HP ProBook 4525s

Overall rating 5 stars
5 from 2 reviews
Operating system detail
Linux / Win 7 Home Basic / Win 7 Home Premium / Win 7 Professional / Win 7 Starter
Battery type
The battery life
0...4 h
The number of cells battery
While working with extra battery
0...6.75 h
A microphone
Operating system detail:
Linux / Win 7 Home Basic / Win 7 Home Premium / Win 7 Professional / Win 7 Starter
Battery type:
The battery life:
0...4 h
The number of cells battery:
While working with extra battery:
0...6.75 h
A microphone:


Overall rating 5 stars
2 reviews
Overall rating 5.00 stars
January 13, 2011


A great computer for working at home. And that would be at home with your laptop is not accident, and no one is scratched, the manufacturer has complied with the computer case, plastic with a matte finish and with the effect of “under the iron”. Especially, it will appeal to those who often deals with figures, as to the right of the main keyboard is a digital keyboard with simple mathematical functions. I love this keyboard!!! Can’t imagine computing without it!!! The computer has an integrated webcam 2 Megapixels, Bluetooth, CD/DVD drive and plenty of connectors.

Advantages:the keyboard is perfect, matte, affordable

Overall rating 5.00 stars
April 4, 2014


Probably no need to describe all the charms of this model, as it is not likely to sell in traditional stores. But you never know who will decide to take b, information for you.Now in her fourth year as work on this laptop. During this time he broke me 2 times, due to sensitivity to dust and heat the result. You write that the dust – basically, the main enemy of laptops HP. 3 times changed the thermal paste and cleaning was carried out, the last time 11 months ago – for prevention (fortunately, there was someone to do it, so it’s not cheap). The rest is a beautiful thing. Hangs rarely, with regular cleaning from Internet garbage – running quickly. One time even went with me to practice in the cold -20. But for this it is still heavy and it is better to use them at home.

Advantages:durability, rarely hangs

The HP company offers users to check out ProBook 4525s. The features of ProBook 4525s, in addition to their interesting design solution, make us pleased with their performance and functionality. Best solution for both house and office. Many customers already appreciated and left ProBook 4525s reviews available on our service. Price comparison, that is also offered by our service, helps profitably purchase HP ProBook 4525s. Buy HP ProBook 4525s with benefits.
Type laptop
Operating system detail Linux / Win 7 Home Basic / Win 7 Home Premium / Win 7 Professional / Win 7 Starter
Battery type Li-Ion
The battery life 0...4 h
The number of cells battery 6...9
While working with extra battery 0...6.75 h
A microphone there
The presence of speakers there
The presence of a subwoofer no
Video card ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4250 / ATI Mobility Radeon HD 530v / ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5470
Two video cards no
Type of graphics memory / SMA
The type of graphics card built-in / discrete
The amount of video memory 0...512 MB
Memory type DDR3
Memory frequency / 1066 MHz / 1333 MHz
The amount of RAM 2...4 GB
Number of memory slots 0...2
The maximum memory size 0...8 GB
Support 3D no
Screen size 15.6 "
Touch screen no
Screen resolution 1366x768
Led backlit screen there
Multi-touch screen no
Widescreen display there
Type cover the screen / glossy / matte
3G no
Wi-Fi there
WiMAX no
Bluetooth optional
EDGE support no
Support GPRS no
HSDPA support no
Bluetooth Version / 2.1 + EDR / 3.0 HS
The Wi-Fi Standard 802.11 g / 802.11 n
Chipset / AMD M880G / AMD RS880M
Processor Athlon II / Phenom II / Turion II
Code processor P560
Core processor / Champlain
Processor frequency 1600...2600 MHz
The amount of L2 cache 1MB / 1.5 MB / 2 MB
The number of processor cores 2 / 3 / 4
COM port no
DVI output no
HDMI output there
Interface LPT no
Output TV-out no
Entrance a MIC there
DisplayPort Out no
The audio input no
The PS/2 interface no
VGA output (D-Sub) there
The eSATA interface there
Infrared port (IRDA) no
Built-in network card there
Audio output/headphone there
Max. speed LAN adapter 100...1000 Mbit/s
The FireWire Interface no
The input on the TV-in no
Mini DisplayPort Output no
The FireWire 800 Interface no
Number of interfaces USB 2.0 4
Output audio digital (S/PDIF) no
The connection to the docking station no
Memory card
Support SD optional
Support Memory Stick there
Support xD-Picture Card there
The device for reading flash cards there
GPS no
Width 249.6 mm
Length 371.8 mm
Webcam there
Weight 2.39 2.5 kg...
TV tuner no
Thickness 27.7 mm
Metal case there
Remote control no
Shockproof case no
Waterproof case no
Resolution web-camera 2 megapixels
Slot for Kensington lock there
Input devices
The positioning Touchpad
Storage device
Optical drive DVD-RW
Hard disk space 250...640 GB
Hard drive type HDD
Hard drive interface / Serial ATA
The speed of rotation / 5400 rpm / 7200 rpm
The placement of the optical drive replacement
Expansion slots
ExpressCard Slot there
The ExpressCard Standard ExpressCard/34
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