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GSM 900/1800/1900, 3G
Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 2.1, USB
System A-GPS
Satellite navigation
Light indication of events
Battery type
Battery capacity
1230 mA * h
GSM 900/1800/1900, 3G
Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 2.1, USB
System A-GPS:
Satellite navigation:
Light indication of events:
Battery type:
Battery capacity:
1230 mA * h


Overall rating 4 stars
47 reviews
Overall rating stars
December 8, 2009


I don’t accept that WinMo is clunky or badly designed. UI is always a compromise between flexibility and ease of use. I’ve made this same comment in reference to WinMo on TR before, so i wont labour the point. The truth is extremely simple: the more options you give a user the more menus/tabs/pages/dialogs you need to stick those options in. That is why windows mobile is more intimidating to the average user than something like the iphone – because those users don’t think of their phone as a small computer. Windows mobile users do, and they want the power and flexibility that the OS offers.

A lot of manufacturers make devices to satisfy the mass market. These devices make certain simplifying assumptions about the sorts of things the user-base are going to want to do, which allows them to reduce the complexity of the UI. Consequently, they will satisfy 80% of their users, 80% of the time. For a lot of people, that’s good enough. For people who just want a phone, with a bit of internet access and some fun third party apps , that’s good enough. For users who want to multi-task, who want seem-less syncing with outlook, who want to be able to tether their device, even use it as a wireless modem, who want to be able to install any third party ap they choose, with no restriction, who perhaps may even want to write some software themselves, who want to change everything about the way the UI looks, down to icons, and task bars – this is not enough. WinMo allows this level of customisation and functionality.

It is certainly true that the latest incarnation of windows mobile lacks window dressing, and more sophisticated control paradigms built in, to reflect the changing screen technology available. That isn’t because microsoft failed in some way to produce a decent OS, it’s simply because these things were not a priority when the software was developed. They are now, and 7 will make great improvements in these areas hopefully.

What HTC have shown with the HD2 however, is that all the power, functionality and flexibility of windows mobile can be brought to bear in a mass-market-friendly device, with an attractively and cleverly skinned UI (Sure, occasionally you have to drill down into winmo standard menus, but in truth, the only people who will ever have to go that far, are the people who have a high level of technical expertise and knowledge. The simple addition of a pinch-zooming windowed display, has made these standard menus perfectly well navigable on a capacitive screen).

Overall rating stars
December 20, 2009


I had this phone for 4 days before it simply locked itself forever. I have not customised it in any way other than regular settings (no registry editing or “custom” applications installed).

If fact the simple fact that there has been 3 updates and a full ROM upgrade posted by HTC on their support section already is proof that this device, however nice on paper is just not ready yet.

I have 1st experienced the “lock screen problem” where by entering the password on the phone lock screen gave me an incorrect password message eventually followed by the enter a1b2c3 string message (Google “Lock Screen – password incorrect issue” and you’ll see this is not an isolated problem).
I then did a soft reset and after being prompted once more the a1b2c3 string it worked fine.
The problem has re-occurred after a soft reset following the installation of the “_HTC HD2_LEO07664.exe” update downloaded from the support section of the HTC site.
Ever since then, the phone has rejected my password, on occasion asking for the a1b2c3 string but never accepting the password.

In fact now the phone would not even register pressing on the “unlock” key after attempting to enter a password.

After 3 days with what was meant to be one of the greatest phone – Right now I cannot wait until Monday to ask Vodafone to send me a box standard phone, even an old Nokia 3210 would be better: something that would simply allow me to use it for its primary function: place calls!!!

It’s simply a disgrace that such a poorly tested device get released. I have had 4 HTC phones (SPV M600 / TYTN / TYTN II / Touch HD) prior to this one and it simply is the worse experience with a new device I ever had.

What HTC have done is proved they rush devices which are not fit for release in a bit to gain a few market shares against the not to be named iP…
If only they had tested the device properly they would have had a great phone out. It all feels like Vista, lots of promises and potential but only frustration delivered.

My advice is forget the HD2 and wait for a stable update!

Oh, and the only way out of the problem is to do a hard reset (full re-install and re-config of the phone and restore of all data = at least another 1/2 day lost to get back to the starting point) – I am seriously considering taking that old Nokia 3210 out of the attic!

Overall rating stars
December 28, 2009


Im looking at replacing my 5800 soon and reading this makes the HD2 very tempting. Dont want an iPhone and all the usual Apple BS. Agree with simon jackson about WinMo, being a MS product itll work with PC flawlessly with no messing around with things like calendar sync.

However, the only thing thats putting me off is its colossal size. While it would be perfect for web browsing, it might not even fit in my pocket! Unfortunately that could, no will, be a dealbreaker for many. Its ashame as otherwise it looks absolutely astonishing.

Overall rating stars
January 23, 2010


I purchased the HD2 a couple of weeks ago, so now I have bot used to using most of the features I can offer an opinion and comparison to the iPhone 3G the HD2 replaced.
In most areas the HD2 is as good as the iPhone and better in some and slightly clunky in others.
1st the better:
the obvious one is the camera which is miles better than the iPhone but it has a higher mp so no surprise their.
ease of use from flicking from app to app whilst not having to close them unlike the iPhone makes a nice experience.
the display is better but in direct sunlight the iPhone just has the edge.

the bad:
well not a lot is bad I do find that when browsing the web and zooming in using your fingers this needs to be improved as it is not as smooth as the iPhone.
also setting up a VPN is easy but locating the actual connection on the phone is nigh on impossible, i’ve still not found it to date!!
the latest version of win mob is a lot better than before and does not slow the operation of the phone down at all, but it shouldn’t with a hefty processor that the HD2 runs.

All in all a real alternative to the iPhone and I’m sure the boffins will sort out a patch to get the workings of the touch screen better than apples and win mob could sort out the VPN connection which is impossible to find after you’ve set up your VPN!!

I’ve been reading a few comments about the size, well its a bigger screen so it will be bigger than an iPhone but not grossly bigger and I would say the HD2 is a tad slimmer.

Overall rating stars
February 26, 2010


FWIW – I have had an HTC HD2 for 3 weeks now & have to say its amazing. At work I have an HTC Touch Pro (Series 1) that was just awful until I re-flashed it from xda-developers using the Energy ROM – it now flies & is very usable.

So… my question is this .. has anyone here re-flashed their HTC HD2 with a cooked ROM & if so what one are you using? As I have the “unlocked & SIM free” HD2 from Virgin I have upgraded the ROM to 1.66.405.2 from the HTC site, and whilst its an improvement, I’d like to try a recommended cooked ROM.

Cheers, Paul W

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April 14, 2010


I just baught my HD2 about an hour ago. Love what I see, and looking forward to getting my hands on the rom side of it.

I begin using windows mobile starting with the T-Mobile Shadow. That was wehn I first learned about Windows Mobile. As I was a computer technician then, and still am, I soon began to work on making the Shadow’s rom better for all users. I created themes mainly, and am still the only themer for the 6.5 ROM that has been put onto the Shadow.

I then got the LG Incite, and started off by making themes. I quickly began to learn how to do more however, and a few months ago I began to create ROMs for the Incite. My Incite rom is currently one of the most stable Incite ROMs. I am currently developing another incite ROM based off my first, but this time with more resources and customizations.

I have been a computer technician for over 4 years now, that is just the professional side of my skills. Before the pro side computer modding and hacking was just a hobby I did that became very helpful when trying to get past security features at the high school.
I love windows mobile and look forward to getting to know you all, and be a bennefit to the community.

BTW, I came across it’s a must see for HD2 owners.

Overall rating stars
April 21, 2010


I got mine mid Feb after the review etc on here.
I’m now on my second handset, with a massive complaint in progress with Virgin Mobile over it.
First handset was plagued by freezing, crashes & overheating.
Second handset completely crashed while adding contacts & needed a factory reset to resolve.
Since Friday (16th April) I’ve had to do 5 factory resets on this phone and there is a serious internal memory fault – I can’t even store my contacts now.

To anyone considering this handset I’d say be cautious – it’s not without its flaws & it’s not the most user friendly for customisation.

However, the camera is a cracker & it will respond well to windows/microsoft products such as msn, hotmail etc.

The HTC company offers users to check out HD2. The features of HD2, in addition to their interesting design solution, make us pleased with their performance and functionality. Best solution for both house and office. Many customers already appreciated and left HD2 reviews available on our service. Price comparison, that is also offered by our service, helps profitably purchase HTC HD2. Buy HTC HD2 with benefits.
Standard GSM 900/1800/1900, 3G
Interfaces Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 2.1, USB
System A-GPS Yes
Satellite navigation GPS
Light indication of events Yes
Battery type Li-Ion
Battery capacity 1230 mA * h
Working time in standby mode 490 h
While working in the talk mode 6.3 h
While working in the mode of listening to music 12 hours
Diagonal 4.3 inch.
Screen type color TFT, 65.54 thousand colors, touch
Touch screen type multi-touch, capacitive
Auto-rotate screen Yes
The size of the image 800x480
The number of pixels per inch (PPI) 217
Other functions
Sensors illumination, approximations, compass
The A2DP profile Yes
Use as USB drive Yes
Loud speaker (internal speaker) Yes
The CPU and memory
RAM 448 MB
Processor Qualcomm QSD8250, 1000 MHz
The memory card slot Yes
The amount of internal memory 512 MB
The number of processor cores 1
Additional information
Features the browser Opera Mobile; HTC Sense UI; dual-LED flash, multitouch only preinstalled apps; compatible with SDHC memory cards; SAR 0.631 W/kg in 10g of tissue (head) 0.725 W/kg in 10g of tissue (torso)
General characteristics
Type smartphone
Weight 157 g
The SAR 0.725
OS version MS Windows Mobile 6.5
Housing type classic
Case material metal and plastic
Type of SIM card normal
Dimensions (Shmht) 67x120.5x11 mm
The number of SIM-cards 1
Multimedia capabilities
Audio MP3, AAC, WAV, WMA, FM radio
The camera 5 million pixels., 2592x1944, led flash
Headphone Jack 3.5 mm
Camera functions autofocus
Recording movies Yes (MP4, 3GP)
Max. video frame rate 24 fps
Max. video resolution 640x480
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