Kitfort KT-903

Overall rating 4.25 stars
4.25 from 4 reviews
8.1 kg
Dimensions (HxWxD)
51.5x35.4x24.7 cm
Additional information
includes: adapter, brush for floor, floor cloth, extension tube, cloth for steaming, round nylon brush, round brass brush, angled nozzle, measuring Cup, alarm of lack of water
point nozzle, floor nozzle brush
Carry handle
Removable water tank
Compartment for storing nozzles
8.1 kg
Dimensions (HxWxD):
51.5x35.4x24.7 cm
Additional information:
includes: adapter, brush for floor, floor cloth, extension tube, cloth for steaming, round nylon brush, round brass brush, angled nozzle, measuring Cup, alarm of lack of water
point nozzle, floor nozzle brush
Carry handle:
Removable water tank:
Compartment for storing nozzles:


Overall rating 4.25 stars
4 reviews
Overall rating 4.00 stars
June 12, 2015


Agree, few people like to touch dirty rags, to wring mops with adhering debris and hair.As I wrote in my review about accumulator vacuum cleaner Philips-1885 (…), I wanted to find the perfect set of equipment for quick and hygienic cleaning.In my imagination painted the picture as I wash my floors with hot steam, and it looked very tempting..Because before I did not have to face such a technique, his quest I started, naturally, with the most promoted brand in the field of vapor-cleansing – Karcher (Karcher).From Karcher’s extensive catalog and took two days of classes dense to understand what was happening.Mini pressure washers, floor polishers, electric brooms – it’s all wrong.Vacuum cleaners with Aqua-filter vacuum cleaners for dry cleaning with the bag, vacuum cleaners – uh, how much new information, but that’s not it either! (By the way, anyone interested in this topic, in my other review this classification in detail).And here we come to the dry residue, two categories: propylesosit and steam cleaners. The only difference between them is that the first not only let off steam, but suck it back along with the dirt.But I paropylesos did not come for two reasons: I wanted a compact vacuum cleaner for the treatment of not only gender, but also of shelves with books, and technology. And secondly, embarrassed by his weight without accessories – 9 kg. as for the cleaners, in reference to Philips I described my visit to the company store Karcher. I thought that you should not pay more for the brand, and she was right. Judge for yourself: is it worth to pay 12 Grand for a unit with a removable water tank and standard equipment (floor brush, spot nozzle, two brush -round and for steaming) when other manufacturers have long been doing interesting patterns with equal power of steam and a rich set of accessories at a lower price!After rosy illusions about Karcher, burst like soap bubbles, I noticed on steam mops. I watched, read performance, but all the clearer it became one: steam MOP is a rather under-the steam cleaner. Their power is in average, against 1 bar 3-4 bar steam cleaners, do not know how anyone, but I wanted a thorough cleaning of the results, and in addition, extended features: to and floors, and the plate washed.I watched the Ariete, but then I saw Kitfort, and realized that was gone. Things of this brand are literally radiate friendliness. And I love the fresh green color. I realized that buying only Kitfort, there remains to determine the modification!I was choosing between the four models. Paired CT and CT 908-909 I was interested in other design of the steam gun compared to the rest. The trigger from the bottom, and the button can be fixed in the depressed position, plus 909 still have 2-stage adjustable steam – a useful thing, as I understand, when you try to steam the wrinkled-jeans prematue achieved the result, but because of the large jets of steam and highly moistened them, so I had to wait, while will dry up. Paired Kitfort KT-903 and KT-912 I was attracted by the presence of a removable water tank and a pump that is fast heating and readiness to work. It was very difficult to determine the layout: vertical, of course, saves storage space, but horizontal 912 model has a reinforced construction of the hose and can roll over them like a vacuum cleaner. There is one important point: 903 NOT rolling. Yes, the wheels are, but it is necessary to reject the unit back to work. So I just endured it by the handle like a bucket.In the end, I decided that the quick heating is more important to me than continuous-feed pair, and that a double set of brushes in all 912 you can donate, and became the happy owner of Kitfort-903. Once home, I quickly vacuumed, and started to wash the floors with steam. The occupation is easy, and enjoyable! Only a couple of minutes, and already the linoleum creaked from purity.It immediately came out and some of the features of the machine: 1) cord I don’t have enough for the whole room 20m, had once re-connect to another socket. 2) removable from the tank the pump draws some of the water in the boiler, where it boils into steam. If this is heard distinctly characteristic sound can be compared to the performance of the refrigerator), so if someone is sleeping, I wouldn’t use it. I don’t know how the rest of the models, their owners rarely write about it.I want to note, on the handle of the steam gun has a lock switch trigger, to not get burned by accident when changing the nozzle.Then I had to deal with the stove. View before and after photos. It’s covered in grease from cooking, and even pemolyuks doesn’t help much, so at some point I just stopped washing it altogether. Well what can I say. For half an hour, not really straining, but just exploring the possibilities of steam, I radically cleaned surface. Slab, of course, were de-energized, the water with the dirt collecting paper towels. By the way, I also vacuumed, because the steam shoots down large particles on the floor. I did not even bother to bring everything to the ideal, was already late in the evening, but one thing is for sure: after this cleaning, it’s much easier to maintain equipment in decent form (especially before the arrival of the guests). Summing up, I would say that I’m happy with my purchase, I got what I wanted for a reasonable price. Sure, now the floors to be cleaned more often because the machine is just fun! =)

Overall rating 3.00 stars
June 26, 2015


Initially, I chose a clothes steamer in order to make your life easier with the Ironing daughter’s rubaszek thingies and their skirts in the crease. After studying the issue, I realized that the steamer is in principle ambiguous thing, and even the top-end and, accordingly, expensive models with good steam pressure of 4 bar does not replace the iron and not cause the owners delight. And therefore it was decided not to buy the steamer, and to buy a fighter several fronts with good performance. Well, that and to clean and wash, and steam when necessary. Kaporta very good equipment, and steam pressure of 4 bar gives hope that it will be the passion for beauty in all the above cases. However, in practice it turned out that it is not perfect. He washed the floor, so that left water spots, stains on the laminate (being meticulous I photographed them, you never know who could be useful:)), and to wipe after he still in addition all the floors with a dry cloth, I had not planned. So its an ordinary MOP leifheit I will continue to wash the floors as before.About clothes too room failed, because steam is possible exactly to the moment until he finally wet a special cloth, which is stretched over the corresponding nozzle. But if without this cloth to try to steam, it periodically relish spitting water and heavy steam, in principle, wets clothes. Shown in the photo the shirt was the fifth thing I tried to steam, but I had to stop at the third )as to the device itself and its quality. Subjective feelings to write I will not write that back taped “gun” with hose and other accessories in General, as if not from these accessories. I.e. “gun” it is impossible to fix, it constantly falls out. Ergonomics is why I’m not so much disappointed, but in principle surprised how, well, HOW can you mess up such nonsense? And I also did not like the principle of constant heated water, i.e. the model how would the new generation, where you can add water to the removable tank, and a steam cleaner out on slightly takes warm and tiny portions, respectively, and in the end warms continuously, if you do that more or less volume.. I thought in this sense, the old generation (the same as kt 905) would be more my liking. That’s all.

Advantages:certainly perfectly cleans and disinfects

Overall rating 5.00 stars
November 15, 2015


Hello!Today my review is unusual because it is absolutely not about cosmetics. I don’t write reviews about appliances, but I made an exception. This product just is not worthwhile. Today I will talk about my favorite steam cleaner – Kitfort KT-903 Professional Series.

Why I decided to talk about it? Because a steam cleaner is an indispensable tool of every housewife in cleaning your “family nest”. I hope my review will be useful to many.I bought this steam cleaner at the official online store Kitfort (link to product).For a very long time I wanted a vacuum cleaner. As soon as the time is still to buy it, I saw the advertisement on the steam cleaner. I was interested in. I went to the official page of the online store and began to read its characteristics and promises from the manufacturer. To be honest, intrigued. From proizvoditelnosti — multifunctional device that can replace the detergent cleaner, sanitizer, glass cleaner, a steamer for fabrics. Using the power of hot steam, steam cleaner perfectly cleans any surface, and gently Ironing. The device is very easy to use, and does not require the user any special skills. KT-903 has a removable reservoir (tank) for water, so you can add water to the process without interrupting the flow of steam. From the reservoir the water is fed into boiler pump (water pump) high pressure, so the boiler is only required to work a minimum of water. Due to this, the heating time is only 2-3 min. Steam cleaner equipped with a detachable steam hose and rear panel for convenient storage of accessories. There is indication of readiness and alarm of lack of water. The design of the hull — vertical type, with a convenient top handle and wheels for ease of movement.In addition to descriptions from the manufacturer, I was interested in the scope and integration of this miracle of technology.Completelyprofessional with a cord, steam hose and grip – 1 stetka floor – 1 perehodnik to brush for the floor – 1 strape floor – 1 studenterna tube – 2 sstruja nozzle – 1 stetka for steaming – 1 strapko for steaming – 1 staskraba for glass Struga 1 nylon brush – 1 Struga brass brush – 1 Stepova nozzle – 1 Sterna Cup – 1 strokewidth user – 1 stablest applications• Floors and walls: ceramic and granite tiles, waterproof wooden floors, plastic floors, carpets• Glass surface: stained glass Windows and window frames, Windows and mirrors, furniture• Fabric things: clothes (delicate and thick fabric), cotton and hemp curtains, shower curtains and upholstery• Plumbing for kitchen and bathroom: basins, baths, sinks, showers, toilets• Kitchens: countertops, cooktops, microwave ovens, ovens, rubber seal, refrigerators, tiles and joints between tiles, lime and body fat• Inaccessible places: joints, fittings, blinds and radiators, fireplaces• Cars: bumper the radiator and engine compartment, glass, interior trim, covers• Motorbike and Bicycle: frame, wheels etc. After I read that I need characteristics. There was simply no doubt that this steam cleaner I just need. After all, it is much more scope than conventional detergent cleaner. The only thing he does the vacuuming, but it’s not a problem. You can buy a separate vacuum cleaner (most importantly, that space in the apartment allowed).More detailed information is available on the official website.In the end, without thinking twice, I purchased it. After a week the steam cleaner I had.

My curiosity took over. On the same day I did the General cleaning. To say I was thrilled is an understatement, but more on that later.Let us consider in detail the steam cleaner Kitfort KT-903.As I wrote, equipment the steam cleaner impressive. Let’s talk about each subject in more detail.1. Brush for the floor.

This brush is specially designed for floor cleaning. Resembles brush cleaner. This brush is a standard cleaning and floor cleaning. Suitable for floor, tiles, laminate, etc. 2. Floor cloth

Made of microfiber, absorbs the floor. Fine for cleaning the floor. Fits over the brush for the floor (No. 1). There are special clamps that allows the cloth to gain a firm foothold on the brush.3. Rag for steaming

Made of microfiber, elastic. Dresses not on the brush for floors and brush for steaming, secured on elastic.4. Scraper for glass

Fits over the brush for steaming. By the way, in this photo he is wearing it. Pre-brush for steaming, you can wear a cloth for steaming, and only then to put on the scraper.This nozzle is used for cleaning Windows.5. Brush for steaming.You can see under No. 4. On her worn scraper. Suitable for cleaning and Ironing of cotton garments. This brush can clean the Windows and use for steaming clothes.6. Inkjet nozzle.

Used to clean corners, baseboards and other places that are not so easy to clean.7. Corner nashicola cleaning hard to reach places. Put on the jet nozzle. Perfectly cleanses the seams on the furniture (kitchen set, stove, etc), and also the baseboard, corners and more.8. Round nylon brush. For cleaning skirting boards, kitchen, toilet and bathroom.9. Round brass brush.For cleaning skirting boards, toilets, kitchen, plates and especially strongly polluted places.

Nozzle No. 7, No. 8 and No. 910. Measuring Cup.

Created for the convenience of pouring water into the boiler.The boiler

The steam hose.

It is possible to cut off the couple, well to open appropriately.Extension tube.

Set 2 PCs for Example, steaming the Windows and cleaning the bathroom, is enough for me and more convenient with one extension tube. For Paul, of course, I prefer two.Also included was a user manual and warranty card.

Myself a steam cleaner in the Assembly looks like this. Wearing a brush to wash the floor (No. 1).

I think many concerned with the question: “what if a head was broken or just became unusable?” Where to look. In fact, the nozzle can be easily purchased separately in the online store.Application.Assembling the steam cleaner is very fast and convenient. When I first opened it, honestly, scared. Thought you will not understand. In fact, do not be afraid. It is only the number of items is scary, it is actually very easy and simple. Very quickly sorted out. Most importantly, carefully read the user manual before use.As I said, once the steam cleaner I got, I did a General cleaning. Soap all (had to spend the whole day, but it was worth it!). The work was in full swing, in the literal and figurative sense of the word! Wash Windows, window sills, floors, skirting, bathroom, toilet, stove. Then steam the clothes (just washed jackets and curtains). My happiness knew no bounds. Everything shone and sparkled. The air was moist (thanks to the hot steam). For me it’s just the perfect miracle technique. Especially when you have animals, children or adults with allergies (in particular, asthmatics allergic to house dust). Hot pairs are highlighted. The only thing to heat the water you need to wait a bit. By the way, the boiler is removable, which means if there is water after cleaning, it is easy to pull out and pour. A nice bonus is that the water can be refilled without turning off the steam cleaner from the Internet. It works quietly in the beginning a little noise when heating the water (until the red led illuminates, but shortly after the light turns green), then he works quietly. Is heard as steam stands out.Summing up, I want to say that I do not regret the purchase. I was doing between him and the vacuum cleaner. In the end, I won the steam cleaner Kitfort KT-903. I had a small doubt about the manufacturer because I didn’t know the firm Kitfort, but as they say “nothing ventured…”. Took a chance and did not regret a quality product, made carefully, without marriage. Now I have my personal assistant, which made it easy for me to clean the apartment.You can buy here: link to the product.All experienced and novice hostess, I recommend to look at and take in the bookmarks!Thank you for your attention! I hope my review will be useful!

Overall rating 5.00 stars
February 21, 2016


Girls, today will tell You about the recent purchase of the steam cleaner. It is something bombeznaya and very useful. I love when houses the order and know “sick” places of his apartment. It is these “knowledge” led me to purchase a steam cleaner. And even the vacuum cleaner broke down a week before. I never thought that cleaning can be easy, and the apartment is so clean. I, the mistress of two cats and a young mother, time to clean took much. And the ideal of purity to achieve and could not. But let’s order. My assistant steam cleaner Kitfort KT-903 Professional Series. The price on the official website – 10 390 RUB the messenger brought in a huge box, lovely colours.

Wishing to frolic in a box lined up)

And I immediately began examining the contents. Extract together:On the first tier two extension tubes and floor brush

On the second the steam cleaner

And at the very bottom, in a small cardboard box small parts to the machine

Here’s what is included in the full package:a Steam cleaner with a cord, steam hose and grip – 1 stetka floor – 1 perehodnik to brush for the floor – 1 strape floor – 1 studenterna tube – 2 sstruja nozzle – 1 stetka for steaming – 1 strapko for steaming – 1 staskraba for glass Struga 1 nylon brush – 1 Struga brass brush – 1 Stepova nozzle – 1 Sterna Cup strokewidth 1 user – 1 PC I chose the most feature-rich and powerful model. These are the most important criteria when buying a steam cleaner. My power – 2000 watts, and a working pressure of 4 bars. The tank volume of water in 1 liter, and seemed a little in doubt. But in this model the water can pour into the process, without shutdown. Applications:

At first it seemed to me that such a large number of toothbrush to use can’t=) But this is only the beginning and only seemed. Now every brush and rag has its own scope. By the way, in the official store you can buy additional.

Begin to harvest. The heating time of the steam cleaner with a full capacity for 2-3 minutes. When I started to write a review, went to the manufacturers website and read that the continuous operation time of 1 hour. My workaholic in the first few days plowed for 3-4 hours without stopping. I’m not one of those who immediately sit down, read the manual. So collected them on a hunch. Fortunately, it worked the first time. Started harvesting the most remote and polluted places. That is to say, this is a must see. The seams between the tiles in the bathroom with Hands I would never have done, and to be honest would not have to do. Always full of food, children’s high chair, which we previously dismantled for cleaning once a week. Cleaning took about an hour with all the manipulation on the disassembly-Assembly. Now it becomes perfectly clean in just a couple of minutes:

As a mom, of course I have to mention two important advantages of my assistant:After purchasing a steam cleaner, I almost completely abandoned the use of household chemicals. And for children’s clothes and toys refused completely.Steam temperature at exit 145*, that speaks about a powerful desinsection properties. When you live in an apartment for two koteyki and a small child is a necessity. And now I will show you another magical transformation in my apartment. Housewives old electric plates with pancakes I know they are hard to care for. Even slightly vykipela water can keep you occupied for quite a long period of time. And if I missed something big my plate looks like this:

Previously, I had to open the window, pour plate liter of terrible chemical and armed with a wire brush to clean indefinitely. Now after 5-7 minutes of steaming, the oven looks like this:

I’m sure if you put a little more effort and spend a little more time, you can clean the better. But I sink a little lower and continue cleaning:

Not only cleared, but also disinfected cat’s scratching post.

The example photos I showed the transformation of “sick” places in the apartment. In fact, only in the first week I washed the Windows, all horizontal and vertical surfaces treated with steam, including cupboards and a drawer. Been stripped and refreshed curtains and tulle, as well as all warm things. Steam handled all the pillows, blankets and mattresses. Cleaned out from under the baseboards debris that was lying there from the time of delivery at home. Handled the ferry all the children’s toys and small accessories, and calmed down. In addition to General cleaning, my floors only a steam cleaner. However before washing your have to sweep hair brush, two fluffy koteyki beyond the power of even such a powerful device. Mirrors, glass, tiles – only a steam cleaner. The toilet and tub once a week with a steam cleaner, just household cleaning products and brush. Steamer: one More is definitely a good feature is the steam. It is no secret that when Ironing a fabric deteriorate. Ironing takes a lot of time and effort. With the steamer solved several problems at once:steamer can cope with a thick winter jacket and woolen coat with the most delicate fabric that iron certainly ipartite required Ironing Board, iron the clothes, I just wellkbutrin than classic Ironing

Storage: I store them on the bottom shelf of the Cabinet and not dismantled. In my tiny apartment was the area, it does not interfere and were not in plain view. Near by the steam cleaner in a rag bag hung on a hanger all tips. Everything is always at hand to use quickly. Conclusion: My apartment is certainly cleaner. I got rid of the dust and dirt which would never get rid of hands. I washed neubivaemoy. I think the apartment was even easier to breathe. My manicure lasts longer because now I rarely take up the cloth. Daily cleaning took less time. But for all cleaning now spend much more time! With this assistant, I became a real fan. If I recommend a steam cleaner Kitfort KT-903 Professional Series? Recommend!

The Kitfort company offers users to check out KT-903. The features of KT-903, in addition to their interesting design solution, make us pleased with their performance and functionality. Best solution for both house and office. Many customers already appreciated and left KT-903 reviews available on our service. Price comparison, that is also offered by our service, helps profitably purchase Kitfort KT-903. Buy Kitfort KT-903 with benefits.
Weight 8.1 kg
Dimensions (HxWxD) 51.5x35.4x24.7 cm
Additional information includes: adapter, brush for floor, floor cloth, extension tube, cloth for steaming, round nylon brush, round brass brush, angled nozzle, measuring Cup, alarm of lack of water
Nozzle point nozzle, floor nozzle brush
Carry handle Yes
Removable water tank Yes
Compartment for storing nozzles Yes
Steam hose 3 m
General characteristics
Type steam cleaner
Power 2000 W
Design outdoor
Water tank 1 l
Case material plastic
While working 60 min.
Steam temperature 145 °C
The vapor pressure to 4 bar
The volume of the boiler 1.5 l
The time of heating the water 3 min
My review Kitfort KT-903

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