Kitfort KT-1002

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2.2 kg
Power cord length
5 m
Dimensions (HxWxD)
63.1x30.6x13.6 cm
Removable water tank
Adjustable steam
steam MOP
1680 W
2.2 kg
Power cord length:
5 m
Dimensions (HxWxD):
63.1x30.6x13.6 cm
Removable water tank:
Adjustable steam:
steam MOP
1680 W


Overall rating 5 stars
2 reviews
Overall rating 5.00 stars
December 15, 2015


Hello! Good day and good mood! Today will tell you about the steam MOP KT – 1002 (video link) which I bought recently. Steam MOP Kitfort CT-1002 is safe for human health and does not harm the environment. When cleaning surfaces with steam is not required use of chemical cleaning products that improves the environment at home, and also allows you to save money on buying cleaning products.

Walking across the expanses of the Internet, I accidentally stumbled upon the online store Kitfort, studied it through and through, had read different reviews about the store and its products. Chose a steam MOP (Burgundy), a little poumnevshie, after weighing all the pros and cons, I decided to buy it. Ordered, paid and waited, a parcel sent by Russian post. From the manufacturer:the principle of the steam mops based on the effects of hot steam on pollution. Steam penetrates dirt, softening and dissolving them, and then use a cloth or brush dirt wash away. The high temperature of steam also highly contributes to the cleaning process. If the contamination is soluble in water (e.g., fat), it can also be easily removed under the action of high temperature steam it becomes soft, and the steam, coupled with mechanical impact on the pollution turns it into an emulsion consisting of fine particles of contamination and water. This emulsion can then be easily removed with a rag. In addition, the hot steam effectively eliminates pathogenic microorganisms, bacteria, dust mites, mold and fungi, which can cause allergic reactions and asthma. The parcel was Packed well. Native box and a MOP, was securely Packed in thick cardboard box

so, my excitement about, that something may be damaged, immediately vanished. And here it is, my MOP:

Package contents:Main unit.


Extension pipes.

Floor cloth 2 pieces.


Parking space.

The user’s manual.

Warranty card.Measuring Cup.

Cardboard package.

Specifications:Voltage: 220V, 50 Hz.Power: 1680 watts (agree not enough).Water tank capacity 450 ml. steam Flow: 28G/min steam Temperature: 98 p Pressure: 1.5 bar.Mode steam: 3.Cord length: 5 m (long enough).The rotation of the brush 180 degrees.Net weight: 2.2 kg. the Price of 3290 rubles.Manufacturer: China.Service life: 5 years. To work MOP requires 2 batteries, type AAA (not included). Gathered the MOP and I think it is very easy following the instructions), cost oddly enough, without my blessed wife. How I did it:Opened the lid (located in the handle), put the batteries (observing the polarity) and closed it back.Attached the arm to the extension tube (was a click that signalled the correct connections).In case there is a socket in which is inserted the tube, pushing the latch in the tube and inserting the tube until it stops (again, click).Wore a (Terry) cloth for floor brush.Put the MOP into the Parking lot.Very quick and easy Assembly. That would fill the tank with water, I need to Remove the tank steam MOP (pressing the button).

2. Remove the roof, fill the tank with water (I fill water from the filter) to tighten , to put in place.

Inclusion: to Include device into the socket and press the power button on the case,

the MOP you can also enable right-button on the handle.

And now I will tell you how and why I use the MOP (carpets, floors, upholstery): Kids in my house all have already grown), but little hairy monster lives, and everywhere “throwing” your fur, so before you do wash the floor with a MOP, I vacuum cleaner.The MOP is very easy to move (effort, pressure, etc.) to make no need. Moving the MOP back and forth motions (forward, backward). Head of the MOP rotates 180 degrees

which simplifies cleaning in hard to reach places. If you are tired (when retracted) and decided to rest, then the MOP can be put on the Parking area.

When I, my linoleum,

then put the MOP rag microfiber

and to clean the surface of carpets use a frame (it makes it easier to slide).

After washing floors, the surface remains slightly wet, I give her to dry naturally (2 – 3 minutes). Surface contamination is well away and the floors look clean. Steam MOP well refreshes and clears the carpet, giving them a freshness.

MOP also copes well with the hated dust mites that reside in the upholstery, and remove impurities in it, when, what, very delicately.

Steam MOP the compact size and does not occupy much space. It’s light and comfortable with its use, even a child will cope. Here’s a helper I got in the house, which facilitates maintenance and improves the quality of cleaning.

I hope that this baby will serve me faithfully for years. The downsides (significant) were detected.To not insignificant can include: No batteries (had to run to the store) and tight opened the battery compartment. But everything else was fine.To purchase the company’s products, like this wonderful steam MOP, you can also, in large stores partners: Ozon, Ulmart, 220 Volt, CITILINK, OLDI, the 21st Century I recommend.

Overall rating 5.00 stars
December 28, 2015


Cleaning is a tedious and quite boring. Appliance manufacturers are struggling to us to facilitate this task, producing a variety of gadgets.Kitfort is a domestic company, which is located in St. Petersburg. Their official website is also the online store. They produce home appliances and periodically replenish its line of products for the kitchen and home.Today I want to tell about the new product, which launched not long ago.On the manufacturer’s website are three models of steam mops, two of them differ only in color ( maroon and blue).Steam MOP Kitfort CT-1002-2, black (direct link HERE)

Also, this model is available in blue color.Price 3 290 tehnicheskie Voltage: 220 V, 50 Gtmodest: 1680 Itemcost tank: 450 mlodoch of steam: 28 g/min steam Temperature: 98 °Compression: 1.5 baranikov steam: 3 cord: 5 brasenia brush 180°net Weight: 2.2 chvez gross: 2.9 kg life Time: 5 leftover certificatetemplate steam MOP — 1 stromato — 1 studenterna tube — 1 strape floor — 2 stramka — 1 starcevica area — 1 strokewidth manual — 1 startiny card 1 PCs. DESCRIPTION. The principle of the steam MOP is that it turns water into hot steam and cleans even heavy pollution. Hot steam penetrates the dirt, dissolve it, and a rag or brush washes.Hot steam is also able to remove even grease, turning it into an emulsion, which is easily removed with a microfiber cloth that is securely fastened to the MOP.In addition, the impact of hot steam is detrimental to patogenos microflora, splashing dust and mold. Thus, without the use of detergents and DEZ. we can easily and without damage to the home climate to get rid of these unwanted “roommates”.

For a more secure attachment when cleaning carpets and upholstered furniture you can use a special frame that is very easy to “put on” and latched. Is removed also without problems. This method of fixing makes it easy to slide.

The water tank is removable. Is removed from the housing with a slight press on the button.The entire volume of 450 ml, I a given quantity of liquid is enough for cleaning 5 two-bedroom apartments (42 sq m). Pour plain water from the tap, but in regions where water is hard, use distilled.

Assembling the MOP is also quite simple. Handle height is not adjustable, but any inconvenience is not, it is quite comfortable to drive and with my small stature and my husband, whose height is above average.

Regulation of steam power. This is the function of the buttons located on the handle Assembly. It is very convenient, no need to stretch or stoop, because remember: laziness – the progress engine. (3 prouduce mode)these buttons zafunktsionirovali, you must insert 2 AAA batteries ( not supplied). A small inconvenience in the sector of the battery cover opens with difficulty, I had to open it, prying with a sharp object.

In places with strong pollution ( dried stains, grease), I use the maximum emission of steam, which makes it efficiently and quickly cleaning.

In places with strong pollution ( dried stains, grease), I use the maximum emission of steam, which makes it efficiently and quickly cleaning.The maneuverability of the MOP.The brush is great revolves and rotates for easy cleaning in hard to reach areas and corners.

MOP allows you to clean under furniture.

Cord length of 5 meters.

The garage allows you to store the MOP with a damp cloth without damaging the flooring.

After the cleaning cloth can be washed in the machine at 30 degrees. But I always wash it after cleaning manually the usual soap. Washed quickly.For the faint of heart: the quote is hidden a dirty rag.

Placesbar has a very nice design and is quite compact.Lightweight and agile, easy to move without effort and pressure.Deeply cleanses oily and stubborn stains even without the use of cleansers.Perfectly refreshes carpets and upholstery, struggling with dust mites and allergens. But one should not pin hopes on cleansing from old stains to completely remove stubborn dirt, just go with a MOP is not enough. Steam will just soften and dissolve the dirt, after which you still need to remove with brushes, sponges with detergent.Moisturizes the air. Minuses minor minuses can be noted the absence in a complete set of batteries, and battery cover – she’s tight opening. But the batteries you can buy, and a tight lid to worry, as there is no need to open: insert the batteries and forgot.The biggest drawback for me was the fact that the MOP cannot be used in a horizontal position. For example, when I wanted to clean the lower part of the wall that is just above the plinth, and slightly bent the MOP, stopped the flow of steam. To be honest, I thought the MOP was simply broken So I assumed that the unit itself was blocked upon the occurrence of overheating. But MOP did not work and after cooling.Then I hastened to write a letter to the Manager of sales, described the problem and offered me to replace it with another, because marriage no one is immune and very apologetic for the inconvenience.Before you pack your careless assistant, I decided once again to include and voila! She again earned! Is immediately reported in a response letter to the sales Department, and added that with the MOP such incidents happen exactly when you tilt it horizontally. Here has joined the company’s engineers and explained the principle of the MOP. Text zitate. In the tank there is a intake pipe with a weight on the end. The MOP may be in any position, but the water will always be the “bottom” of the tank (just the position of the “bottom” will depend on the orientation of the mops in space). To intake pipe was always immersed in water, its end is attached the load is a metal ball. Under the force of gravity of the cargo is always slipping into the water. If you shake the MOP with the water tank empty, you will hear, there is booming. Also it can be seen through the plug hole.Sometimes it happens that the pipe gets stuck with the load and at some position the MOP in the area of its end is not in the water. Pump captures air and steam stops. In this case, it is necessary to open the tank lid and finger to release the sinker, he began to move freely.At low water level in the reservoir at a horizontal position MOP water hole in the cargo is above the water level, and the same thing happens: the pump sucks air instead of water, the supply of steam stops Began to shake a MOP and listen to the characteristic knock, tried to see the ball through the plug hole. But it was not((((.And when I reported it again to the company’s employees, it became clear that we are talking about different models of mops! When I wrote the letter did not specify your model on the website as there is drugapproval MOP Kitfort CT 1001 (HERE) and the engineer, it turns out, have described the principle of operation of this model. And my Kitfort CT-1002-2 is a simpler model and is only intended for washing floors. That is, the walls of the wash it will not work, because when you tilt the pump sucks air and stops the flow of steam. But keep in the horizontal position it as turned off, no air entrainment takes place and problems in the future, when enabled, will not voznikayut. In spite of the disadvantages, I’m happy with MOP, small children at home and wet cleaning I spend every day in that it has no equal, she cleans the floors very well. Needless to understate, if the MOP is designed exclusively for cleaning floors? At first I wanted it for the inability to wash the walls and glass to give it a “4” but when the dust settled, and I re-read the description of each model on the website and realized that the lower rating would be inappropriate in this case. Manufacturer more is promised, it’s just my Russian nature is trying to squeeze the most use and functions from a single subject. If You need only a MOP for cleaning floors, then this is what you need. But if you want to have a unit with additional features such as the steaming of the fabrics, washing of Windows and walls, we suggest that you look at the model Kitfort KT-1001, plus, it has a bunch of nozzles, and the price difference is only 600 rubles.THANK YOU FOR YOUR ATTENTION!

Advantages:+ beautiful and convenient +easy to manoeuvre. +easy. +very compact, really moisturizes the air, fairly low noise., cleans grease and dried mud

The Kitfort company offers users to check out KT-1002. The features of KT-1002, in addition to their interesting design solution, make us pleased with their performance and functionality. Best solution for both house and office. Many customers already appreciated and left KT-1002 reviews available on our service. Price comparison, that is also offered by our service, helps profitably purchase Kitfort KT-1002. Buy Kitfort KT-1002 with benefits.
Weight 2.2 kg
Power cord length 5 m
Dimensions (HxWxD) 63.1x30.6x13.6 cm
Removable water tank Yes
Adjustable steam Yes
General characteristics
Type steam MOP
Power 1680 W
Water tank 0.45 l
Maximum steam 28 g/min
Steam temperature 98 °C
The vapor pressure - 1.50 bar
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