Kitfort KT-512

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50 dB
3.5 kg
NiMH, capacity of 2200 mA*h
there, with backlight
50 dB
3.5 kg
NiMH, capacity of 2200 mA*h
there, with backlight


Overall rating 5 stars
1 reviews
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December 17, 2015


Vacuum KITFORT KT-512 is our new helper to clean apartment. Before, I always thought that this technique is a folly, because that I should go the usual vacuum cleaner a couple of times a week for the whole apartment? As you have probably realized, I just didn’t realize what you’re missing.

Why I never considered buying a robot vacuum or basic myths of vacuum cleaners of this type:I thought he was going to be quiet and I won’t be able to avoid conflicts with acetamine it seemed that these vacuum cleaners stuck somewhere under the seats, exhausted and lomayutsya believed that their structure is too kipkalya scary to imagine that in my absence at home will drive some equipment, with which (who knows what) may cause a malfunction or something like that. I like to be in control.All these doubts were in vain. The cleaner works without a glitch, HOWEVER you need to remember that for a smooth operation he needs care and concern. To do this, let’s talk about the configuration of the vacuum cleaner and the rules of its operation.

Appearance and accessories the vacuum Cleaner is sold in a box with a handle. The box is absolutely not heavy, easy to carry, weight 3-4 kg. On the back of the box there is a diagram that explains the functionality of the vacuum cleaner.


A bunch of packages and Styrofoam Before working with the vacuum cleaner go to store for batteries. You’ll need 2 AAA batteries for the remote control and big-bellied casks of type D for the virtual wall.

The vacuum cleaner must be fully charged before each cleaning, he’s a dusty job, so let him fully recover before giving the job, otherwise he can plaintively beeped and off unfinished work to the end. Work charged of cleaner – about 90 minutes.

Set the virtual wall where the vacuum cleaner must not pass. Read more about virtualnoy the wall you will read in the instructions, everything is simple.How to assemble and disassemble the cleaner told in the video control Panel just wanted to say that the functionality of the vacuum cleaner without a remote is limited, you can only use the SPOT cleaning, local cleaning small area of floor if you have missed anything) or ask the cleaner task in the auto mode. And it is unclear how he would get on a charge with no remote. Apparently when I exhale will start to look for her.

The control panel can give the cleaner most of the functions and without it you will not be able to set cleaning schedule, increase the speed of the cleaner and control its direction during cleaning.Symbols on the remote are clear to those who know English. All the rest of you the first time to check my translation of the instructions.Programming cleaner for cleaning already told proizvoditelem, well, I’ll repeat:

Return to Bastak as a computer in the vacuum cleaner is smart, even if you are not home, and the vacuum cleaner nobody can give the command he will return to base after cleaning. If you control cleaning, you can issue the vacuum command CHARGE and it will start to look for a base.I read reviews that those who have purchased this model have trouble finding a vacuum cleaner to the base. In other words, the base moves when you try the vacuum cleaner zakonektitsya to her. The base is really easy, and if it does not attach to the wall or fix in the corner, the vacuum cleaner can move trying to connect. The manufacturer has provided this moment invested in a set dvustoronniy sticker, which base is fastened to a vertical surface near the floor and the vacuum cleaner quickly connects to her, not shifting it.

Daily wipe the contacts database and a vacuum cleaner with a cloth, otherwise he can not connect to it, the contacts should be clean without dust. The quality of cleaning First of all, before cleaning you need to make sure that the floor is no small toys, etc. They can get stuck between Turbomeca and the vacuum just shut off during operation. Remember that prednaznachen cleaner only for cleaning small debris – litter, hair, wool and dust.What struck me and surprised on the first day of work with a vacuum cleaner is the fact that he managed to recruit about a quarter of the bag with podlinnogo and washed the floor (tiles!). The cleaner cleans well around baseboards. With angles him to tackle harder, but he has a brush mustache, which falls outside of the vacuum cleaner and hard he’s merging all the garbage). In General, a vacuum cleaner suitable for daily cleaning and to cope with any debris, I really like the fact that it helps to maintain order on a daily basis, a normal vacuum cleaner I to get stopped.About carpets. We have long declined carpets in favor of tile and laminate these surfaces easier to clean and keep clean. We have 2 cats, fur flying around the house a lot, the carpets all this settles, so beauty them a little. But I still decided to check and went to visit with paleosol to the only neighbor I know in our house, to check on the vacuum cleaner to clean carpets. Cleans carpets cool, no problems with that on the carpet to climb, even a vacuum cleaner on my foot to get that he carpet. Vacuuming a little slower than a smooth surface, but it works well – the bag was almost full after a couple sosedkina carpets, which in appearance was also very clean.At the moment the vacuum cleaner we have asked parents (to play on a weekend). Also very pleased with his work, they have a house dog that thinks the vacuum is her friend. Thus, while it works, it does not depart from him – playing with him. Oh yeah, forgot to tell you about the relationship of vacuum and cats… Cats and plesonas Scots – cats are lazy, on any innovations react with fear and perplexity (British conservatism, whatever you want). Hoover was perceived as a threat to the life, the first time when the cats are in fear left the room. As it works, they get used to it – from the room where he works is already not running, but is safe for observation of the position of a sofa or chair. To ride on the vacuum cleaner? Her, my kitties won’t go for that. For them it would be like to ride on the dog. To the vacuum cleaner treat with caution. Small cons modelpalace glossy and mirror so that his reflection can take pictures. Because of this, it accumulates a lot of dust. Keep on hand a microfiber cloth and wet wipes.

It is necessary to prevent accumulation on the basis of dust, this vacuum cleaner can not connect to it for a long time to be stuck in it again and drive off. Daily wipe the contacts database. So, summing up the above ve want to call 9 real reasons why robot vacuum cooler of conventional cleaner

1. The autonomy of the device saves your time2. People with a bad back don’t need to bend to clean the whole apartment (besides the usual Pelosi always beat shock, this does not have such problems)3. The vacuum cleaner is less noisy than its normal 4. With the robot in the apartment is not clearly visible dirt, it cleans every day, so the apartment every day 5. UV lamp disinfects 6. Virtual wall allows you to restrict the movement of pylesos at home for example you may not be allowed into the room where the child was throwing toys)7. The vacuum cleaner is beautiful and it was very interesting to watch and for adults and children, it’s a toy-companion for all 8. Vacuum lightweight, it is not difficult to carry (to take to the cottage, for example)

9. Easy cleaning under beds and cupboards

To buy a vacuum cleaner here (official website)is Also a technique Kitfort sold in a number of other magazinemake you have run out of some consumable-item, to buy it is also available on the website (call the office or napiste feedback) All deliberate purchases!

Advantages:beautiful, low noise model, meows, perfectly cleans tiles and laminate flooring, simple way to get cats to hide, saving time and effort

The Kitfort company offers users to check out KT-512. The features of KT-512, in addition to their interesting design solution, make us pleased with their performance and functionality. Best solution for both house and office. Many customers already appreciated and left KT-512 reviews available on our service. Price comparison, that is also offered by our service, helps profitably purchase Kitfort KT-512. Buy Kitfort KT-512 with benefits.
Type robot
Noise 50 dB
Timer Yes
Weight 3.5 kg
Battery NiMH, capacity of 2200 mA*h
Display there, with backlight
Cleaning dry
Side brush Yes
Charging time 360 min.
Built-in clock Yes
Dust collector cyclonic filter, capacity 0.35 l
Remote control Yes
Modes of motion spiral, along the wall
Power regulator No
Modes of cleaning local cleaning
Power consumption 25 W
Time battery life up to 90 min.
Features and capabilities germicidal UV lamp
Programming by day of week Yes
Installation on the charger automatic
The Rev limiter zone cleaning virtual wall
Dimensions of the vacuum cleaner (WxDxH) 32x32x9.5 cm
Pipes and nozzles
Tips included holder cloth for polishing the floor
Electrobrush included Yes
Possibility of connection of electric brushes Yes
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