HP Officejet Pro 276dw

Overall rating 4 stars
4 from 1 reviews
PC Fax
Color Fax
Fax memory
100 pages
Maximum Fax resolution
300x300 dpi
The maximum transfer rate
33.6 kbit/c
Feeding paper
250 sheet. (standard), 500 sheet. (max.)
The conclusion of the paper
150 sheet. (standard)
PC Fax:
Color Fax:
Fax memory:
100 pages
Maximum Fax resolution:
300x300 dpi
The maximum transfer rate:
33.6 kbit/c
Feeding paper:
250 sheet. (standard), 500 sheet. (max.)
The conclusion of the paper:
150 sheet. (standard)


Overall rating 4 stars
1 reviews
Overall rating stars
December 20, 2013


I bought this to replace a HP OfficeJet Pro L7680, which is essentially a six year old ancestor of the same multifunction printer series. The old printer needed a new cyan and magenta printhead, and its software isn’t 100% compatible with Windows 8, so I decided to upgrade to this HP OfficeJet Pro 276dw.

The first machine I received was dead on arrival. The print head was blocked and black print had white stripes through it which cleaning cycles did not resolve. I had excellent service from my supplier, which replaced it quickly.

The second machine worked fine, but I was initially disappointed by the print quality. Despite using pigment inks, the print wasn’t sharp on the page, and black text was very noticeably grey rather than black. There was a clear contrast between this machine and the L7680 I was replacing: the L7680 could print black text sharper and with a much deeper black than the new device, despite being six years old! Over a couple of days experimenting, I found that the paper type made a big difference to the quality, which is unusual for pigment inks. It turns out that HP recommends using paper with (it’s own!) ColorLok technology, and that did give much sharper results and black was truer black (still not as good as the old L7680, though). ColorLok paper is available from many manufacturers (not just HP) for only a couple of pounds a box more than the paper I usually use, so I accepted that I’d just buy different paper in future.

Later in the week, I tried to do some copying of a couple of pages from a book. It was a double-page spread, so the pages weren’t perfectly flat on the glass across the spine. This had never been a problem on the old L7680, which produced some of the clearest, sharpest copies I’ve ever seen from any device. However, the new machine’s copy was dreadful. Anywhere the book hadn’t sat perfectly flat on the glass, the copy was blurred. I researched this online and discovered that HP now uses CIS scanner heads in place of the CCD heads in their older machines. The only reason for this is cost: high end standalone scanners still use CCD technology because it gives better quality. The problem with CIS is that it can only focus on the glass itself, and any object that’s slightly above the glass — like the book spine — therefore comes out blurred. CCDs don’t have this problem and can focus for some distance above the glass. I tried copying the same page with the old machine, and it was massively better quality (despite the fact that the printer needed a new head).

In the end, I concluded that despite being HPs top of the range OfficeJet Pro device, HP has done too much cost cutting. The ink in the older machine works better across different paper types and gives sharper results, and the CCD technology in the older scanner gives much better results on anything other than single loose sheet copying. So, I returned the new machine, and bought new printheads for my trusty L7680 for less than half the price I’d paid for the new machine! They arrived this morning, and the L7680 is now as good as new, and producing much better output than the new 276dw did.

Overall, I was very disappointed with the 276dw. I’d hoped it would be at least as good as the earlier HP device it was replacing, but this proved not to be the case. I hope that HP sorts this out before my L7680 finally has to be replaced, because otherwise, I’ll have to look elsewhere.

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PC Fax Yes
Color Fax Yes
Fax memory 100 pages
Maximum Fax resolution 300x300 dpi
The maximum transfer rate 33.6 kbit/c
Feeding paper 250 sheet. (standard), 500 sheet. (max.)
The conclusion of the paper 150 sheet. (standard)
Zoom 25-400 %
Maximum resolution copier (h/b) 1200x600 dpi
Maximum resolution copier (color.) 1200x600 dpi
The maximum number of copies per cycle 99
Print speed 25 pages/minute (b/W A4), 25 ppm (color. A4)
Print photos Yes
Maximum format A4
The number of colors 4
The minimum amount of drops 7 PL
Automatic two-sided printing Yes
The output time of the first print 13 c (b/W), 14 c (color.)
The maximum resolution for b/W printing 1200x1200 dpi
The maximum resolution for color printing 1200x1200 dpi
Color depth 24 bit
Scanner type tablet/plangent
Maximum scan size 216x355 mm
Sending image via e-mail Yes
The scan resolution (enhanced) 4800 dpi
The maximum size of the original A4
Device of automatic feeding of originals unilateral
The capacity of the device of automatic feeding of originals 50 sheets
Ink type pigment
Print on: cards, transparencies, labels, photo paper, glossy paper, envelopes, matte paper
Paper weight 60-280 g/m2
Type of cartridge/toner Cyan HP 951XL Officejet (CN046AE), HP Yellow 951XL Officejet (CN048AE), Magenta HP 951XL Officejet (CN047AE), HP Black Officejet 950 (CN049AE) Black EXT. HP 950XL Officejet (CN045AE)
The number of cartridges 4
Resource h/b cartridge/toner 1000 pages
The resource color cartridge/toner 1500 pages
Interfaces Ethernet (RJ-45), Wi-Fi, 802.11 n, USB 2.0
Direct printing Yes
The web interface Yes
Memory card support SD
A device for reading memory cards Yes
Memory 512 MB, maximum 512 MB
Processor frequency 480 MHz
Additional information
Weight 12.7 kg
Features Support HP ePrint
OS support Windows, Linux, Mac OS
Dimensions (WxHxD) 494x315x646 mm
Display information color LCD display
Power consumption (at work) 35 W
Power consumption (in standby mode) 7 W
General characteristics
Scope small office
Device printer/scanner/copier/Fax
Type print color
Accommodation table
Print technology thermal inkjet
The number of pages per month 30000
Fonts and control languages
Support PostScript 2, PostScript 3, PCL 5c, PCL 6, PDF
PostScript Support Yes
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