Karcher SC 1.020

Overall rating 4.3076923076923 stars
4.3076923076923 from 26 reviews
3 kg
Power cord length
4 m
Dimensions (HxWxD)
26x25.4x38 cm
Additional information
the kit includes: close-fitting Terry cloth for manual nozzle, descaler (sticks), tissue paper, Terry cloth
point nozzle, floor nozzle brush
Carry handle
Compartment for storing nozzles
3 kg
Power cord length:
4 m
Dimensions (HxWxD):
26x25.4x38 cm
Additional information:
the kit includes: close-fitting Terry cloth for manual nozzle, descaler (sticks), tissue paper, Terry cloth
point nozzle, floor nozzle brush
Carry handle:
Compartment for storing nozzles:


Overall rating 4.3076923076923 stars
26 reviews
Overall rating 4.00 stars
November 5, 2014


Like many, before buying, I read a bunch of reviews, including on this site, reviewed a lot of videos, and in the end I opted for a Karcher SC1020. Description and equipment to paint don’t see the point of that everywhere is full, write their personal opinion. I liked them and I is quite pleased with his work and results, except for some cons.

Pluses “+”, including the results of the work:quite durable constructability variantinit time when cleaning Domotica cleans the joints in the bathroom (in my case a shower, which I cleaned without using any cleaning products, just to mention, not the first time, and not without effort),tile joints in the kitchen!refreshed all the carpet in the apartment, especially with a high pile (old stains are NOT REMOVED, do not assume that all will disappear, as advertised, but much refreshed, the yellow carpet in a child’s live has been updated, sorry for not sfotkal results before and after, because it was not originally planned to write a review)I have eliminated traces of baby poop on the couch (but not the first time, had to work, well removes fresh stains, old steel barely noticeable, but still)been stripped cushions, toys, autumn coat is generally as novercaphobia mirror, “apron” in the kitchen, ceramic and other glass coating without rubbing and the use of cleaning agents Of the minuses “-“:not fully cleared spot on the couch and the carpet (based on the name it has to be his direct purpose, he is merely refreshed furniture, although pretty good did the cord not retract lownutrient removable water tank (you have to pour on the eyes and drain, raising the entire apparatus, although it is easy enough, and for me personally it’s not a problem)water tank of small volume (1l) I Bought this unit in the official. shop Karcher in 6100, at first wanted to make an order in online store Karcher, where its value was 5600, + free shipping, but card to pay was impossible, and standing in line at the Bank I was once, and wanted to hurry up and get this device. Perhaps that is all! As you can see, the pros are a priori more!!! Therefore, I recommend to everyone! Now this is my friend and helper around the house!Both photos: on the left the processed part, right there

In the shower removes heavy soiling is not the first time, once again, have to make the effort, but no chemistry.Here came the turn to the carpet: on the right, the processed part

Advantages:easy to handle, the price matches the quality, cleaning without chemical.funds

Overall rating 5.00 stars
December 12, 2014


After the next exacerbation of allergies my daughter to fastfat (in the garden, house washing powders and household chemicals are almost there), I was advised to buy a steam cleaner, for cleaning without using any chemicals and most importantly to kill dust mites and allergens through steam, because they can not in themselves cause allergies, but provoke allergies on the other. So, a steam cleaner was purchased.

Included: floor nozzle, nozzle for cleaning of carpets and furniture, spray nozzle point of the jet, round brush, sticks for purification of scale, the case of Terry cloth to the floor nozzle, detailed instructions.Before starting, pour about a liter of water, wait 6-8 minutes until the green light comes on and start cleaning.Start with cleaning the bathroom:

pushed washing machine, it certainly was a horror

And that’s what makes the steam cleaner with lime deposits in the machine, from the first time of course not perfectly clear, but the result is there and it is obvious:

Tile, bathroom flooring, plumbing washes on hurrah! and no case by chemistry! moreover, the health benefits, and what a savings budget!In the kitchen the steam cleaner is also a reliable assistant. The plate was washed almost instantly, and pens before this could do nothing to wash, and then:


The door on the balcony:

You can wash Windows, mirrors, it is advisable to buy a special attachment (I have not yet bought).Can be to steam, to iron the clothes on the weight, especially the fact that it is impossible or inconvenient to iron.Carpet cleaning, upholstered furniture will not cause difficulties, all is cleaned without chemicals, the steam necessary to aim at an angle (so that the dirt does not drive the deeper). And then just once a week to update.Also the steam gun can be used without nozzles, such as purification of the plants from dust, important distance least 20-40 I see steam pour books (on the shelf) to destroy the book of dust, and most importantly the animals, which in this dust lives (she is allergic).

Paul, of course, can and a MOP to wash, but I in addition to my once a week to sanitize a steam cleaner.

Steam cleaner thought out in terms of security, for instance, you can be sure that the child will not be scalded by steam, because the protective tube is blocked as long as the water remains at least the minimum pressure. And on the gun there is a “lock” by turning the button in a position in which no steam is supplied, even if the child presses the lever of the steam. In any case, do not remove the nozzle during the steam supply! can Ambaritsa hot water.Be sure to rinse the boiler, the manufacturer recommends that you do so no later than 10 filling the boiler with water, to make it easy to collect water, shake and drain the water. to remove the formed nasipit. Very pleased with purchase, never regretted. Are still not very many time just 2 months. But the fact that he will not disappoint me, sure 100%!The only negative is the cord is not unwound, as for example in a vacuum cleaner, but it all so heated that it is technically impossible, if a length of cord unwound, it would have just melted.

Advantages:guarantee of purity and freshness, hypoallergenic, reliability, scrubbing grime, cleaning without chemical.means pure

Overall rating 4.00 stars
December 24, 2014


Hello! Acquired parasitical on his birthday in October 2014. Once home we started cleaning, perechistili son and everything that could be cleaned. Now on the market a very large assortment of different cleaners, but perhaps some flaws everyone has. I chose the firm of karcher, because they consider it reliable,branded German quality still has not been canceled yet. Here it is.

Advantages-lightweight,relatively compact for a given volume of water tank,powerful. Has two levels of steam, but I use only the most powerful. The disadvantages include the following:no automatic coiling of the cord is inconvenient to store.

Included little bits,brush for ocici solid surfaces two times cleaning grouting on the tile already has a slovenly appearance. This.

I will have to change, costs about 200 rubles.But the seams on the tiles cleared at 5+.We have high humidity and constantly formed the fungus, after cleaning it was not for about a month. For me this is a great result, and the seams were white, like new, sponge not so clear.The fact that steam cleaners clean upholstered furniture from stains, like the publicity-not true,the spots were and there are written instructions from stains to apply spec.means, and then treated with steam. Still very uncomfortable attached piece of cloth on the nozzle for floor cleaning.

Perhaps the photo is not very visible from under the pins she is constantly popping up, much easier to rag on the nozzle for furniture, it on the elastic. I use a steam cleaner mostly for cleaning off dust microbes, as a small child. It is convenient to treat them soft toys. And rasstoyanii no closer than 35 cm can humidify house plants. The dust from them, of course it is not clear, since there is no close contact, but refreshing, of course it constantly for it to get troublesome, but when used together 2 times a week without problems. By the way, the next model in this line is much more expensive just because of the fact that you can refill water during work, but I cleaned one room and kitchen is enough for one fill. Only for tile in the bath pour a few times, but can be a little wait. The fact that cap water will not open until it cools to a certain temperature, it primeryayut 15. But, magnolato time to relax and drink tea. Generally something high quality, cheerful colors, looks stilnenko. Buy, German quality will not fail.

Advantages:for Allergy sufferers, lightweight, powerful, easy to use, works well

Overall rating 5.00 stars
October 27, 2015


It’s just an amazing device,and very necessary in household.In size it is smaller and lighter vacuum.Due to its additional attachments,they can ,how to wash floors(without damaging the laminate) and a break in the small and narrow opening,where conventional MOP and MOP no opportunity to wash the mud. Besides ,when he poured the water,wait for it to heat has very little time and this is a big plus! For all the time that they are using,I have not found a single flaw. It washes efficiently with it without any fluids to clean heavily soiled surfaces. On the hose there is a button lock ,so who have small children ,this feature is very useful ,because the child will not be able to press and get burned by steam!!!So I suggest to buy such a thing as a steam cleaner!

Advantages:without effort, has many attachments included., easy, scrubbing grime, easy to handle, the price matches the quality, cleaning without chemical.funds

Overall rating 5.00 stars
December 25, 2015


Since I am a curious person, I wanted to test the steam cleaner which was advertised on TV. After reading on the Internet and Yandex-market, the choice fell on Kercher, to this company I have a credit. Bought with hands, not looking, as I knew that you can understand only after a while, and the machine was under warranty. And unfortunately only a year later he discovered that the nozzle for cleaning furniture.At first I was enjoying the powerful jets of steam, I thought how great would it be to clean. But after the first attempt cleaning the floor, and seemingly clean, I walked barefoot on that “clean” the floor and found that it guys are not clean. And it was logical, because the dirt that we are trying to erase from the floor to the cloth, the steam knocks back on the floor. Okay, figs with it with the washing of floors, let us try in the kitchen. Because the kitchen is not large, and often need to hover in the kitchen was hot. And fat easier to clean by chemical means. Certainly cleaner and faster. It would seem a complete failure. But why I put 5 stars.Yes, advertising is lying to us by showing how great it is to use this miracle tool. But, I found a use for it and found it pros:first let’s start with the quality of the steam cleaner, i.e., how it is made. Everything is fine, typical Kercher, really don’t like what a head of steam maybe a little jumping with a constant supply of steam. The volume of water is quite sufficient, and rarely have to continually feed pairs. When running out of water, you can take a break. In the comments there, minus as all have said foldable cord. But all I have stored in the box, so it’s tolerable. But to get it I need once or twice a month.How do I use it – first of all fat plus is the cure for BEDBUGS. Unfortunately we have a year and a half ago, there were bed bugs. To poison them and have decided not to poison all the clothes and other things which are constantly working I decided to remove them in packages, pre-treating steam these things. It saved us from boiling, drying, etc. things. Further since in my family people are slow yet he will do it it will take a week, and bed bugs bite, I took a steam cleaner for sofa, sofa legs pasted double-sided tape, and the ceiling around the perimeter pasted regular Scotch tape rolled into a tube(cheap replacement double-sided). Bugs in the night stopped me to bite, I began to sleep well. And when the rest of the neighbors were ready to etch the bugs, I’m not filled with chemicals your sofa. It would seem not so much does this machine, but the bugs came back a few months ago, my sofa was done the same job. Plus the ferry went on the baseboards and all available and potential sites. Already a month of bed bugs is not seen and not heard. Perhaps it was possible to do without chemicals.Disinfection. Then, half a year ago I was unwell and a week wasn’t getting up, the room was stuffy and stale, the air I wasn’t able, as soon became worse. Again 10 minutes of our baby, and breathing became easier.Floors I once or twice a month I spend steam after the normal washing. Gives a noticeable freshness and purity.Bike – washing with steam is easier, although the apartment is not Gud, because the dirt flying in all directions. But it dawned on me – I can enjoy rag the place closed to avoid splashing. Details such as a phone call, switches, reflectors, their used to be difficult to wash, and now it’s not a problem. And everything is very clean.Sister and her husband use to clean the car, they liked.The cleaning of furniture I can’t test, because there is no nozzle, but the people are happy. Although I without insert failed to clean the seat fabric.The RESULT: the device works on all 5 stars, but to use it as advertised cannot. It perfectly removes dirt from hard to reach places, freshens the air, kills insects. Ie, it is not for daily use, and for specific tasks and complete cleaning.

Advantages:has many attachments included., powerful, reliable, easy to handle, price corresponds to quality

Overall rating 5.00 stars
March 12, 2016


Steam cleaner I wanted a long time ago, when he saw advertising as a technique can easily cope with the dirt and smell and all the wonder-wonderful)) But the dream for a long time remained a dream, until I went on maternity leave.. and then I remembered about my dream and begged her husband a steam cleaner, especially approaching March 8 and arguments, that this machine we need a iron))first, my husband and I are big fans of animals in the apartment with us live (or we with them) two cats and a dog, and purity are not added, but since we were expecting a child, decided that this thing is still needed.Secondly, in the last month of pregnancy I was covered with what is called “nesting syndrome”, I began to clean the apartment as ever and such a helper would come in handy)) the Husband gave the nod and I was to choose, read the reviews and articles, watched video reviews and decided on the model Karcher SC 1.020, this model is already discontinued, (now I think SC 2) But we found another SC 1.020 was worth it then in the region of £ 8500. for a year as I use it and you can safely write a review.I will not waste my and Your time on the description and the completeness of this unit, there are a lot of reviews about this))For a year, he was used very actively, of course is not a magic wand, and remove dirt not quite as advertised)) and Sometimes he needs help, for example, somehow launder heavily soiled, the oven door, one he failed, had to help cleaning Amwy.In terms of get the stain out of the carpet or furniture, definitely not, but the furniture and carpet will noticeably refresh.As for steaming clothes, curtains, either, actually not even close to smooth.But something he clearly can) I use the nozzle, round brush, that’s what it has been in almost a year.

so recently bought an extra set of brushes for 920 RUB.

I get it about once every 7-10 days to work with it will need regular water and a microfiber cloth I bought at the store, Fix price

The most favorite and simple – mirrors and Windows! It’s just a song) First ferry for a walk (on the nozzle wear rag case), then just wipe with a cloth microfiber glass perfectly clean without streaks!

My cats go to the loggia through the window in the kitchen and if they’re closed, they learned to knock with his paws on the glass, and then glass all the time, stained, washed in three minutes))Clean the tiles and crevices. First a ferry, then pass a rag.

Cranes, besides steam, then with a cloth

Chrome hood all the time zalamyvayutsya, my as well as glass, the hood without streaks and spots))

The dog did not eat cat food, they are fed on the windowsill, of course cleanliness is not added( But again with a steam cleaner own)

Cover the slow cooker, fat already look a little old, but surprisingly, the steam cleaner is very easy all washed up)

Cover the slow cooker

Result)flooring we have laminate flooring, so my own steam cleaner, problems were not)) the Floors are first vacuumed, then steam, launder perfectly, plus no germs safely allowed to crawl the baby on the floor)

Flowers will definitely pass it on the ferry (a distance of about 30 cm)


All sorts of dust collectors in the form of figurines with a bunch of small parts, fine dust blows off the steam pressure (flower coffee made a friend, a coffee lover and when I go over it with a hot steam in the room begins to smell fine coffee))

HOW to CARE:To this unit for a long time served faithfully, be sure to remove the scum. If the water is of medium hardness, every six months, if strong stiffness, then once a month.Comes with a set of these rods against the scum

1. Pull out from the socket, open the roof and pour water. (All water have to empty after each use)

2. Throw in a tank of a wand

3. Pour 1 liter of warm water

4. Leave with the lid on for 8 hours

5. Then pour the water and propolascerve at least twice. All can use it again))- – – – – – – – – – – – – – – -I Keep it still in the box, I’m comfortable that it perfectly fits on a shelf)

Personally, I find it mega useful thing, I use it with pleasure and a lot Here I haven’t mentioned about defrosting the fridge (recently thawed, sorry not made a report, very convenient and fast the ice is melting under the steam jet and is very quick and easy to clean the fridge) so it came in handy when I removed the old Wallpaper.I hope my review someone will be useful)) All good health!

Advantages:effortless, powerful, easy to handle, cleaning without chemical.means pure

The Karcher company offers users to check out SC 1.020. The features of SC 1.020, in addition to their interesting design solution, make us pleased with their performance and functionality. Best solution for both house and office. Many customers already appreciated and left SC 1.020 reviews available on our service. Price comparison, that is also offered by our service, helps profitably purchase Karcher SC 1.020. Buy Karcher SC 1.020 with benefits.
Weight 3 kg
Power cord length 4 m
Dimensions (HxWxD) 26x25.4x38 cm
Additional information the kit includes: close-fitting Terry cloth for manual nozzle, descaler (sticks), tissue paper, Terry cloth
Nozzle point nozzle, floor nozzle brush
Carry handle Yes
Compartment for storing nozzles Yes
Steam hose 2 m
Adjustable steam Yes
General characteristics
Type steam cleaner
Power 1500 watts
Design outdoor
Water tank 1 l
Case material plastic
The vapor pressure up to 3.20 bar
The time of heating the water 8 min
My review Karcher SC 1.020

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