Hyundai H-MW1825

Overall rating 4 stars
4 from 1 reviews
grids for grilling - 1
Opening the door
The color of the body
Additional information
Quick start
Other functions and features
camera light, sound signal, child lock
Auto defrost
grids for grilling - 1
Opening the door:
The color of the body:
Additional information:
Quick start
Other functions and features:
camera light, sound signal, child lock
Auto defrost:


Overall rating 4 stars
1 reviews
Overall rating 4.00 stars
May 27, 2013


Microwave that we were going to buy, was primarily to be of large volume and good power. I began to study the offers of the online stores by browsing through all of microwave ovens Samsung, LG, etc. All variants with a large volume offered for 7-8 thousand rubles. To pay the same amount for a device that will often just heat up your food, did not want to. Then I ran a search on all the brands, read reviews and microwave Hyundai H-MW1825 appeared in our apartment. It works for about a year and a half. Complaints have, in addition to the shortcomings listed below.

What can you say about it:1. Price gives a head start to all known brands! It cost 3788 rubles.2. A volume of 25 liters. Inside a glass dish with a diameter of about 30cm, large pizza will fit, I tried! For comparison, often the volume of the internal space of microwave ovens – 20-23 litres, it seems even less sometimes.3. Capacity microwave 1000 watt grill 1300 watt. The set includes a grill.4. Functions: microwave, grill and 2 combination grill and microwave. Cooking programs, defrost by weight or time. Quick start.5. The inner surface of the enamel.6. The protection of children. A long press of the button “Stop/Reset” is activated, the protection of children, anything you can twist and push, nothing will turn on and will not go astray.7. A nice black and silver design. Silver part is non-staining, the rest of the glass, the fingers remain.

What I don’t like:1. Very loud beeping! The sound cannot be adjusted. Also very loudly slams the door.2. Menu can not be called intuitive, it is necessary to understand long. I’ve seen the stove with much easier to operate.3. Defrost point. That is, the top is hot, the inside ice. Meat outside even obvalivautsya. But something tells me that this is a problem for all microwaves. Overall, the device is a great asset, if we take into account the price. More popular brands offer for the money is something quite miserable. So if you don’t want to overpay, not sure that will engage in culinary experiments, but I want to have some features “just in case”, then this is for you.

Advantages:many functions, low price, nice design

The Hyundai company offers users to check out H-MW1825. The features of H-MW1825, in addition to their interesting design solution, make us pleased with their performance and functionality. Best solution for both house and office. Many customers already appreciated and left H-MW1825 reviews available on our service. Price comparison, that is also offered by our service, helps profitably purchase Hyundai H-MW1825. Buy Hyundai H-MW1825 with benefits.
Door hinged
Equipment grids for grilling - 1
Opening the door handle
The color of the body silver
Additional information Quick start
Other functions and features camera light, sound signal, child lock
Auto defrost Yes
The defrost mode Yes
Automatic cooking Yes
Automatic warm-up Yes
Additional programs the quick defrost
Automatic maintenance of the set temperature No
The possibility of making their recipes in memory No
Control panel
Timer 95 min.
Display Yes
Switches clock/keypad
Control type electronic
The delay start No
Modes of operation
Grill there, quartz
Convection No
Grill power 1300 W
Lower grill No
Combined modes microwave + grill
The power of microwaves 1000 W
The number of power levels 5
General characteristics
Weight 17.9 kg
Location freestanding
Dimensions (WxHxD) 51.3x30.5x41.4 cm
The internal volume 25 l
The diameter of the pan 315 mm
The inner coating of the camera enamel
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