hear it buzzing and occasionally gurgles. I sounds very similar to the aquarium =). But when running computer I the buzz is not heard.18. Has a sleep timer.

19. The window the water level.

The water level Cons. 1. I think the hygrometer is not accurate. When the fan is blowing in his direction humidity is always higher. If someone sat next to him and suddenly he is gone – is upset and the humidity percentage falls =).2. I don’t know why the function of heating the pair tried to turn on, when it became cool at home – did not feel the difference. Cost?3. The turbo mode does not hold. They say there is not enough bandwidth of the filter. It lasts for a few minutes, then he says the tank is empty. Although it is actually full. As soon as switch mode it starts to work again.4. Sometimes buggy – says tank is empty, although it is not. But if you ignore it will work again =).5. The tank is not evaporated completely, there is always somewhere else centimetre of water at the bottom, but this is due to the height of the inner filter below the water just physically can not fall. Result.Humidifier suits us. Until the summer, I hardly feel its work. But I think in the winter when you start to fry the battery it will be a real salvation. We watched a lot of humidifiers. As I understand they are all not without flaws. This they especially to work is not affected. In General a good and necessary apparatus. Recommend. Other purchases from the Hardware store.Women’s electric shaver + review-comparing her and epistolarity phone that holds a charge for 2 mesaredonda male electronetworking decent fan for a low price

Advantages:auto power off when lack of water, large water tank, built-in hygrometer, beautiful design, lots of modes, does not leak, quiet, setting the desired humidity, the function of heating the pair

Overall rating 4.00 stars
December 22, 2014


Greetings to all! No foreplay, straight to the point! It will be very useful in everyday life (especially for those who have small children) the thing – the humidifier! Specifically, the device company GoldStar, which refers to ultrasonic humidifiers. Guard of the humidified air in our family, he is about 10 months. Why the choice fell on it: not bulky, but with a decent amount of tank, without having to run to refill the water every 2 hours, different modes and intensity of the evaporation, well and appearance was also important.

Appearance. Perfectly fit into our interior white))

A normal tank when full is very heavy)

Easy one touch panela as allergies and the owner of a very sensitive mucous membrane, appreciated this device during pregnancy to breathe really easy, especially during the heating season. To understand the modes it is quite easy, very pleased that there is a built-in hygrometer, you can set the desired humidity level, but then gets the first negative – what happens is that hygrometer this lying and broken. If, for example, put it near an open window may show a moisture content of 15% (while in the street a thick fog and a feeling that everything is 200%)). There is a Turbo mode, but I don’t like to use it, because the water is consumed too quickly (for me it’s another minus), and all around well so podmochat. But the joy I have three levels of intensity of evaporation

The rate of evaporation. 1) minimal, 2) average, 3) maximum put most often average, and by 55-60% in this mode, a full tank lasts for 2-2,5 days. Is a function of the heating steam, but to be honest, the difference I do not feel that with it that without it.. the Machine runs relatively quiet, turns off automatically when running out of water, and then there really can gluconate and beeped when still have half a tank of water, and the most significant minus for me, it beeps very loudly and for sooo long, some times that makes me scared woke up the baby (it just so happened that the day sleeps are very sensitive). But in principle this can be avoided if you often look in the window on the side of the water level is not to wait until the tank is empty.

Window with water level In General, that is the ain reason for not “pjaterochki” assessment, but overall I’m happy with this unit, its main function it diligently performs Here a couple of details in the photo.

So goes the tank. Cover it down, so a few drops will drop)

It looks like on the inside. Next tank is already lid up, fill it very convenient I Hope my review will useful for You, cheers

Advantages:auto power off when lack of water, large water tank, the ability to rotate the evaporator, built-in hygrometer, beautiful design, lots of modes, relatively quiet, adjustment of evaporation intensity, easy touch panel, setting the desired humidity parameters

The GoldStar company offers users to check out HDF-5002. The features of HDF-5002, in addition to their interesting design solution, make us pleased with their performance and functionality. Best solution for both house and office. Many customers already appreciated and left HDF-5002 reviews available on our service. Price comparison, that is also offered by our service, helps profitably purchase GoldStar HDF-5002. Buy GoldStar HDF-5002 with benefits.
Management electronic, display, timer
Power supply network
Additional information timer from 1 to 8 hours, a tank of plastic material with antibacterial coating
Adjusting the fan speed/intensity of evaporation Yes
Humidistat Yes
Water consumption 500 ml/h
Type of humidifier ultrasonic
Pre-heating the water Yes
Capacity of water tank 5 l
Air purification
Filters pre-treatment
Dimensions and weight
Dimensions (WxHxD) 358x298x193 mm
General characteristics
Power consumption 85 W
The purpose of the device humidification
My review GoldStar HDF-5002

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