HTC Desire 626G dual sim

Overall rating 4.4 stars
4.4 from 5 reviews
GSM 900/1800/1900, 3G
Wi-Fi 802.11 n, Bluetooth 4.0, USB
Support DLNA
Satellite navigation
Battery type
Battery capacity
2000 mA⋅h
GSM 900/1800/1900, 3G
Wi-Fi 802.11 n, Bluetooth 4.0, USB
Support DLNA:
Satellite navigation:
Battery type:
Battery capacity:
2000 mA⋅h


Overall rating 4.4 stars
5 reviews
Overall rating 5.00 stars
September 30, 2015


Phones I change not often, and it so happened that this is my second smartphone. This was also HTC Desire V. but the First phone I had for about 3 years, but the vis is terrible, and helped only to roll back to factory settings. Then accidentally dropped the phone on and screen cracked, but continued to use it, though the crack and parted diagonally just phone. But he decided to die completely denied the microphone and then decided to buy a new phone chose a Long time and the main criteria were: good camera with flash (!!!), smart, enough internal memory and that was HTC the Budget to 15 thousand rubles. The choice stopped on HTC Desire 626G dual sim. It has 8 cores just fly, camera 13 MP stated, but for me is much less and the Price was about 12 thousand. Overall I’m satisfied, as a very tired brakes predydushie phone, but camera could be better. Also on the screen visible under sunlight point – on old such was not. While the charge holds for 2-3 days, but I use the phone for calls and sometimes sitting on the Internet.

Advantages:-fast, the battery holds enough CPU 8 cores

Overall rating 5.00 stars
October 1, 2015


When the question arose of finding a new mobile, I decided to choose this model, not to change at least three to four years. Plus, the hour H – point of purchase – I had a little more money available than I expected. So, you can in anything does not deny. Because in this technique I do not understand very well, asked advice from friends, acquaintances and spun…After the many controversial recommendations came to the store, called the approximate price and requests the seller measured me with a glance and offered to look it up – HTC Desire 626G. Twisted in hands, has launched a couple of apps, listened to music and bought the same one. Chase is the third month like.Eight CPU cores and two gigabytes of RAM while pulling all that I have loaded, with maximum quality. And I drove them thoroughly: HD movies, latest games, various video editors, and even a very interesting thing to play music. Everything worked perfectly!Screen and sound on top. Not being a man, spoiled assorted iPhones, I understand them pretty bad, I guess, but I like it. Nice to watch videos, play games and just surf the Internet. Even watched a couple of movies – size and image quality allow. The sound is also quite good. With quality headphones the music sounds in any genre.Love the design of the unit: comfortable in the hand in any position, feels nice in the pocket. And, surprise, weighs a lot less than I thought.Of the weaknesses evident in the first place, glucemy GPS. It is not excluded that I’m doing something wrong, but it is almost impossible. Another drawback – weak front facing camera. In my case, it’s not so bad, but for the girls who love to take hundreds of selfies, maybe.

Advantages:-fast, built-in compass, two SIM cards, good screen, lots of onboard memory, reasonable weight, processor, 8 cores

Overall rating 3.00 stars
December 14, 2015


This model phone I bought after my Samsung galaxy S3 was tightly damaged my beloved son. I very long chose what to buy, compared the features in the preferences was:beautiful (what do you want, girls-they are girls.);good camera;good front camera;display size not less than 5 inches, preferably cheaper.I usually use the phone:calls, SMS, Wi-fi enabled all day, the social network very often;a lot of photo.This phone I was attracted by his appearance – he’s thin, nice looking, colour-milky. And the design is classic HTC pleasant enough. I bought it for 14 400 in Euroset.

The phone lies comfortably in hand, convenient to type all the letters with one hand.He has a very good camera compared to Samsung galaxy S3 and Sanfona 6 (husband’s phone) -simply divine. All the pictures are very clear and bright, good pictures are even in motion. In good light even the front facing camera at the main!!! Indoor low light photos a bit worse. Yes, and the macro mode on the phone is weak. (See the description for each photo).His pluses end.Cons:Very unrealistic, very quiet ringer and vibration. On the street in a jacket pocket I can’t hear him at home and not hear if you are in another room or wash the dishes;Inner design-the HTC is not attractive, the keyboard is disgusting (I had to download more convenient), smiles kill!!! Instagram users will understand me….After phone reboot, the sound settings are confused on the classic system (ringtones, SMS).Battery!!! When connected to Wi-fi and periodical social networks-phone missing from morning to evening. If God forbid you listen to music in transport, or to play even half an hour – the phone you have to charge 2 times 1 day…. And the last 15% of charge phone always melt away, burn for a minute and a half…a beautiful phone with good camera and disgusting everything else… Not worth the money. If I could choose again – would not buy it.

Overall rating 5.00 stars
February 3, 2016


Consciously choosing a new phone of this brand. Once I had the little HTC Desire C seems to be, and it was the best my phone. Unfortunately he went to some kind of dirty uncle out of my pocket. And my second favorite HTC was a failure, relegation of my krivonkin hands on the tiled floor, Yes crashed( And the replacement display module is not very cheap, so is it in my preservation. But let’s talk about the positive… appearance. On the phone pleasant to the touch rubberized surface, I have HTC in blue. Design, I’d say sports, but it looks pretty respectable. The display and touch-screen. The colors are saturated and bright, very colorful display and super responsive! Camera. Initially I looked for other models of HTC which are almost the same in cost but have positioned themselves as photographic. The characteristics of this phone with seemingly the same parameters such qualities not stated. And indeed, perhaps the main camera could be better on the big screen shows that the picture suffers, but again, not always, but in certain light settings. If adapt, then it turns out very tasty. And the front camera I dearly love, but only in daylight =) Battery. The average life expectancy of charge working day. The battery drains fairly quickly, it’s a minus, but me missing. In the end, if not all the positive qualities, I put my smartphone 5! For me he is the best in its quality and its price glitches are not monitored and can not wait for it to repair and close early again)))))

Overall rating 4.00 stars
March 16, 2016


Picked the phone spontaneously and, in principle, have no regrets, as they say spontaneous purchases are the best! =)I bought it at the time, back in 2015, I have tried and it failed me only once, when it is unclear why passed out at the crucial moment. I have sinned in the dampness of the model, as those who bought later, had no such problems. In addition, strange things happen, after installing the updates, lost contact names. Most interesting is that the numbers will remain without any names.In General, I can say that the phone is much superior to his classmates, even looking at the design, in my opinion, it is simply superb. Even in high school is rarely seen like this. Without a doubt this is a plus.Is comfortable in the hand, weight is almost not felt, very nice case, rubberized sides, sits in the hand firmly and slip out of the hands almost can not. If you are certainly not the kind of person who hands out the waist grow, in this case, sorry.The battery holds not so good, with frequent use of drains fairly quickly, but even so, as quickly recharged. Plus the charging rate will not name, and minus the rate of discharge too, because all you have to pay. In this smartphone we pay for a powerful and fast 8-core processor MT6592, which it eats and exercises with terrible force, as uncle Victor from next door vodka. The phone runs fast, no lag, except those that I mentioned above, and they happen every six months. In principle of course you could put a more powerful battery, but the price would be higher and price is higher than it would have gained much less popularity, as chip on this model, not only in design, but in the CPU power. And with that processor, but in a higher class it would be, not how it stood out, except the design, but it is generally not cool. So we can only be glad that we got smart power equal to the high class smartphones for such ridiculous money, the more charge it is still in a day keeps it is happy.5-inch IPS technology screen with a resolution of 720×1280 pixels. without a doubt happy, the picture as clear and bright, juicy colors. Definitely a plus.With the main features of HTC Desire 626G dual sim cope well on ur. Interlocutors hear perfectly, as if they whisper in your ear, of course, perhaps because they have an iphone… But you can hear perfectly, microphone suppresses ambient noise, so how is this even possible, definitely a plus. So even if you are at the moment talking near the construction site or landfill, where they test a new missile system, don’t worry you are perfectly audible.With a camera of course there is trouble, but since I don’t like to be photographed I don’t care for her.But, while music is my main passion, although I usually listen to music using the player and don’t really like the sound in smartphones, because usually the quality is not so hot. But HTC proved to be quite good. Listening to music with headphones, you can easily enjoy the pleasant sound of any genre of music. External speaker sounds loud, and when you call, you will 100% hear it.Conclusion:the Phone was excellent, the staff, starting from the price. But for incomprehensible, seasonal lag put only 4 points (although maybe it’s just me); the model is not quite finalized, the camera pulls 13 megapixel and front at the same time it does not possess a special quality.I recommend to all those who do not have a large budget, but wants a thug gadget and for whom the camera doesn’t matter. For such a high amount you will get: modern design, clear screen, powerful processor and the respect of the cher WAN =)

Advantages:-fast, built-in compass, quality screen, lots of onboard memory, reasonable weight, processor, 8 cores

The HTC company offers users to check out Desire 626G dual sim. The features of Desire 626G dual sim, in addition to their interesting design solution, make us pleased with their performance and functionality. Best solution for both house and office. Many customers already appreciated and left Desire 626G dual sim reviews available on our service. Price comparison, that is also offered by our service, helps profitably purchase HTC Desire 626G dual sim. Buy HTC Desire 626G dual sim with benefits.
Standard GSM 900/1800/1900, 3G
Interfaces Wi-Fi 802.11 n, Bluetooth 4.0, USB
Support DLNA Yes
Satellite navigation GPS
Battery fixed
Battery type Li-polymer
Battery capacity 2000 mA⋅h
Connector type for charging micro-USB
Working time in standby mode 521 h
While working in the talk mode 22.76 h
Diagonal 5 inch.
Screen type colour, touch
Touch screen type multi-touch, capacitive
Auto-rotate screen Yes
The size of the image 1280x720
Other functions
Sensors light, proximity
Management voice dialing, voice control
Airplane mode Yes
The CPU and memory
Processor 1700 MHz
The memory card slot there are, up to 32GB
The amount of internal memory 8 GB
The number of processor cores 8
Additional information
Features talk time: 2G - 22 and 76 hours, 3G of 12.71 an hour; standby time: 2G - 521 hours, 3G - 458 hours
General characteristics
Type smartphone
Weight 137 g
Management on-screen buttons
Housing type classic
Operating system Android
Type of SIM card nano SIM
Dimensions (Shmht) 70.9x146.9x8.19 mm
The number of SIM-cards 2
The mode of operation of multiple SIM cards alternate
Multimedia capabilities
Audio MP3, AAC, WAV
Aperture F/2.2
The camera 13 million pixels., led flash
Front camera there, 5 million pixels.
Headphone Jack 3.5 mm
Camera functions autofocus
Recording movies there are (MP4)
Max. video resolution 1920x1080
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