Indesit DSG 051

Overall rating 4.4705882352941 stars
4.4705882352941 from 17 reviews
Water consumption
10 l
The noise level in the work
53 dB
Energy consumption per cycle
1.02 kWh
10 sets
Control type
Water consumption:
10 l
The noise level in the work:
53 dB
Energy consumption per cycle:
1.02 kWh
10 sets
Control type:


Overall rating 4.4705882352941 stars
17 reviews
Overall rating 5.00 stars
October 26, 2013


When I got pregnant with my husband I just bought this dishwasher said there’s nothing for me to stand long to wash the dishes, he also do not like to wash the dishes. We have chosen the dishwasher to this pretty quickly, through the online store and the next day we already brought her. I am very happy, finally I do not have to stand and gravity this pots and pans laid on the evening of the dishwasher and the dishes clean. Especially like how clean the glasses and the glasses sparkle as they sparkled with the purchase. I usually put on a quick program if you need pans with pots better to rinse then put on a heavy wash with higher temperature water. Salt for long enough, rinse more nadolshe, all buy brand Finish and powder too. If a holiday then of course you have twice the machine to run, and so on 4 family member is enough.

Advantages:quality, leaves on the dishes detergent, inexpensive, well-washes the dishes

Overall rating 5.00 stars
November 29, 2013


Over the purchase of a dishwasher we have long thought, chose between different firms and models. And opted for machine Indesit DSG 051. It was 2 years ago and during that time there was no damage, everything works perfectly.

The machine takes up little space, we hid it in a kitchen Cabinet. But holds 10 sets of dishes. Consumes little water and power as it has A energy efficiency class. Washes the plates and lightly contaminated pots. Saves time and effort that can be spent on family or on yourself.

But the main properly stack the dishes in the machine, it’s an art) Also will not be washed or dried very dirty pots. It is necessary to include an intensive mode.

Also you need a quality dishwashing ( I have Finish All in 1 or Fairy Platinum All in 1 ) , special salt and from time to time to clean the filter.

To me it is very helpful in the farm, saves time and allows you to feel like a woman, not a dishwasher!Thank you for watching, subscribe and rate +1! I will be very pleased!If You are interested go and read my reviews of the Grinder Delfa DMG-2030 – atziluth Tefal FV 4350 – otsevalimisega Polaris 0506AD – activefilter Braun Silk-epil Soft Perfection – ыZelmer Aquawelt 919.0 ST – review 😉

Advantages:high quality, excellent washing dishes

Overall rating 5.00 stars
December 17, 2013


Choice dishwashers approached carefully. Since the shop too much to believe it is not necessary to read reviews online and question friends. To purchase scanals the brand Bosch, like more expensive, more features, and therefore it seemed better. But in fact it is not. Before my purchase I bought a friends and was disappointed. (Before this they have for many years was the Indesit, but eventually broke down)

Bottom shelf

Top polka so I went to the store and started talking with sellers. All leaning towards the Bosch, spoke nonsensical phrases. For example, in Indesit is not the function of the thin, fragile glass SO I’M going to SHOVEL OUT CARS, DEBRIS FROM shot GLASSES, AND OTHER THIN GLASS.I have to say this is nonsense, she’s great. Do not listen to sellers. Each 1 day worked in El Dorado, there in the morning to return a list of sellers that need to sell and buy any goods they can get more money. Seen one day of sales, when I came into the store was dedicated to the Bosch



programs, and so 3 years ago I became the owner of the dishwasher had dreamt Of since childhood, when forced to wash the dishes and 12 000 rubles (Now it is even cheaper 10 000-recently bought friends). PROS DISHWASHER:1. WHAT IS WASHED IN IT. My it is almost everything: plates, cups, by itself+ glasses from toothbrushes, iron bars from a gas-stove pans.2. THAT IT IS NOT WASHED. Teflon pans can’t-peel off coating, ceramic pans are gradually washed off the protective coating. Ceramic is not recommended, can break away.The only durable cutting boards can be washed. Mugs with bad labels erases 2.Economical. 1 wash according to instructions requires 25 grams of powder (1 tablespoon-15 grams) or 1 capsule (tablet). Has an A energy class-ы3. Good price. 10 000 – 12 000 3. A great powder coating with cups of coffee, tea.4. As many as 5 programs. For every taste and color. The program is intense ( for very dirty dishes) -time: 2 hours 25 mitprogrammes the normal time 1 hour 50 mitprogrammes rinse-8 mitprogrammes ECO wash (saves energy) – 2 hours 35 mitprogrammes short cycle – 35 minutes.Usually my ECO mode or fast washing depending on the soiled dishes. CONS OF THE DISHWASHER:1. Sometimes the pieces remain write on the dishes. For example, from cereals, dough, but very rarely. Whisk with a towel or leave for the second 2. There is no lock 3. No electronic scoreboard, but I do not. Specially selected mechanics, but not electronics, as the longer 4 White. Silver would be better, less would get dirty. BE SURE TO BUY A DISHWASHER. IT IS ALSO REQUIRED IN THE HOUSE, LIKE WASHING MACHINE, IRON AND SO ON. HOW TO LIVE WITHOUT IT EARLIER I DO NOT KNOW. TEACH ALL HOME ALL DIRTY TO PUT IN THE DISHWASHER AND ENJOY A CLEAN AND EMPTY SINK.BE SURE TO USE A GOOD DETERGENT:1.Fairy lemon, fairy Apple, fairy platinum

Fairy Apple

Fairy Lemon

Fairy platinum

Fairy platinum 2. X-tra Economical, budget, washes WELL

X-tra powder 3. Salt. When the lamp lights, then go to sleep. Some people do not fall asleep, because I think that the water in Saint-Petersburg soft

Salt Finish

Advantages:inexpensive, well-washes the dishes

Overall rating 2.00 stars
March 20, 2014


My dishwasher Indesit DSG 0517 now 2.5 years. All of it is excellent, the quality of the wash she has a great consumption of water and electricity economical, in General, when it works it’s great. BUT: it’s the WHEN working. That is why the clearly-once a year it breaks down, and symptoms of breakdown are the same. The machine takes water, heats it, after a while pours, but not having to wash (does not start “watering” dishes the water just stands and bellows). Is the time allotted for 1 of the stages of the cycle, it drains the water (such as wash), and then collects the water and again worth it. And so as many times as is incorporated in the cycle. Sometimes, though, it can in this situation to push for some action by pressing the button Start/Pause after the N-th number of such taps may normally begin to wash. But here the scheme is as follows: when such a freeze happens the first time, missing 1-2 clicks, then more, more and at one point, it does not help. Then repair. Replacing the engine because it is disposable. The first time such a replacement we passed on the OMT program of MVideo, but now the certificate has ended and we are facing repairs on the 5,000 for the parts + the wizard + work. With the cost of cars in 11000 is, in my opinion, too. If in the 1st time too, at their own expense had to be repaired, now just would double the cost turned)) Between these breakdowns a year has passed. Don’t know that we are lucky, or still LG is not very reliable… But we will now be solved. Don’t want every year to her is “maintenance” to pay. So, I want to select machines such aspect as an expensive and possibly frequent repairs were taken into account. Because if not, the machine works great helper she really is amazing, and I could easily join the good reviews about her, if I didn’t know this “features”. In short, the reviews are true, but with this model of Russian roulette, hit or miss with each machine – break/no.

Advantages:leaves on the dish detergent cleans dishes

Overall rating 5.00 stars
May 15, 2014


This dishwasher gave me for my birthday.

My pomoshnitsa characteristicsfirst utensils — 10 sets, drying Class — A, washing Class A, Type of drying — Condensation, number of programs — 5 ( for very dirty dishes) -washing time of approximately 2.5 h;Regular program, the washing time is about 1 hour 50 minutes ;Program-rinse-8 mitprogrammes ECO wash (saving electricity) 2 hours 35 mitprogrammes short cycle – 35 minutes. (A very handy program when dishes a little)

Panel upravleniya – 45 cm is Very compact.Advantages:washes the dishes ( washes all the greasy baking trays, pans, pots, etc., squeaky Clean, warm and dry the dishes) On the glasses virtually no streaks and water stains, they do not even need to RUB

Glass after multidisiplinary Manually you will never be able to wash the dishes at a temperature of about 70⁰ )Saves remailed the opportunity to be a built-in, because to remove the top panel (roof)Disadvantages:the Disadvantages are almost there. But if you complain, sometimes that doesn’t wash out the plaque with cups of tea

Plaque from cadge do not know what it is associated, most likely due to improper loading of the dishes,because it not always happens. Usually the cups are very well washed, but for the sake of fairness it’s worth noting that it’s possible.And the second point. Again, not always, but sometimes I remain stuck leftovers on the dishes.

Most likely it is also caused due to improper loading (as to load properly, you can read in the instructions.)The nuances of the use:Properly load the dishes. Detailed written instructions, this is not difficult, but it is important.

Approximate download postimperialism clean the filters. They become clogged and this can affect the washing quality


The holes for the screws, too, sometimes need ociates want the dishes were completely dry put conditioner. But it is possible it and not to use just water drops will be a bit more.

Fill rinse aid

Bookmark mousehole perhaps all. I can confidently recommend you as a dishwasher, you will see how much time you have available, especially if you have a large family.

Advantages:quality, leaves on the dishes detergent, inexpensive, well-washes the dishes

Overall rating 5.00 stars
July 31, 2014


This is our first dishwasher in our family. Bought it two years ago. Special selection of dishwasher machines in our stores was not, therefore, the main selection criterion was the price. Our car was worth 17,000 rubles, the cheapest. But about his choice never regretted. Washes well, all the Cutlery gleamed like new. pots, pans washes to cheer. Dishes vlazit a lot. We have a family of 4 persons, turn it once a day. And most importantly do not have to stand at the sink and wash dishes by hand. Save water, time, energy and nerves.

Advantages:excellent washing dishes

Overall rating 3.00 stars
November 30, 2014


Bought the dishwasher Indesit DSG 0517 as a gift to mum, a fierce opponent of all innovations standing of money, but the nagging in this case, for the abundance of dirty dishes and lack of wanting to wash it. After reading the reviews about this dishwasher, I decided that there is nothing to overpay all the time so it extols and ordered. When you first wash dishes, I immediately made sure that my assistant Bosch a difference of six thousand justifies on all hundred;1. Indesit is much more noisy, turning on her at night hear the gurgling behind the closed door in the room.2. On the top add clips to the plates, only small protrusions suitable for cups.3. The upper basket has two levels, but unlike the Bosch, when you change the basket you need to remove the skids completely.4. Indesit washing well with good tools , bad pills both cars washed bad.5. In both machines the basket for washing Cutlery, but into the holes of the basket does not fit Indesit appliances with wide legs.6. No scoreboard countdown program, buying turned a blind eye, but in everyday life this is not enough((.

Advantages:inexpensive, washes well

The Indesit company offers users to check out DSG 051. The features of DSG 051, in addition to their interesting design solution, make us pleased with their performance and functionality. Best solution for both house and office. Many customers already appreciated and left DSG 051 reviews available on our service. Price comparison, that is also offered by our service, helps profitably purchase Indesit DSG 051. Buy Indesit DSG 051 with benefits.
Water consumption 10 l
The noise level in the work 53 dB
Energy consumption per cycle 1.02 kWh
General characteristics
Type narrow
Display No
Capacity 10 sets
Control type electronic
Drying class A
Energy class A
Installation freestanding
Washing class A
Other functions and features
Beep No
Color white
Dimensions (WxDxH) 45x60x85 cm
Protection from leaks there, partial (building)
The indicator salt / rinse aid there is / there are
Features of the working chamber the inner surface of the stainless steel. steel, height adjustable basket for dishes
Max. the water temperature at the inlet 60 °C
Automatic installation of water hardness No
Programs and modes of washing
Special programs cost-effective program for low contaminated utensils, mode soaking
Drying the dishes condensing
The number of programs 5
Standard washing programme normal program for daily wash, intensive program for heavily soiled tableware, Express program (fast cycle)
The number of temperature modes 4
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