Hotpoint-Ariston AQS63F 29

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Cancel pressed
The choice spin speed of
Rotation speed during the spin cycle
to 1200 rpm
Special programs
washing delicate fabrics, wash things down, pre-wash
Wash program wool
The number of programs
Control imbalance
Cancel pressed:
The choice spin speed of:
Rotation speed during the spin cycle:
to 1200 rpm
Special programs:
washing delicate fabrics, wash things down, pre-wash
Wash program wool:
The number of programs:
Control imbalance:


Overall rating 4 stars
1 reviews
Overall rating 4.00 stars
October 14, 2015


Washing machine Ariston we bought 3 years ago. Then, this model cost about 3900 UAH.(about 12000 RUB.).I chose it for a long time,however, as all my appliances.Long read descriptions of the different models were compared, and settled on the model of the Hotpoint Aqualtis AQS63F 29.With washing machines of the brands Ariston, I know for a long time.My first washing machine (pretty simple model),bought 10 years ago,too firm Ariston, still serves faithfully.And I was very pleased. So when changed the place of residence, then chose a washing machine Ariston, only more expensive and “advanced”.Remember how when you select a machine in the shop, after a large number of viewed machines began to be confused in mind all their parameters, as it was hard to navigate…When you view the data in the online store, of course, a little easier.I decided to write a review here, perhaps someone it will help with the selection of cars.Here it is :

So, the DESIGN AND DIMENSIONS of the Design of washing machines Aqualtis AQS63F 29, as the entire line Akvaltis, stylish and futuristic. Glass sunroof, unlike most other machines, is closed with a bar of dark plastic. From the point of view of design is, of course, cool. But from a practical point of view, it is not always possible to consider what is happening inside the drum.Capacity for powder, usually put on display almost all the cars, hidden in the depth behind the dark bar of color “metallic”. All sleek lines, nothing more.The beauty and simplicity.The Creator of all this beauty, and design the entire line Aqualtis HD is the Japanese designer Makio Hasuike.

The tray for the powder is hidden behind the door cars

This washing machine is compact and belongs to the category of narrow washing machines.Its dimensions (h x W x d) – height 85 cm, width of 59.5, depth 44,5 cm For comparison, the depth of an ordinary full-size car, usually 60 cm TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS AND IMPRESSIONS FROM Turkishpress linen 6 kg. Maximum spin speed – 1200 rpm\menotropina electricity – 1, 002 kW\class wash – Aklass pressed – In programs – 16.Tank volume is 48 liters.

Technical features of this model:the engine is Silent (Super Silent)Electronic control to optimize costs (Care Sensor System automatic balansirovavshei remainderless use detergent powder (OKO)washing the high standards of “HD washing”Technology conserve resources Eco Thesematerials tank: problemsignatur Start/authinticated Super Ecuatoriana time before the end of cyclandelate Lock the control panel (Child lock)Indicator locks Deribasivska panel upravleniyami control the temperature of the water in the sink(Antishock)the System of protection against overflow (AntiOverFlow)of foaming (Antifoam)machine’s Tank is made not of steel but of polyplex, that facilitates the weight of the machine:

The model is equipped with a display that shows the operating mode and the time remaining until the end of the washing, which is very convenient. The remaining time may vary slightly, the machine itself it adjusts depending on the selected program, weight and other parameters, only what was written – 10 min suddenly blinked for 15 minutes or Vice versa.In the photo below we see the display of the machine in the Mix 30 – until the end of the wash cycle remained 11 min., water temperature 30 degrees, the number of revolutions 800:

Washing program to select easily – in front of each program, around the handle, painted the appropriate designation:

Is palestinianpeace programs available. The specified duration of the wash cycle you will not see in the instructions, since the machine calculates it every time at the time of washing itself, depending on the load level, the selected water temperature, and other factors. But the average duration of the wash is. Where I well remember point 1. 2. White 3. Colored things (duration 1 h 30 min)4. Dark 5. 6. Down 7. Underwear for 7 days (bed linen and towels (approximately 2 hours 30 min)8. Rinse – duration 45 minutes 9. Spin and drain – duration 15 min 10.Allergy 11. Delicate wash – washes really very carefully.Curtains, all products with rhinestones, and just requiring delicate washing, wash on this mode.Wash produced in large amounts of water with minimal number of turns.Stops without spinning. 1 hour 15 min. all good prostiryvaet.12.Wool – I love this mode erases much gentler than hands,the product absolutely does not stretch, as the drum rotates in one direction only.Duration: 1 hour 20 min. I Must say that the brand Hotpoint Ariston is certified Woolmark Apparel Care from the Woolmark company for the performance of washing and consumption of water and electricity:

13. Mix 30 – wash for 30 minutes at a temperature of 30 degrees, the most running I mode.Despite the low temperature, otstiryvat

Advantages:*large volume, beautiful designs, a large number of programs, children's button, compact,a good wash, many washing modes

The Hotpoint-Ariston company offers users to check out AQS63F 29. The features of AQS63F 29, in addition to their interesting design solution, make us pleased with their performance and functionality. Best solution for both house and office. Many customers already appreciated and left AQS63F 29 reviews available on our service. Price comparison, that is also offered by our service, helps profitably purchase Hotpoint-Ariston AQS63F 29. Buy Hotpoint-Ariston AQS63F 29 with benefits.
Cancel pressed Yes
The choice spin speed of Yes
Rotation speed during the spin cycle to 1200 rpm
Special programs washing delicate fabrics, wash things down, pre-wash
Wash program wool Yes
The number of programs 16
Control imbalance Yes
Protection of children Yes
Control over the level of foam Yes
Protection against water leaks partial (housing)
General characteristics
Color white
Drying No
Display there is a text
Management electronic (intelligent)
Installation freestanding
Download type front
Dimensions (WxDxH) 60x45x85 cm
Maximum load of Laundry 6 kg
Other functions and features
Charging port diameter 35 cm
Tank material plastic
Additional features the choice of washing temperature
Opening to the right Yes
Additional information shirt
Noise level (wash / spin) 51 / 75 dB
Timer delay start washing Yes
Classes efficiency and energy consumption
Energy class A++
Efficiency class spin B
Class washing effectiveness A
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