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The dough
Bread flour
Wheat bread
Sweet pastries
French baguette
The dough:
Bread flour:
Wheat bread:
Sweet pastries:
French baguette:


Overall rating 5 stars
3 reviews
Overall rating 5.00 stars
January 11, 2014


Our bread takes pride of place in the kitchen. Long started to think about buying a bread machine, considered different models. This bread maker liked the design and its functions. On top there is a viewing window with backlight, allowing you to observe the whole process of cooking very convenient. Has the function of baking bread with a crust, you can also adjust the weight of the cakes. Very easy bread, enough to put all the ingredients and she will do the rest itself. During the period of kneading the signal that there is a possibility to add something in the bread (nuts, raisins, etc.) for every taste. The average time of baking of bread is 3h. 15 min. ready bread gives 5 short beeps. After this it remains only to get it and enjoy aromatic freshly baked bread.Also in the bread maker we prepare the dough for pizza, pies, buns. Well-raised yeast dough turns out very tasty.Would recommend to anyone who wants to enjoy fresh crusty sourdough.

Advantages:there is a viewing window, multifunctional, stainless steel, great design

Overall rating 5.00 stars
January 31, 2015


Good day, my dear girl. Decided to make me a little peculiar opinion, but I hope later it will be useful for someone. A couple of years ago, I was eager to buy a bread machine like that long ago I saw her bake something on TV and I thought it was an interesting idea. I have a very long and laborious picked up her options, read the reviews and opinions and finally chose the Kenwood BM 366. Fortunately she was on my favorite site Ulmart, which as I usually always trust.

For me it was important for the following criteria: the presence of the viewing window, nonstick coating, a book with recipes, a fully automated manufacturing process with minimum human intervention, the digital display for monitoring the cooking process, a separate switch on the case and a minimum of plastic in the body.

On the upper hinged lid (by the way it can be removed and washed) there is a window to view the action of the stove without opening the cover. Buttons not a touchscreen, but I’m not sad, and even happy finger will not slip off if that. There is displayed basic functions is the choice of the program which you can read in the book of recipes or simple instructions, a choice of crust color, the weight of the dough, turning on the light. By the way the light comes on for exactly 1 minute and if you forgot to turn it off automatically, (a trifle, but nice). There is also a mode “Eco” – quick cooking, personally, not much I like for the bread to go pale. All this information will be displayed on the display with blue backlight with arrows pointing to the pictures on it. The display will count down the time to cook in the reverse order.

When opening the lid inside the mold is reminiscent in appearance of grain harvesting. She gets out a click counterclockwise and put clockwise respectively. It has a handle and a blade for kneading which can be removed and washed. There is another form of cookie cutters round, but it is sold separately.

Though the type of mold and is not big, but the buns come in from 500g to 1 kg. It is easy to clean as it has non-stick coating.

And that’s kind of molds from the inside out after constant use for a year. As you can see no scratches and chipping, as it does not leave any dirt after baking except for remnants of flour.

Also included is a measuring spoon and measuring Cup. The Cup I always use, but the spoon is not attracted to me and the action on it was almost obliterated.

As I said before included were brochures from a bunch of recipes of bread and other dough.

Personally I like 2 recipes. This is the first “Egg white bread” which is baked on program 1. I always choose medium crust and typically weighing about 500g.

It is also very delicious and simple, I found the recipe for brioche “Brioche”.

Well, when a very lazy to wait 3 hours for the bread I put in the mode “Eco” and somewhere in an hour, “White country bread”, but the bun looks a little pale.

At the end of the book there is a detailed table with the description, the second the stove. Painted on the mind of the crust and even in its colours. In addition somewhere about 15 minutes after kneading the breadmaker starts beeping to indicate that it is possible to put the candied fruits (dried fruit) or nuts, maybe both.

By the way, if you want to surprise or impress guests or just got distracted for a while from the stove and missed the time of pulling rolls, the oven machine goes into heating up the buns and it will stay for one more hour after the preparation of bread. That is, if you for example slightly delayed, the bun they will meet the same hot as an hour ago.So here are the secrets, my first acquaintance with the stove as well as 2 and subsequent several ended sadly. The bread was, but when I baked fell back and came out delicious, but ugly. I thought maybe marriage I read on the Internet was this other happened, there was suggested to look at other yeast sift flour and choose it more carefully and most importantly to monitor the amount of liquid. Through trial and error I have identified the stable combination for perfect rolls.The main thing to remember is that fluid is considered to be sunflower oil included in the composition and egg instead of just water. That is, for example if it says fluid until 245, it means including all the liquid ingredients, but I do not add more then 10ml, then the bun to be particularly ideal.With yeast also had problems I tried a bunch until I came to Dr. Oetker green package. They proved themselves the best recipes for rolls.

Well, fingering a different flour it turned out that for me personally was the best “Wheat Bakery Flour from the flour mill”.

And to sum up, a great bread maker and bread in it better than in the shop 5 times while not stale, day 4 and it smells amazing, but the bread on top should be approached with the mind and if you get the hand, you will never regret the purchase, and all others will delight sweets.Delicious experiments you dear readers!

Advantages:the non-stick coating of the bowl, the switch on the case, there is a beep, there is a viewing window, multifunctional, stainless steel, great design, clear display, heated one hour, removable cover

Overall rating 5.00 stars
May 11, 2015


Bread in our house there 3 years ago. Can’t say that every day I make bread, but often. Included was a book with detailed recipes, everything is exactly described, how much food in grams to put.The first few times was some of the joints we were used to each other. For myself realized that a kitchen scale to the stove just needed. Everything has to be strictly by weight, then the bread must come out. Measuring Cup, which included only cope with liquid food, and be sure to weigh the flour separately, I determine that the dough is the right consistency, it should turn into a big lump and come off from the walls, then flour is fine).

The screw may get stuck in the bread, I try it liberally RUB with oil, so it is getting better, but still not without difficulty. I love to cook to “delay start”. Very convenient in the morning to Wake up, and you have bread ready for Breakfast. The bread in the stove is not burning. Capacity wash is convenient.

Also in the bread maker just the dough.Bread make different and sweet, with garlic, with herbs and cheese, in General, continuous experiments.Time a bread machine everything fits as it is written in the program, so be prepared.Can’t call it super necessary but if there is a place in the kitchen, it does not hurt. The bread really is awesome, different from the purchase 100%.

Advantages:the non-stick coating of the bowl, the switch on the case, there is a beep, there is a viewing window, multifunctional, stainless steel, great design, clear display

The Kenwood company offers users to check out BM366. The features of BM366, in addition to their interesting design solution, make us pleased with their performance and functionality. Best solution for both house and office. Many customers already appreciated and left BM366 reviews available on our service. Price comparison, that is also offered by our service, helps profitably purchase Kenwood BM366. Buy Kenwood BM366 with benefits.
Jam Yes
Cupcake Yes
The dough Yes
Bread flour Yes
Wheat bread Yes
Sweet pastries Yes
French baguette Yes
Unleavened cakes No
Gluten-free pastries Yes
The number of baking programs 11
Dimensions and weight
Weight 6.7 kg
Dimensions (WxHxD) 354x330x372 mm
Additional information
Features eco mode, interior lights
Dispenser No
Case material metal/plastic
Removable cover Yes
The display backlight Yes
Protection of children No
The number of tectonically 1
Memory during a power failure 8 min
General characteristics
Bread loaf
Power 470 W
Timer there are up to 15 h
The temperature there are up to 1 hour
Maximum weight of baking 1000 g
Weight adjustment baking Yes
The choice of color brown Yes
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