Gorenje WS 50Z129 N

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Rotation speed during the spin cycle
to 1200 rpm
Special programs
washing delicate fabrics, prevent crushing, super-rinse, rapid wash, wash with large amount of water, pre-wash
Wash program wool
The number of programs
Control imbalance
Control over the level of foam
Protection against water leaks
Rotation speed during the spin cycle:
to 1200 rpm
Special programs:
washing delicate fabrics, prevent crushing, super-rinse, rapid wash, wash with large amount of water, pre-wash
Wash program wool:
The number of programs:
Control imbalance:
Control over the level of foam:
Protection against water leaks:


Overall rating 2.5 stars
2 reviews
Overall rating 4.00 stars
May 30, 2014


Chose a long time. Before that there was a washing machine with a vertical load of Laundry, which I really liked, but in the other apartment was no place for a rifle, had to buy the washing machine with a front-loading Laundry. Bought in M. Video at a ridiculous price through the online store, still got 500 bonus rubles on subsequent purchases for that wrote a review in the Yandex-market.Now about the washing machine. At least the most necessary programs.

Photo 1. Programmation the amount of pressing handling, but in some programs that assume in a “Delicate washing” – the maximum speed spin 700 rpm, you can only reduce them, to increase will not happen. The machine has a separate “Spin” and “Rinse”, and not as in other machines “Rinse+Spin” (agree that it’s not really convenient when you just want to squeeze wet linen, bypassing the process of rinsing). Therefore, when choosing a washing machine used to look at these programs.You can reduce the washing time, on the right side of the machine there is a button “cutting programs.”

Photo 2. Modes sturgisamia minimum wash time is Cotton 30 degree+cutting = 17 minutes, ie put a programmer on Cotton 30, click on the “cutting programs” and “Start”. Wash lasts only 17 minutes in the water 30-degree temperature. Very easy to use program if you just want to brush up on negranue linen.A very interesting feature Increased the water level, put any program, press the “high water level”. This is very handy when washing large clothes: blankets, duvet covers, jackets, pillows or children’s clothes. We immediately see that the washing machine of the European Assembly (Serbia), I like there to save all . Indeed, if you do not enable the button “higher water level”, get a good water savings, checking. By the way, power is saved.Tray linen is very comfortable, has top left blue pigolenko if it is slightly pressed, the tray can be taken out and cleaned from residues of the washing means. For fluid media has a special lock, which closes a compartment for the powder to liquid will not escape from the drum. However, you can just pour liquid detergent into the drum with the clothes.

Photo 4. Retainer for liquid Laundry shredstation function “self-cleaning Program”. It is recommended that the user every 3 months to clean the machine from dirt, germs and mold. For this you need to put the program on Cotton 95 and within 3 seconds to hold the “Reduction programmes”, the monitor will be displayed alternately letters and how much time is left. The drum should not be of linen. Lasts the self-cleaning process more hours, but it’s worth it, eliminates musty odors.

Photo 6. The self-cleaning process

Photo 5. Operation somocystinamide that I do not like.First, the car class In spin, this means that the spin is rather weak, though, and 1200 rpm.min. I don’t have enough revs in the “Delicate wash” when washing the jackets (they need to be washed at a water temperature of 30 degrees), maximum spin there are only 700 rpm. Are very good jackets in addition to the Pressing (pressing process lasts for 15 minutes!), since the jacket is completely wet. There are, of course, the option is to wash the jacket in Cotton 30, there is a maximum rpm of 1000.Second, of the small minuses can be noted also, that at the bottom of the gum of the door when washing is going to foam, which then re-enters the Laundry. And after the end of the wash there is accumulated water, which must be wiped clean, to avoid mold.

Photo 7. The foam remains elastic door

Photo 8. Residual water after washing elastic gorzyw third, watch the washing machine is different from real time, suppose the machine shows the washing time is 30 minutes, and actually runs 40 minutes, i.e. the washing time increases by 10 minutes, although according to the clock of the machine it is not visible, its standards are claimed for 30 minutes. But it’s the little things.Fourth, there is no audible signal on completion of washing. But also not critical.Conclusion. For the money a great choice. But if you want the car very cool, it is better to pay and choose a more feature-rich. I prefer the same machine with a vertical load of Laundry, such as this one.There is still a small but important nuance. To this model, additional rubber feet are NOT NEEDED! They just get in the way during the spin cycle the machine starts to vibrate wildly, especially if the rpm is high. Established plumber and he said that the stands don’t need that car and so has its own rubber feet. Did not listen, asked rubber stand still to deliver. Washed…well, it took a stand to clean up. Now, everything is OK.

Advantages:the European Assembly, there is a delay start, timer, a lot of short programs, the presence of the indication of washing, the presence of certain programs, the presence of the self-cleaning mode, low cost, spin, rinse, convenient removable tray for powder

Overall rating 1.00 stars
February 9, 2015


We were limited in budget when buying a washing machine, this cost 9990, so I took it. At the stage of choosing the brand my husband had doubts (Gorenje? and it then will not Gorenje? “he told me), but the price turned out to be decisive. Nothing..the Machine is noisy. She’s standing in the kitchen and noisy so that, when pressed on the not the high revs, sometimes it is impossible to talk sitting down at the table. And you can hear everything – and the operation of the engine, and the noise from turning the drum and Canino same beautiful plumage wet Laundry in the drum (drum in it 3D), and during the spin cycle still rattling the case. You know the Symphony turns out excellent! On the floor we have it not jump, but rattles like crazy and if there something is- no chance! all flying to the floor. if the linen in the drum a lot, it may be a problem with a uniform distribution on the drum, and togdaaa the sound will be the same as if the drum is pulled out and dangles back and forth inside the case. I think they will even admire your neighbors!But I resigned.But the fact that she’s not pulling out powder to finish – it infuriates unreal! And I tried different ways: sprinkled powder less (rinse better, but not much!), I tried all possible powders and liquid detergent (in vain) even the water tried to refill the rinse (but do not exit doubtful), in General, would be better if she did not save water, and normally vypolaskivat the first time. Because we have put additional rinsing, sometimes more than once. Further photo evidence.. In the penultimate rinse water soapy like Laundry.

Beep on completion of washing, no – I sometimes forget about the Laundry, as well as even put on extra rinse, then wash one load can take all day.By the way time washing machine uses more than stated in a particular mode, i.e. if the mode is 1 hour, the machine will run longer than 20 minutes at least.Gorenje, by the way, hasn’t happened to her (what her husband feared) has been working for 3.5 years.In General, in all respects, the acquisition is questionable. To do this in a rented apartment was Zanussi, if you need to save the next time I will choose her.

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Rotation speed during the spin cycle to 1200 rpm
Special programs washing delicate fabrics, prevent crushing, super-rinse, rapid wash, wash with large amount of water, pre-wash
Wash program wool Yes
The number of programs 15
Control imbalance Yes
Control over the level of foam Yes
Protection against water leaks full
General characteristics
Color white
Drying No
Weight 62 kg
Display there is a digital
Management electronic (intelligent)
Installation freestanding, removable cover for embedding
Download type front
Dimensions (WxDxH) 60x44x85 cm
Maximum load of Laundry 5.5 kg
Other functions and features
Charging port diameter 33 cm, open 180 degrees
Tank material plastic
Additional features the choice of washing temperature
Additional information self-cleaning
Noise level (wash / spin) 56 / 70 dB
Timer delay start washing there are (up to 23 h)
Classes efficiency and energy consumption
Energy class A
Energy consumption 0.19 kW*h/kg
Efficiency class spin B
Class washing effectiveness A
Water consumption for washing 42 l
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