Hotpoint-Ariston LSTF 9H114 CL

Overall rating 5 stars
5 from 1 reviews
Water consumption
9 l
The noise level in the work
44 dB
Energy consumption per cycle
0.83 kWh
The washing time during normal program
180 min.
10 sets
Water consumption:
9 l
The noise level in the work:
44 dB
Energy consumption per cycle:
0.83 kWh
The washing time during normal program:
180 min.
10 sets


Overall rating 5 stars
1 reviews
Overall rating 5.00 stars
March 10, 2016


I want to write a laudatory review about this model of dishwasher that pleases me already half a year. This is my second PMM. After ikeevskogo with a couple of programs that I’m 100% satisfied.Why I chose this model of Ariston? One of the important criteria for us was the noise level PMM (since I live in the Studio). Here it is stated 44 dB. Husband probed in the shop a lot PMM, and many even have insulating material around the body. Have 9114 body inspire confidence. Of course 44 dB – a measure of one of its programs (IVF), but after ikeevskogo PMM it is noticeably quieter. The water and electricity it is also economical (min. 9 l, A+)Then I really liked a set of programs to almost all occasions. There are 9 of them. For half a year I tried all except the 9th.1 – Eco is the most quiet, economical on electricity and water, but long. Do not use.2 – Auto intensive – wash with very hot water, very good.3 is a Conventional automatic – universal version (duration 2 h. 4 – delicate dishes – the temperature is not too hot, there’s a neat water rides. Do not use, because most often the cups/glasses not washed separately.5 – Express – in my opinion, the short program (25 min), which during this time still washes and washes well. No one manufacturer I found such a program, usually Express rinse only with cold water, and is warm (though without drying). Comes in handy when for example many cups or semi-clean plates.6 – Night. Tried it almost as soon as bought, in the hope that now with the pending launch of you can turn in for the night. But my sleep she is disturbed. Do not use.7 – Rinsing – the standard that all PMM (10 min cold water). Could be useful if the dishes stood longer than decency (forgot the evening to wash).8 – Short – a very good program, cleans well with hot water only 1H 20min.9 – Ultra-intensive – not used, there are probably under 90 degrees. the water will be.I still liked the Ariston is an excellent manual that clearly describes all programs. Other manufacturers somehow blurry, but you can clearly see how much time, water, spent. If there is still a column temperature added, then it would be the best manual of all I had seen.

screen of instrukcii 9114 has a timer delay (hourly), half load (very handy when little dishes of time she spends as much, but water and less energy), the button “pill” (in fact, useless – it increases the time of rinsing for 15-20 minutes). Everything is clear and convenient. Previously, these functions I had, now appreciated.Before buying I was confused only absence of additional blades (nozzles) for washing. In ikeevskogo was on top of the atomizer. But the wash quality is not affected. No one program unwashed dishes remains, everything sparkles, crackles, glows.In interior design there are also a couple of advantages. The upper basket is designed so that the saucer could be put in the left part and right and not sticking out of moderately that hinder the spaciousness of the arrangement. The side stand on the top of the basket, firstly, not the entire length of the tray (you can put something high in the tray), and secondly are fixed in two positions – horizontally and at an angle of 45 gr. (when propping up or stemware comes in handy to adjust the size of placed). There is a third flat pan. I thought it to be washed out will not be as it is washed. Use sometimes, when I need to put any fragile bowls, the ladles, who will not intermeddle. The Cutlery tray is moved to any place in the lower basket and in one motion transformirovalsya (hide separators). The bottom even has a holder for a small pan (bent at 90 gr.).

miscellaneous provisions

the third tray

for devices

the holder for protivnyu General, I like everything – the functionality and the internal structure.It was a bad moment – she worked for 6 months and weird (Soaps, but for some its program, avoiding the need to heat water) . It was under warranty and we went to the service center. Guarantee service from Hotpoint-Ariston are just awful. They do not even leave phones service centers in our city. All are invited to do by calling their hotline and it was just “jam tomorrow”. First promised that the master will call in a week, then asked again to leave the application by e-mail, then, after leaving the complaint, promised to call us within 24 hours. In the end, I Double-GIS started to look for services in our city mentioned on the official website of the manufacturer. Of the three addresses was the only real one. Clarified for me a local number to speak first did not want (“if under warranty, all 8-800”), but still managed to figure out came down to him our application and to achieve the date of arrival of the master. In total the master we waited for about a month. How can self-respecting company with a known name to behave with customers!But it turned out that the machine is working! She has a rear mounted drain hose with the attached hook and the fastener fell off, the water began to merge at the wrong time, and therefore, MMP stopped heating (PMM protected from operating without water). I am very glad that now everything works and I give her 5 stars.

Advantages:+quiet, thoughtful set of programs

The Hotpoint-Ariston company offers users to check out LSTF 9H114 CL. The features of LSTF 9H114 CL, in addition to their interesting design solution, make us pleased with their performance and functionality. Best solution for both house and office. Many customers already appreciated and left LSTF 9H114 CL reviews available on our service. Price comparison, that is also offered by our service, helps profitably purchase Hotpoint-Ariston LSTF 9H114 CL. Buy Hotpoint-Ariston LSTF 9H114 CL with benefits.
Water consumption 9 l
The noise level in the work 44 dB
Energy consumption per cycle 0.83 kWh
The washing time during normal program 180 min.
General characteristics
Type narrow
Display Yes
Capacity 10 sets
Control type electronic
Drying class A
Energy class A+
Installation built-in full
Washing class A
Protection of children No
Other functions and features
Beep No
Accessories tray for Cutlery, holder for glasses
Timer delay start is, from 1 to 12 hours
Dimensions (WxDxH) 45x55x82 cm
Use of funds 3 in 1 Yes
Protection from leaks there, partial (building)
Additional information night
Sensor of water purity No
The indicator on the floor ray
The indicator salt / rinse aid there is / there are
Features of the working chamber the inner surface of the stainless steel. steel, height adjustable basket for dishes
Max. the water temperature at the inlet 60 °C
Automatic installation of water hardness No
Programs and modes of washing
Mode half load Yes
Special programs "delicate" program for washing delicate dishes, economical program for low contaminated utensils, mode soaking, automatic program
Drying the dishes condensing
The number of programs 9
Standard washing programme intensive program for heavily soiled tableware, Express program (fast cycle)
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