Husqvarna Viking E 10

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Bag platform
Embroidery unit
Compartment for accessories
for sewing the zipper to undercut
overlock, slip, elastic, elastic secret
Bag platform:
Embroidery unit:
Compartment for accessories:
for sewing the zipper to undercut
overlock, slip, elastic, elastic secret


Overall rating 5 stars
1 reviews
Overall rating 5.00 stars
February 6, 2015


Husqvarna Viking E10 is the Electromechanical machine of initial level. For professionals and handy people with experience of its functions, it may be enough. For me, it became a good helper in sewing toys, clothes for baby and little patchwork things.

The manufacturer is the Swedish company Husqvarna was founded in the 17th century, produces a wide range of products for a wide variety of fields. She is known to many, including the chainsaws. Sewing machine Husqvarna Viking are made in China for the company. They are warranted in two years. Place the purchase, We bought the car in the shop, “Sewing world”. “Sewing World” is the official distributor of sewing machines by Husqvarna Viking. Buying Husqvarna Viking products in our stores, You will get a quality machine is provided warranty and service. The price in this store on the machine Husqvarna Viking E10 currently can be found in the link. I want to acknowledge the excellent service and advice when choosing and buying a sewing machine. For her traveled husband. The consultants are fully briefed him, checked all functions of the sewing machine, shown how to prokatyvat loop (the originally selected machine immediately otbrakovki as lost work), to change the type of seam to fill the thread told how to serve them. The husband immediately bought everything you need, including special oil, and at home I was able to explain all the main points. Description sewing machine

Sewing machine has a white plastic case. It weighs a little over 7 lbs. On the front panel there is a button for reverse and a round window showing the code of the selected lines. Various types of lines drawn at the top with the codes. Switching between them is carried out by the controller selection dial (bottom wheel on the side). Just want to note that to switch to the S1 joints need to rotate counterclockwise the knob stitch length. After selecting “0” will be marked “S1”.

Filling a needle thread carried easily. There are tips in the form of arrows, and a needle threader. Upstairs is also a mechanism winding the bobbin.

Foot pedal provides smooth control of sewing.

When turning on the machine immediately lights up the bulb, which is very convenient. On the left side panel there is a knife for cutting the thread and keep on hand a pair of scissors. Foot can be in three positions, and when dealing with thick tissues using two-step lever to raise the presser foot in the highest position.

The bobbin is inserted in the usual way.

Accessories machine, Standard accessories supplied with the machine: standard presser foot, zipper foot, presser foot for decorative stitches presser foot for blind hems, foot for loop, L-screwdriver, seam Ripper/brush, second reel holder, 2 plate, coil, pack of needles, ruler guide, 3 bobbins, plate for teeth conveyor belt, felt pad. Accessories fit into the box that is on the bottom and easily comes off.

The treated fabric According to the manufacturer the machine can handle fabrics from very light to heavy, and also knitwear. In my experience with ordinary cotton fabrics, denim fabric, double layer fleece machine handled it fine. The needle is not bent, the seams were of good quality.

Instruction manual included with the machine is the manual that should be studied before operation. There is a lot of useful information.

The types of stitches the Machine offers quite a large selection of types of lines.

In addition to the two direct (A and b), there are 8 decorative (C – . There are the usual zigzag, and there is a three-stage (for sewing elastic lace, darning, flap patches, etc.). Seams S1 is recommended for use with knitted fabrics.

The stitches I really like. Especially useful was the zigzag. I use it for serging the edges.

And a zigzag stitch seams on the front side of the product to patchwork the thing exactly was.

In General, such a choice of lines gives the imagination.

The shortcomings of the machine In the manual says that the flywheel can rotate only clockwise. However, the machine doesn’t like when I touch it when sewing. This may be necessary if, for example, line ends, I release the pedal, the needle at this point remains in the tissue. I have a little to tighten up the handwheel to get the needle. Needle is very tight, may break the thread. Sometimes I had to disassemble the whole mechanism to get a needle that is stuck. From frequent podbrasyvanii flywheel at the beginning of operation I have bent one needle. But gradually I adapted to release the pedal when the needle is on the outside. If the seam is straight, everything turns out perfectly. But if the time line had to make several stops and turns, then at the end, sometimes the upper thread clinging at the bottom of the bobbin mechanism. In the end, you have to cut three strands instead of two. This happens on different machines, including the fully mechanical. Care With frequent use need once a month oil the bobbin mechanism. For protection against dust should be to close the machine cover. Unfortunately, it comes with a soft fabric cover. Experience Sewing machine Husqvarna Viking E10 light in weight. It is easy for me to move. After work to clean up the mess it is not a problem. It is not noisy when sewing. If I sit down to sew in the evening, then in the next room where the child sleeps, it is not heard. In addition, it is convenient, easy to learn to manage, has a wide range of functions, is sufficient for entry-level. About textile gifts, stitched on the machine and decorated using the technique of decoupage, read this Machine helped me to sew a few toys-tilde, toys made of fleece and toys from calico. Success in work!

The Husqvarna company offers users to check out Viking E 10. The features of Viking E 10, in addition to their interesting design solution, make us pleased with their performance and functionality. Best solution for both house and office. Many customers already appreciated and left Viking E 10 reviews available on our service. Price comparison, that is also offered by our service, helps profitably purchase Husqvarna Viking E 10. Buy Husqvarna Viking E 10 with benefits.
Case hard
Display No
Bag platform Yes
Embroidery unit No
Compartment for accessories Yes
Legs for sewing the zipper to undercut
Sewing operations
Lines overlock, slip, elastic, elastic secret
Maximum stitch length 4 mm
The maximum stitch width 5 mm
The execution of the loop semi-automatic
The number of sewing operations 21
General characteristics
Lighting Yes
Control type Electromechanical
Reverse button Yes
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