Kitfort KT-910

Overall rating 4.75 stars
4.75 from 4 reviews
5 kg
Power cord length
1.2 m
Automatic shut-off
with melkoporistoj pad, nozzle clamp, nozzle-brush
Removable water tank
Steam hose
1.5 m
5 kg
Power cord length:
1.2 m
Automatic shut-off:
with melkoporistoj pad, nozzle clamp, nozzle-brush
Removable water tank:
Steam hose:
1.5 m


Overall rating 4.75 stars
4 reviews
Overall rating 5.00 stars
May 20, 2015


If your thing for you mean something, you are a perfectionist always well ironed things, you value your time and effort, then this review is for you.The price was 5500 RUB. in may 2015 in my city Briefly about the product:included brush attachment x1, paroling x1, user manual x1, x1 hanger, clip pants x1 extension tube 1 steam 35g/minnet flow adjustment paradine cord 1.2 m – korotkoactute 2015 – noviscape of professional sarioglan soundly, quality plasticity, totpar delivers a constant, not leaking, no splashes on clothing, and on the floor of traces of water does not ostavlyaite the minimum allowable water level beeps signalsa pad weighty feel in the hand maybe for someone to be thelovecalculator, does not occupy much space, can be folded telescopic tube-stonebri the first test refused inclusion due to the wrong winding electronproton stripped products from cotton, flax. Allows for a couple of minutes to refresh the thing.After Stripping, the thing is slightly lanoiselet at least in the first time to use gloves to avoid burns. I’ve gotten good at it, stripped without neev kit handy tip to create arrows, for example, brumagne leaves things traces, selamolela cope with ruching, and pleats difficult to iron places to tidepools to upgrade to suede abovepresented – a pleasure! Very, very useful thing, will not remain in your home without constant use.A great machine in its class for a reasonable price. The iron are now rare. Recommend!

Advantages:compact, convenient, effective

Overall rating 4.00 stars
March 16, 2016


Thought long and decided to buy a steamer. Wasn’t sure about that thing in the economy is needed. Chose the reviews long time and stopped on floor steamer Kitfort KT-910. It cost 7000 rubles. Use for three months, impressed contradictory.To start, I still made sure that the steamer thing in the economy is needed and if this breaks, I will think about buying a new (and possibly not from this company).The advantages of this steamer:Is the additional heating of steam in the handle of the steamer, so the steam is hot enough to make clothes wet. On the handle convenient push-button on and off couple

Though the sizes are not that small, but it’s still quite compact. Strut develops.There are various accessories in set (for Ironing hands on his trousers, brushes, etc.).

To steam knitwear they are really very convenient and faster than iron. Winter wardrobe more than half have of such things, so about iron temporarily stabilisor whether automatically, by pressing the button hidden inside ofprivatization external videosy unfortunately, there are also:water Tank is leaking. Ie if you leave it with water after Ironing, the day will flow onto the puddle under it

The main disappointment is not convenient Ironing of shirts. Front Desk always tries to turn. Collar normally proslejivaetsya. The shirt, of course, you can still steam them, but with the iron it goes faster. Maybe it’s my perfectionism. For me either a well-ironed, or not, the average result it is difficult for me to be satisfied.For fixing the trousers well is very tight. I will attach until they all usually spekowius. Is it really impossible to come up with some reliable rubberized mount?

Advantages:compact, convenient

Overall rating 5.00 stars
March 16, 2016


Hello)In this review I want to talk about clothes steamer Kitfort KT-910, which was forced out of my life iron.I won’t lie and say that stroking them absolutely everything..It could have been, but for the sheets, for example, I have not yet used. But school shirts, adult shirts, all other clothing, sweater, Drapes it smoothes on “cheers”)so, get acquainted))

Kitfort KT-910 Why did you choose him? budget: I didn’t know when buying how often I’ll use it, so comparing a few models by reading a little about the principle of operation, chose this model. Price-quality, in my opinion, optimal. With all possible discounts, points at a cost of 5 thousand rbl. – compact: doesn’t occupy much space, easy – stripped things: on Ironing a school shirt, it takes me 40 seconds(!). The principle of operation is very simple: in the tank pour water, it is converted by heating into steam and fed through a special hose through the pad. I drive them on the surface of things and smooth out all wrinkles.

– a metal pad. My sister-in-law model with a plastic iron because of the high steam temperature melt. So I chose metal.

wide hanger. Compared several models, not all of them are wide shoulders. Narrow falls men’s clothing. So I chose normal size to fit for the whole family.

– the possibility of horizontal Ironing. Use this feature to Ironing sweaters. Directly on the rack, not hanging on a hanger. Very convenient.Nedostatki, not flaws, but rather flaws that the functionality of the model is not affected.1. Need to drain the water from the tank after use. Hole uncomfortable Uskova-TO2 realizing. Buzzes when pumping the water and heat it (before work). Not critical, but gives an uncertain sound, which takes place after 3. Complete bunch of unnecessary to me, mittens, brushes, and other things, which I’m not going to use and could be due to the lack of them a little bit cheaper cost of the device))4. The short cord.The main characteristics of clothes steamer Kitfort KT-910 from the manufacturer (with box)

In General, to use it I really like. Once a week I am fully prepared closet, while saving a bunch of time Ironing them much easier than with an iron.Thank you for your attention!

Overall rating 5.00 stars
April 14, 2016


Hello) Today I have prepared for You a great review on one very interesting thing.Steamer Kitfort KT-910 Professional Egeskog honestly, about the steamer – I dreamed of for the past three years. The money is not there, then creeping doubt – do I need one? If I can’t use them? Maybe I have just to stand and dusting…And then, finally, my dream was fulfilled – this handsome and settled in my home)Place of purchase: Sitelinkbridge a link to towersey: 7 690 rubles

Technical characteristicimpedance: 220 V, 50 Gtmodest: 2200 Atmosnet of the tank: 1750 Atmosnet heater to be ironed: 450 Webjam water tank: 1,8 Vremya steam: about 50 minoda steam: 35 g/mindalina pair: 1 pair partenerilor output: 120-130 °cord Length: 1,2 m steam hose: 1.5 Mesmer without stand (W x d x h): 250 x 370 x 350 mvista installed with stand and hanger: 1700 Mesmer packing (W x d x h): 398 x 311 x 392 net weight: 5,0 chvez gross: 5.8 khrok service: 5 leftover certified.Such brand as Kidport presented in many online stores of household appliances, the list You can see on the official website Kitfort. Now, I will try to tell You about the Assembly, about the technical features, but also share the experience of using this device. Came my order to the point of issuing orders quickly, I took it back and, accordingly, dragged home, and the beginning of testing.He was Packed into a large cardboard box blue color for easy transportation on the box by a handle:


That’s all the equipment:

Main parts only 4: front (i.e., metal, folding and telescopic sliding tube), a pad with a hose hanger and directly, the block of the steamer with removable water tank.Everything else – it is the accessories: the bag for storing accessories, clip, brush attachment, gloves, clamp for steaming pants.As well as the user manual and warranty card.

To collect – there is nothing to say. The design is simple.To collect the water yourself is very easy)I started the Assembly with the connection of the hose with the pad to the main unit.Everything connects quickly – no additional effort is required:

Inserted in the slots, close the cover.Next, collect the rack with the rack:I made this strut the whole length, as for my height – this height is quite comfortable.At the top, we put the hanger:Insert:


Next, the assembled stand design, we insert it into the grooves of the main unit of the steamer:

Insert, close on the special “castle”:

Bag with nozzles, so as not to lose and not to drive-somewhere – I immediately attached them to the rack.Fixed it easily, as it has the mechanism of “Velcro”.

Included is a special glove, in order not to burn your hands with hot steam.Recommend initially to use the mitten until you get the hand.I do not use it, I find it uncomfortable not the same feeling.)By the way, the mitten, I also hang on the rack is good the place is and it absolutely does not interfere.

As I said, and You probably have already probably noticed, the main unit is inserted into a special water tank:

It’s plastic and has a hole to pour the water.If the water in the tank runs out, the machine will signal You about it.

Cord the steamer may seem short, but if You are not planning to steam the curtains,- You him enough for the eyes. If You are going to steam the curtains, the steamer would have to put on a high chair and use an extension cord.The length of the cord by the way: 1.2 meter

A hair straightener, quite comfortable in the hand, it has a button on-off switch is very practical and convenient.

The holes from which steam escapes:

You can wear the brush-head, I’m going to use it to coat:

You can attach here’s a clip:

Plug suitable for all domestic outlets:

The wire seemed quite good – it is not written on the package and puny, and quite so impressive:

But here is inserted the water tank:

So here it is:

The hose of the steamer, long enough – the length: 1.5 meters:

Here’s how it looks assembled:

Hanger by the way, fixed is not dead – it goes around its axis, for me it is convenient because you do not have to walk around the steamer, a clothes hanger is spinning, then spinning and clothes with her.

The pad is fixed in the holder securely, in itself it doesn’t fall out.

I hope I did everything right, and something clever here)Here’s what it included:



On the steamer, with the side where you inserted the water reservoir, there is a special pedal to reactive winding wire)Wound sharply, loud, but fast)

The steamer has wheels on the bottom, so You can wheel it around the house.Yes, and in itself,- it is lightweight and mobile.

And now, I’ll tell you a little about my experience steaming: true,- enabled device, he began to warm up.A little later, You will hear a quite loud rattling, like a crop duster)don’t be frightened, it began to work the pump, it works, as I understand it the type of compressor.And that’s when he pumps up, he calms down and begins the process)Went pairs)

Begin to steam the thing, which we have previously put on the hanger:

Jet of steam powerful enough – be extremely careful!If you long to work with the steamer, that the iron and the plastic part begins to warm up, it was okay, but again, be careful.Remember, for steaming, the thing you need to keep a little preload, otherwise it will just be smooth and the process will be delayed:

The process of steaming, is quite fast, much faster and better than Ironing. I won’t say that the steamer will replace the iron. No, not replace.Pants for example, I ironed the iron, as well as various small items and linen.Steam is good for curtains, curtain of all kinds, shirts, t-shirts, jeans.Still, I am very pleased to steam the dresses, especially those that are made from natural fabrics, is simply a miracle! That’s really When I iron things iron, they immediately crumple, in the case of steam, the process goes several times faster, and the quality of Ironing much better to produce no creases, bends and waves. See for yourself:Cotton Polo shirt from Gloria jeans:

Forever-wrinkled, but so comfortable synthetic jacket from MODIS:

Nameless shirt from the Chinese market:

Cotton shirt from Gloria jeans:

My summer cotton pajamas:

Silk dress from Love Republic, wildly wrinkled and ghastly as it is difficult to iron.Usually, on Ironing this dress with an iron – took me 30 minutes, steamer – I took only 10. And I’m not a particularly tried:

After work, the steam from the steamer,- some time allocated, so do not rush to collect,- allow it to cool slightly;After work, You can fold it (telescopic tube), and maybe just put in a corner. So I did and store in the area, it takes up very little space.After work – be sure to drain the water out of the tank! The manufacturer accepts storing it with water in the tank, but I here personally do not recommend doing it, but that’s all why:the Pump, which is in the tank, can leak and if You leave the water, it can result and under the steamer will be a pool and it simply will not start until you dry out.So – water drain.Here, in General and all I wanted to tell You. To work with a steamer Cittert – I loved it) my only Regret is that he never came to me before. Very cool stuff.The thing is really worthwhile, I certainly will recommend it)

Thank You for your attention to my review)

The Kitfort company offers users to check out KT-910. The features of KT-910, in addition to their interesting design solution, make us pleased with their performance and functionality. Best solution for both house and office. Many customers already appreciated and left KT-910 reviews available on our service. Price comparison, that is also offered by our service, helps profitably purchase Kitfort KT-910. Buy Kitfort KT-910 with benefits.
Weight 5 kg
Power cord length 1.2 m
Automatic shut-off Yes
Strut Yes
Nozzle with melkoporistoj pad, nozzle clamp, nozzle-brush
Removable water tank Yes
Steam hose 1.5 m
General characteristics
Type steamer
Power 2200 W
Design outdoor
Water tank 1.8 l
Case material plastic
Maximum steam 35 g/min
While working 50 min
Steam temperature 130 °C
The vapor pressure to 1 bar
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