Hotpoint-Ariston QVB 7125 U

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Cancel pressed
The choice spin speed of
Rotation speed during the spin cycle
to 1200 rpm
Special programs
washing delicate fabrics, economical washing, preventing crushing, washing things down, Express wash, pre-wash, the program stains
Wash program wool
The number of programs
Control imbalance
Cancel pressed:
The choice spin speed of:
Rotation speed during the spin cycle:
to 1200 rpm
Special programs:
washing delicate fabrics, economical washing, preventing crushing, washing things down, Express wash, pre-wash, the program stains
Wash program wool:
The number of programs:
Control imbalance:


Overall rating 5 stars
1 reviews
Overall rating 5.00 stars
March 22, 2013


Well, at the present time, no washing machines to do difficult, especially with a small child. This type of appliances needed as well as standard appliances to ensure the cleanliness of your home and comfort you, facilitating and automating the majority, if not daily, then weekly processes. I know what I’m saying, as a student and immediately after graduation, men had to live in rented apartments, and there is not always had such essential things as the vacuum cleaner and the washing machine. Necessary to put a monument to the one who invented the machine, from the whole process we get only 4 per cent of the actions to load the machine and unload it at the end of the washing process.So then my husband came with great responsibility to buy a washing machine, I think the husband even more responsible than I am. Since I was willing to spend on this unit no more than 12 thousands and chose the model mainly for the price. The husband, on the contrary, more are chosen for quality, design, brand of cars, and making several attempts to show him the models that I liked, I realized that it was useless, his own view on this matter. Had to accept, the more I know that it is bad for us can not buy. His choice fell on an interesting model from Hotpoint Ariston QVB 7125 U CIS Aqualtis. Cost about 15 500 rubles. In size it may not all prove to be a convenient and suitable, narrow it is not exactly call, dimensions HxWxD – 856057 cm, weight – 70 kg. But we have a big combined bathroom and space to install even this machine had, however, almost centimeter inch, narrow, of course would fit better, but they are more expensive. This model has front loading Laundry, the water consumption per cycle 60 litres, the diameter of the charging port 34 cm washing Class – A (Index of washing more than 1.03) spin-drying class – B (from 45% to 54% – from 1200 to 1500 Rev/min energy class – A (from 0.17 to 0.19 KW/h per kg).The fact that it differs from the others and it is not a standard design and execution can be seen at first glance. First, it is not completely white, as is customary in most cases of appliances. She had the combined appearance, the combination of white metal base and doors made of dark transparent plastic. Unusual and infrequent while the performance of the door and the control panel location. The fact that the control panel is located directly on the door of the washing machine and when you open it also “moves” along with it. Pull-out tray for powder feeder and conditioner is like inside, behind the door. There is also a compartment for bleach. First, this location I was a little crazy, but now I’m used to, in principle, not so difficult. In the beginning, however, had two times to open the door, as usually is loaded first linen, then closes the door, and then you can pour the powder in a special unit. Then it turns out it is necessary to act in a different order, but the habit quickly.The control panel is very convenient, there is nothing superfluous, everything is quite simple, I only once looked in the user manual to understand the meaning and are unfamiliar to me characters, and everything is intuitively understandable. There is also a display and buttons for on / off of additional functions and the knob – knob for program selection. Twister, searched, searched the Internet as it is called scientifically” not found, well I think so even easier now on the toolbar to select the wash programs use the Twister. The maximum temperature for washing is 90 degrees, the maximum number of revolutions during the spin cycle 1200, maximum load 7 kg. the Main programs for washing only 14 + 2 such as Spin and Rinse. All programs will not enumerate, them perfectly visible on the photo. I can only say that there is separate program for washing of bed linen and towels, why not bother to translate into Russian language. And program for quick washing, her time is 30 minutes, suitable for washing heavily soiled items. The temperature in this mode is 30 degrees, spin only 800, I am not very comfortable, sometimes you have to completely remove the pressed in this mode, then the washing time is only 15 minutes, and then separately start the spin 1000 or 1200 + another 16 minutes. There is a button delayed start 24 hours, I can’t imagine a situation where I will need this feature. There is a button with a long press, which included the protection of children, but now almost all machines there is such. You can edit a washing programme in progress, if the course has already started this phase, but first need to press “protection from children”. For example, while filled with water you can still adjust the temperature, spin speed, etc., or during the wash or rinsing, you can reduce or completely disable the spin cycle. For example, in the machine the machine available to my parents set and running the program is not editable. Also has a button clicking on which the time to wash slightly reduced, but this is not possible in all modes. There is a function easy iron, marked with the symbol of iron, if you press it, the linen is pressed in the power saving mode. About the noise during washing, it is, to call it silent language does not turn, but it bothered me too, is not true. During the spin cycle the machine vibrates as it should, but too all in norm, depends still on how it was installed and on what surface. Wash program time quite economical, for example, on some other cars the same programs take more time, this is undoubtedly a plus. An intuitive dashboard and lots of wash programs and the possibility of their editing is very good. Machine overall I am very satisfied, except that its excessive overall spoils the impression a bit, but the quality of the wash this is not reflected.

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Cancel pressed Yes
The choice spin speed of Yes
Rotation speed during the spin cycle to 1200 rpm
Special programs washing delicate fabrics, economical washing, preventing crushing, washing things down, Express wash, pre-wash, the program stains
Wash program wool Yes
The number of programs 17
Control imbalance Yes
Protection of children Yes
Control over the level of foam Yes
Protection against water leaks partial (housing)
General characteristics
Color white
Drying No
Weight 70 kg
Display there is a digital
Management electronic (intelligent)
Installation freestanding
Download type front
Dimensions (WxDxH) 60x58x85 cm
Maximum load of Laundry 7 kg
Other functions and features
Charging port diameter 34 cm
Tank material plastic
Additional features the choice of washing temperature
Opening to the right Yes
Additional information shirts, misc, antiallergy
Timer delay start washing there is 24 h)
Classes efficiency and energy consumption
Energy class A
Energy consumption 0.19 kW*h/kg
Efficiency class spin B
Class washing effectiveness A
Water consumption for washing 60 l
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