Hotpoint-Ariston ECFD 2013 SHL

Overall rating 5 stars
5 from 1 reviews
the open door – sound
Area of freshness
Freezing capacity
up to 3 kg/day
The Vacation Mode
Additional features
superolateral, supersaturate, temperature display
Defrosting the freezer
No Frost
Standalone cold preservation
up to 13 h
the open door – sound
Area of freshness:
Freezing capacity:
up to 3 kg/day
The Vacation Mode:
Additional features:
superolateral, supersaturate, temperature display
Defrosting the freezer:
No Frost
Standalone cold preservation:
up to 13 h


Overall rating 5 stars
1 reviews
Overall rating 5.00 stars
February 15, 2014


Always hated large refrigerators! I never would have thought that would be the owner of the refrigerator otpoint-riston ecfd 2013 shl, a height of 2 meters. Before that I was modest in size Indesit, which is most of the time was practically empty. And people with a refrigerator 2 meters I have always had a definite reaction – where these things are massive and can eat so much?? I have to admit that I was wrong. A large refrigerator is very convenient, and not necessarily Packed his stuff, just can comfortably accommodate products. Refrigerators I prefer full No-Frost. With other thing to have was not necessary, except in early childhood. The prospect of defrosting scares me, so here to save makes no sense. Cover from the refrigerator was chosen based on the total of kitchen interior – silver metallic. Its advantages over stainless steel are obvious – no stains on the fingers, no divorce. Care is very simple. But there is this coating its drawbacks – it is easily damaged, therefore rough magnets for refrigerators are contraindicated. tiny spots.

The upper part

Lower castability refrigerator – 200 x 60 x 67. Despite its apparent complexity, is a bit too occupying the space does not appear. Energy class A. Describe your General, the master’s impressions of the model, a more detailed description can be see in the Internet, e.g. here –…. First, I like that the refrigerator is really a lot of space – 4 shelves. Consumers we are not particularly strong, but the cold of the different jars typically more useful than just on the shelves. I keep it even jam. And space saving, and use. The nice thing is that in the evening you can put in it everything that remained from dinner the pan, a few pots.. And all this without cromogenia one to another. About the holidays already and can not speak – the more space the better!

Votivo second, three drawers in the freezer. Is also very convenient. The camera I usually Packed to overflowing, because I love to freeze berries in the summer.

Freezer cameras third, appreciated the crisper drawer. It is possible to leave even frozen – it won’t melt, but will not be frozen to death,” as in the camera. And so – for a couple of days it is possible to store meat, fish.. But I do rarely. I often put a piece of butter, herbs.. the exposed banks. Yes, anything, if you have decided that it is better to put in a cold place. My husband asked me not to put the sausage.. Freezes.))) The crisper drawers for convenience can be moved from the shelf on the shelf.

Area sugestiile, drawer for storing vegetables and fruits. He is one, whole.. And it is very convenient! In a previous fridge I had two separate boxes. It would seem..better. But the capacity of one box is much larger than the two separate. And it is very comfortable, even a large head of cabbage put.

Drawer for vegetables and fruits Crazy I like the panel control – LCD display. When we were looking for a fridge, I told my husband that I want exclusively with this socket.)) It somehow makes the fridge more modern.. On the control panel shows the temperature of two compartments – upper and lower buttons and control modes, their 6: leave superzamorozki, cooling, economy mode, child lock and ice. However, we use the mode “leave” when you leave for weekends or holidays.

Panel Upravleniye noise can’t say anything bad. Yes, it sometimes produces unusual “clicks” and POPs. But this single sounds. Night I can’t hear him, and to say that the noise gives some discomfort can. And the last nice feature, beep and flash that it is time to close the door! Very meaningful to me, since I love to eat on the spot.)) Once woke up and heard the alarm..turned out to be – not closed the freezer door. The resource has a higher cold – soaked for 4 hours before the beginning of the “honk” on the temperature. Signal top of the camera works much faster.From bright minuses for me was one – is too small for stand for eggs. Puny socket only 8 pieces. But I saved this thing from the previous refrigerator – there it was gorgeous! You can upload up to 26 pieces.

Unsuccessful stand for aircommando refrigerator hotpoint-ariston ecfd 2013 shl!

Advantages:antibacterial coating, a large area is fresh, compact, beautiful and modern look that is not easily soiled surface, does not require defrosting, door alarm

The Hotpoint-Ariston company offers users to check out ECFD 2013 SHL. The features of ECFD 2013 SHL, in addition to their interesting design solution, make us pleased with their performance and functionality. Best solution for both house and office. Many customers already appreciated and left ECFD 2013 SHL reviews available on our service. Price comparison, that is also offered by our service, helps profitably purchase Hotpoint-Ariston ECFD 2013 SHL. Buy Hotpoint-Ariston ECFD 2013 SHL with benefits.
Indication the open door – sound
Area of freshness Yes
Freezing capacity up to 3 kg/day
The Vacation Mode Yes
Additional features superolateral, supersaturate, temperature display
Defrosting the freezer No Frost
Standalone cold preservation up to 13 h
Defrosting of the refrigerating chamber No Frost
The volume
The total amount 327 l
The volume of the freezer 75 l
The volume of the refrigerating chamber 252 l
General characteristics
Type refrigerator
Freezer bottom
Management electronic
Refrigerant R600a (isobutane)
Power consumption class an(376 kWh/year)
Dimensions (WxDxH) 60x67x200 cm
The number of doors 2
Number of compressors 1
The number of cameras 2
Color / Material coating silvern/ plastic
Other functions and features
Noise up to 41 dB
Weight 82 kg
Climate class SN, ST
Shelves material glass
Antibacterial coating Yes
Protection of children Yes
The possibility of hanging doors Yes
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