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Safety switches
Number of burners
induction: 1
Lock control panel
The working surface
glass ceramics
Residual heat indicators
Drawer for dishes
Safety switches:
Number of burners:
induction: 1
Lock control panel:
The working surface:
glass ceramics
Residual heat indicators:
Drawer for dishes:


Overall rating 5 stars
1 reviews
Overall rating 5.00 stars
April 11, 2016


Good day, dear friends!I want to share with you to purchase of an induction hob from the company KitFort. Here begins the holiday season and I’m already taking care of the garden-the garden, but also about life in the house.I have long dreamed about such a compact and at the same time, multifunctional assistant – induction tile. The option with the slow cooker I do not like, for workpieces this device is not suitable. After listening to the advice of friends and read in detail online, I chose this tile, and the most reliable variant: the Induction tile Kitfort CT-101

Price: 3090 sublimest buy: official website

Table induction tile Kitfort CT-101 uses modern technology to prepare tasty, fast and totally secure. This plate virtually eliminates the possibility of burns and warms the air in the room, an efficiency of 90% is much higher than other types of electric cookers.

The version of “Soviet” a single hob plate fell off immediately: the induction stove I have used ( we use a 4-burner for more than 7 years), and more modern it looks. Durable glass-ceramic work surface is almost not heated during cooking and easy to clean. Bright LED display and keypad controls make the process of setting the desired mode. Very I like the temperature regime in this tile, then the same principle, as slow cookers: set the cooking time and go about your business.

This Board has following programs:Capacitiesat/Kashgaria probabalise there are buttons to control the cooking time, the timer and power. In my opinion, this is the most basic program, which are 100% need of every housewife. Tile has 10 temperature and power modes, and 6 preset programs. Yes timer cook time and delay start function energy consumption display of current and voltage. This tile is a perfect option for houses. It’s light, compact and easily replace the huge stove,it can cook many dishes.Thanks to the electronic management of tile is resistant to voltage drops.

Attention!Never connect the tile through the thyristor and switching regulators.Do not place the cooker on the metal surface. My tiles with a fan, in the on state it is a little bit noisy, but not critical,but will last thanks to this device in longer than usual.

Built-in protection features and security:• protection against overheating — tile will turn off after 3 minutes after heating to 320 ° C• to prevent accidents, the tile will automatically turn off if within 2 hours it has not received any commands• disable when there is no cookware on the stove Technical characteristicimpedance: 220 V, 50 Gtmodest: 2000 Dolcetto of burners: 1 stonephace upravleniyami digital displaytime time prigotovleniya delay tartarika: 10 power and 10 temperatureprobetableentry programs: 6 (base, boiling, soup, rice/porridge, frying for a couple) The recommended diameter of the bottom of dishes used: 12 to 26 size (W x d x h): 360 x 280 x 62 Mesmer packing (W x d x h): 320 x 90 x 390 net weight: 2,1 chvez gross: 2.4 kg service Life: 5 leftover certified. Cookware for induction cooking, One of my friends for a long time tried to dissuade me from buying, sharing their grief experience. They bought unfamiliar company induction tile, and from all available pots and pans in the house for the tiles came up just one. To buy another pair they didn’t want to ( where else good to do?), and they safely passed the tile back to the store, buy the same Soviet version. I have to admit, too afraid of such a situation, even though my home tile “works with all pots and pans, and as it turned out, Kitfort too. In order to find out if your cookware for induction cookers, you need to spend here is an experiment: attach to the bottom of the pan magnet ( the usual, I had a brand Ciforceuseci magnet that was a gift) if it is “stuck”, the cookware is suitable. Also not suitable dishes with too thin bottom ( I have these at home is not usual, usually).

Detailed information on this matter can be found in the quote: For induction cooking suitable cookware with a bottom made of ferromagnetic materials: steel, cast iron, enamelware, utensils stainless steel, as well as any other intended for induction heating. A suitable container is easy to determine with a magnet — if it “glues” to the bottom, this cookware is certainly fit. To do this, complete with tile is a gift a magnet with the company logo, which you can use to check.

Also for this plate suitable ceramic or glass dishes with metallic non-magnetic coating on the bottom. Material spraying, the pattern and thickness determine the configuration of the skin layer to ensure high efficiency of induction heating.

If dishes are not suitable for induction plates or the diameter of the bottom is too low, the display shows error code E8, and the heating will not be performed. The dishes with a small diameter of the bottom is recommended to put in the center of the heating zone.Also, a few words about shipping if you plan to buy in the official store Kitform: I plate came in a week, Packed everything was perfect. The photo is not the foam holders, keep in mind that they were in the kit. Also there is a warranty and a bunch of manuals and instructions.

My experience of use:surprisingly, this baby works no worse than a powerful electric cookers, water boils instantly, kettle 3 liter boil for 8-9 minutes! While consuming less energy than regular tiles.

Many complain that the induction tile undercooked food. Personally, I have this mishap was not, I always choose my desired mode.

Care induction hotplates

Special care is required, the main thing is to do everything in time, namely after each cooking clean the surface with a damp cloth and then wipe dry. I also have a tool specifically for the care of glass surface that creates a protective layer. Every night I rubbed this liquid the surface of the plate.

And remember 3 main rules:Before cooking, the surface should be clean and shoesboat cleaning surfaces with abrasive tools such as scouring powder, for example.Make sure that the tile did not get sugar or sugar syrups. The surface should immediately wipe clean. Sugar has a detrimental effect on the glass ceramic.

Can I recommend a plate Kitfort KT-101 purchase? Definitely Yes! Never regretted the purchase and very glad I found it.

I’ve highlighted the most important advantages in my opinion:the Presence of ventiljatornaja timer, especially for busy and forgetful mosaicplot in ispolzovaniiem care ( the important thing is not to pollute and properly cleaned)Price! For this quality the price is very democratic.The presence of regimes and regulation monostearate, if you have children, when cooking surface is barely lukewarm ( for hands) Thank you for your attention!

The Kitfort company offers users to check out КТ-101. The features of КТ-101, in addition to their interesting design solution, make us pleased with their performance and functionality. Best solution for both house and office. Many customers already appreciated and left КТ-101 reviews available on our service. Price comparison, that is also offered by our service, helps profitably purchase Kitfort КТ-101. Buy Kitfort КТ-101 with benefits.
Safety switches Yes
Number of burners induction: 1
Lock control panel No
The working surface glass ceramics
Residual heat indicators No
Color black
Drawer for dishes No
Additional information 10 modes power
General characteristics
Hob electric
Oven missing
Watch Yes
Management electronic, switches: sensory, display, timer
Dimensions (WxDxH) 28x36.5x6.3 cm
Maximum power consumption 2000 W
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