Kitfort KT-901

Overall rating 5 stars
5 from 1 reviews
6.3 kg
Power cord length
1.29 m
Automatic shut-off
with melkoporistoj pad, head clamp
Removable water tank
Steam hose
1.5 m
6.3 kg
Power cord length:
1.29 m
Automatic shut-off:
with melkoporistoj pad, head clamp
Removable water tank:
Steam hose:
1.5 m


Overall rating 5 stars
1 reviews
Overall rating 5.00 stars
March 30, 2016


The steam really makes life easier! Extra something ironed quickly tidy things fine-knit; pleats and ruffles, thick fabric and a knitted sweater-there is nothing impossible for my steamer!Chose mainly for the price (June 2015 it cost me 3200 on the stock in the online store). Steamer bribed also for its rich equipment.

from the manufacturer:Characteristicimpedance: 1500 pair Temperature: 98 °Sbak water: 1 Vremya work: 60 memaksimalkan steam: 30 g/mymaterial case: plasticbarbie hose: 1.5 teleskopiska stonachalniki tank votives: 6.3 chatoptions otklyuchaetsya power cord: 1.29 nasadki: melkoporistoj pad, head clamp, hanger, clip pants, brush+ termo rukavichnikov to get to work, you need to get water into the tank and press the button (during operation it is constantly lit red)the vessel Opening is wide enough no need to aim or use the funnel. The water I’m using only boiled.

A hair straightener though overall, but to hold in hand very comfortable. I think if you steam a large batch of clothes, the hand can get tired. But I gradually stripped, so I do not have this problem

to hold odometers 30 seconds the steamer is ready for operation.Here is the complete package, all the bits needed. Also have a bag with Velcro, you can remove the nozzle for a hair dryer and attach it to the rack. The rack itself can be adjusted in 4 positions, the highest floor from 1.5 meters.

Nashiokinskiy brush is attached to the Ironing. It is convenient to clean and freshen upholstered furniture.

Attachment-clip for pants is also comfortable to use, leaves no Las on the fabric

There are also three holders: basic — for hangers-coat hanger (top photo), holder shoulders for heavy garments and for trousers clothespin, which is attached on the shoulders. Clip for pants is a little tight.

those shoulders

So today I need to tidy coat to steam the crease on the sleeve, stripped lining and brushed collar. I will use the holder-the shoulders

melkoporistaja brush in action

roll to clean lint and brush ready for the new feats

room on the sleeve “before and after”

photo amparan while only the lower left edge :)And what about the sweater in a fine knit, with chiffon panels? my steamer all the forces

pros:many useful accessoirement jet parabolica work surface uticarome with any dynamiquement to work for 30 Sekundochku Ironing not nagrebetskaya dimensions cons:tight clip for pants the RESULT:a Steamer is a very useful thing in the economy. This steamer got me to 100%, with one drawback – tight clip. But more often I use the standard holder and the usual hangers-hangers and hangers of pants. Wide Ironing surface stripped from a large area of tissue, so the work goes very quickly!If you are late in the morning — to quickly bring order to your shirt or baby the thing it will take a couple of minutes.Besides it does not occupy much space in the apartment.Recommend!

Advantages:quickly heats to operating temperature, a powerful jet of steam, excellent equipment, handle, iron does not overheat the work, strut

The Kitfort company offers users to check out KT-901. The features of KT-901, in addition to their interesting design solution, make us pleased with their performance and functionality. Best solution for both house and office. Many customers already appreciated and left KT-901 reviews available on our service. Price comparison, that is also offered by our service, helps profitably purchase Kitfort KT-901. Buy Kitfort KT-901 with benefits.
Weight 6.3 kg
Power cord length 1.29 m
Automatic shut-off Yes
Strut Yes
Nozzle with melkoporistoj pad, head clamp
Removable water tank Yes
Steam hose 1.5 m
General characteristics
Type steamer
Power 1500 watts
Design outdoor
Water tank 1 l
Case material plastic
Maximum steam 30 g/min
While working 60 min.
Steam temperature 98 °C
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