HP PAVILION g7-2205sr

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Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11 n, Bluetooth
network card 10/100 Mbit/c
USB 2.0, USB 3.0x2, VGA (D-Sub), HDMI, microphone input, audio output/headphone, LAN (RJ-45)
Operating system
Win 8 64
17.3 inch, 1600x900, widescreen
The memory
1024 MB GDDR3
Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11 n, Bluetooth
network card 10/100 Mbit/c
USB 2.0, USB 3.0x2, VGA (D-Sub), HDMI, microphone input, audio output/headphone, LAN (RJ-45)
Operating system:
Win 8 64
17.3 inch, 1600x900, widescreen
The memory:
1024 MB GDDR3


Overall rating 2 stars
1 reviews
Overall rating 2.00 stars
August 8, 2015


Was bought in early 2014. It presented me as a powerful, fast laptop designed for gamers and graphic designers. In short, especially for me. I’m not particularly in the gland of the charité and at the time to consult someone. I was offered a job and needed to perform the test task, and I have, unfortunately, flew the system on a desktop, and even cooler is broken. And the time to order repairs of computers was not. And I have not invented anything better than to buy a new laptop you have always dreamed of. Mobile, compact, stylish, not that a lumbering monster that was standing under my computer Desk. In General, I fell for the sweet voice of the Manager, describe last money, I bought it in the store DNS. As a gift I was offered USB flash drive, but why is it me they I did so was in excess. I said that it is not against laptop bags, and even unable to pay the difference in value stick and bags. What did.

The problem appeared immediately. After two weeks he stopped off and restartitis. Ie through the start menu, he didn’t react. The refresh did not help, and to carry in service I could not have it, and I need to work on it. Off it only in an emergency (by the way, in sleep or hibernation he, too, left). After working as three weeks (Yes, I’m patient))), I began to call hp tech support. What they’d offered to do, one of the ways you remember to pull the battery and long press on the start button. Type so removed static elektrichestva, which could cause problems. It didn’t help. That helped I can’t remember, I only remember that I called them a few days in a row until he solved his problem.Following that there is overheating, the left side of the laptop. Gamers will understand me, when the buttons of the keyboard of the blazing fire (I’m not talking about the noise, which created a cooler) from the gameplay get less pleasure than could be. Yes, many modern toys, he pulls and still, but it is uuuuuu and hot Claudia… it’s deadly. Put it on legs to allow air circulate under it. I would not say that somehow helps, but a year and a half he’s worth on them. Recently began to turn on table fan to cool the damn thing. From the hot finger saves.The buggy driver. About a year a webcam was not working. I revived two months ago (got another update, after which she earned), rather it was gen system. Tech support windows anything, except how to reinstall system, to recommend are unable. Hp tech support said it was not their problem. Plus it is difficult to watch videos from Internet, the sound is very long loaded (very long, a minute, sometimes longer), this is also to blame win8, I think. But the video with beech, in principle, not shows. Heh. You may want to install a new win10, but so far I think.

And the most tragic, what happened to buck is cracked left hinge (or whatever it’s called). I’m not so often it was closed is opened, so that the joint is completely worn out. This could have occurred from heating the plastic. Now there is a crack from the weight of the monitor is not closed, despite the fact that I propped up against the wall. Through this joint were the wire from the CPU to the monitor and (the HORROR!) color began to fail. Occasionally there are yellow stripes or all yellow, and then becomes crimson.

Detail on replacement costs 4 thousand Plus work… Probably better to wait, until later to buy another laptop, fortunately now I have someone to consult) the bottom line: do not advise if you take it for playing games or working in graphics programs. As for surfing and rare works in the office can find something cheaper.

Advantages:not found

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Wireless Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11 n, Bluetooth
LAN/Modem network card 10/100 Mbit/c
Interfaces USB 2.0, USB 3.0x2, VGA (D-Sub), HDMI, microphone input, audio output/headphone, LAN (RJ-45)
Type laptop
Operating system Win 8 64
Screen 17.3 inch, 1600x900, widescreen
The memory 1024 MB GDDR3
Adapter type discrete and integrated
Video processor AMD Radeon HD 7670M
The screen backlight led
Type cover the screen glossy
Battery type Li-Ion
The number of cells battery 6
Built-in speakers Yes
Built-in microphone Yes
Memory 6 GB DDR3
The maximum size 8 GB
The number of slots 2
Chipset AMD A70M
Processor AMD A10 4600M 2300 MHz
Core processor Trinity
The amount of L2 cache 4 MB
The number of processor cores 4
Webcam Yes
Weight 2.98 kg
Features a lock slot for Kensington lock)
Dimensions (Dasht) 412x267x36.8 mm
Input devices
The positioning Touchpad
Storage device
Optical drive DVD-RW, internal
The drive's interface Serial ATA
The volume of the drive (HDD) 750 GB
The rotation speed of the hard disk 5400 rpm
Expansion slots
The device for reading flash cards Yes
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