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The dough
Bread flour
Express cakes
Sweet pastries
Unleavened cakes
The dough:
Bread flour:
Express cakes:
Sweet pastries:
Unleavened cakes:


Overall rating 4 stars
3 reviews
Overall rating 5.00 stars
November 6, 2013


After long consideration and selection of models from different manufacturers. Opted for Breadmaker Gorenje BM900W, as arranged and the price and the reviews. The scoreboard is clear, with a deferred start need a little pokoldovat – time shows at the end of the program. The bread turned out not immediately, only after 3 attempts. In prescription book, the white bread was presented only with milk, but I didn’t like it, but found a good recipe in the Internet, and it worked. In the window you can see everything – how to mix, how to fit how to cook. Not very good. convenient that beeps loudly when you need to add something at the end of the program. My household is not satisfied that in the night I hear a squeak, so a delayed start is not in use.Bake bread in a day, and knead yeast dough, and ravioli. For accurate Otmar flour has taken all the same scales Lumme LU-1318, mistakes in baking now almost never happens, especially when using rye or whole wheat flour.The result on the photo.


Overall rating 2.00 stars
January 9, 2016


I bought a week ago. Extremely dissatisfied!!!Prior to that, 5 years used LG bread maker! It’s just heaven and earth!Those who made up the recipe for oven Gorenje BM 900 W, just some kind of pests. How can you, with a measuring Cup, all the ingredients in the recipes to give in milligrams and milliliters, and in a measuring Cup – milligrams, but there is only a milliliter!!! How can you give the quantity of yeast in recipes “3/4 of the bag???!!! The bags are different in weight, and yeast is a critical component of quality baking.In a furnace LG everything was simple and clear, all competed with the attached Cup and a spoon – there was no milliliters and milligrams: bread and cakes and dough – all turned out the same excellent quality.Where simple recipes for basic white bread?! The mass of any stupid exoticism, which few people need.”The colors of peel – just stupid! Barely darkens only on the maximum.Where simple recipes test? Why the hell every neproroschennye wheat, wholemeal flour and other rubbish?!If it is powered by Europe, then all with it is clear… Stove for Russia should be as adapted to our culinary traditions. Or then it would really just wrote: only contains recipes non-traditional cuisine – the so-called “healthy food”.Buying a new furnace, I honestly had no idea what recipes can be made this way!!! I bought not only myself but also the children as a gift, so now I toil with these stoves all together! Perhaps, with time and accumulated a set of acceptable recipes…

Advantages:still, she bakes...

Overall rating 5.00 stars
May 5, 2016


Good day, Dear Reader!About buying a bread machine as we didn’t think quite to the acquisition thereof, ” insisted the husband. Not for a second did not regret!So, Your attention is a breadmaker Gorenje BM900W in September 2015 in the online shop for 4140 rubles.The choice fell on this model for a sufficiently large number of positive reviews online and quite affordable price.Externally, the stove is nice, milky color, has a large comfortable handle for carrying. Quite a simple menu, quite a few times to bake bread – then everything will do automatically)!It comes with instruction and recipe book. Frankly, the recipes there did not use, to me they seem complex (many ingredients which were not found), everything was looking on the Internet. The oven makes bread in two weight categories, if you will allow me that expression – 900 and 750 grams. We bake 750 gram loaf, we were so comfortable, and the bread does not get stale.At the furnace 12 programs:1. The main (Basic) – in this program we bake bread;2. French pastries (French) – the programme involves more lush crumb and a crispy crust. Don’t know, a couple of times baked – the bread turned out lower than usual. Perhaps something to consider with the ingredients.3. Whole wheat (Whole wheat) – not yet used;4. Quick – used once, the bread is baked instead of the usual 3 hours I think 1.5 but it is not as lush and the size is smaller;5. Sweet (Sweet) – not used;6. Baking ultra-fast 1 Ultra-fast I – fast baking loaf 750 7. Ultra fast baking 2 (Ultra fast – II – cakes loaf 900 grams. In both cases, the bread will be small and less curvy.8. Dough (Dough) – that’s really lovely, just no words! I used to suffer – to put the dough has risen knead the dough – to leave, to omit, and so on! And with two kids in all sorts of pies puff yeah well, just no time! And then all showered, turned on the program “Dough” and Bach – an hour and a half lepi from it all that your heart desires! The main thing to keep an eye out for him. (and then we have the husband put the dough for pies Ossetian, Yes missed the ingredients (put in too much) the dough is SO rose that fell out, then had to scrub the oven test)9. Jam (Jam) – never used, not like jam, but maybe this year, God willing, will be a good crop of pears or strawberries in the country – and then try – be sure to update the opinion in this case. But, you know, that sister uses this feature and is very praise!10. Cake (Cake) – never used;11. Sandwich (Sandwich) – not used;12. Baking (Bake) is not used.Here is the menu bar:

Using the Menu button to select the desired program, press Loaf size – the size of a loaf, button color – the color of Your bread crust – L – light, M – medium, D – dark. I choose dark, but just dark and it does not work. In the photo below you will see a finished bread (You want to share the recipe of bread, which is loved by all our family. And even my three year old daughter-maloezhka when he hears the smell of freshly baked bread, then calls it – and eat, I will tell you, a lot!))))So, here’s the recipe, and incidentally so is the overview of the breadmaker:You’ll need (for the loaf weight of 750 grams):- 220 ml of warm water; 1 tsp salt;- 1 teaspoon sugar – 1-2 tbsp sunflower oil – 1 onion (cut it up and fry);- 400 grams wheat flour;- 7-8 grams of dry yeast.In the bucket of a bread machine pour warm water:

(by the way, to purchase our furnace I was thinking – what she kneads the dough. It was all just – inside the bucket there’s Mesilla):

Into the water we fall asleep salt and sugar (the bread maker is attached to double-sided spoon)

Add fried onions:

Were weighed on the scales 400 grams of flour. Weights is still better to use because eyes can be greatly miss and then the bread can be bad to go, he may fall off the “lid”, in General, give the scales in every kitchen!

Next, sift flour, this is very important – not for me to say that when sifting flour is enriched with oxygen, the dough would have been better suited and the cakes will turn out very fluffy and airy!!!

Once all the flour will be in a bucket in the middle of doing recess. At this stage it is important that the flour as little as possible in contact with the liquid.

Into this hole carefully pour the dry yeast. I prefer the yeast of the company Dr. Oetker. We tried the Bread Is still some, but it is with these dough always turns out top notch!

That’s all! Now for the bread maker! Sent the bucket into the stove…

Select the desired parameters: in our case, a loaf of 750 grams of dark crust and press start! The display shows the countdown time is 2 hours 53 minutes – it was so worth the wait, then to enjoy a lovely fragrant bread with fried onions!!!

And so three hours passed, the apartment is spread an incredible flavor! Open our oven:

At this time the “cap” of my bread a little opal, I might have missed, or water a little more/less, or flour (although on the scales it was exactly 400). Anyway, the essence is not in it!)Carefully, with oven gloves take the handle of the bucket, slightly turn it counter-clockwise inside the oven and get:

Further it would be necessary immediately to get the bread from the bucket and put on the grill. It is on the grill, not on the Board, not on the table – otherwise the bread will get wet.

I love that he so stood for an hour or two, in this case, the crust will be well, very crispy!!!By the way, sometimes the same “Mesilla” baked together with bread. It is necessary to extract special little hook that goes to completion.

If this is done carefully, the bread will remain only a small hole. (But I have several times worked out so that when you squeeze the bread from the bucket, “Mesilla remained in the bucket).

And in the end, so good we did it!!!

Summary: definitely recommend! I use already more half a year, no complaints about this stove not! But those who bake pies, buns, cakes and pastries – a thing very necessary in the economy – no hassle!Thanks to all that read this long review, I hope that someone it will be useful!

Advantages:affordable, great kneads the dough, bakes excellent bread

The Gorenje company offers users to check out BM900W. The features of BM900W, in addition to their interesting design solution, make us pleased with their performance and functionality. Best solution for both house and office. Many customers already appreciated and left BM900W reviews available on our service. Price comparison, that is also offered by our service, helps profitably purchase Gorenje BM900W. Buy Gorenje BM900W with benefits.
Jam Yes
Cupcake Yes
The dough Yes
Bread flour Yes
Express cakes Yes
Sweet pastries Yes
Unleavened cakes Yes
The number of baking programs 12
Dimensions and weight
Weight 5 kg
Dimensions (WxHxD) 275x290x355 mm
Additional information
Dispenser No
Case material plastic
The number of tectonically 1
Memory during a power failure 10 min.
General characteristics
Bread loaf
Power 600 W
Timer there are up to 13 h
The temperature there are up to 1 hour
Maximum weight of baking 900 g
Weight adjustment baking Yes
The choice of color brown Yes
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