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FM tuner
The recorder
there is Wi-Fi 802.11 n
FM tuner:
The recorder:
there is Wi-Fi 802.11 n


Overall rating 4 stars
2 reviews
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January 11, 2015


~ Backstory ~ it started long before the new year. It was then that I realized that my shelves can’t handle all the books that I read or was going to. And with a whole library anywhere will carry. And it is not always possible to put the book down. It was decided to find some device that will serve faithfully, pleasing appearance, and this thing needs to be compact. So my handsome Cobusca was in my hands. But, go to the owner. The cost at the time of purchase that is the Nov 2014 5000 rubles. But now the price due to the increase in the dollar 8000. Sad, but what to do. Package contents: device charging (or rather just the cord without the adapter), a thick user manual in Japanese. Nothing special and the supernatural.

Owner off Technical ability (according to Yandex Market): Screen: E-Ink (electronic ink) 16 shades of gray size 6 inches Built-in backlight Supported formats: Text TXT, PDF, ePub, RTF, Graphics JPEG, TIFF, GIF, PNG Processor and memory: processor Frequency 1000 MHz internal memory 2048 MB microSD memory Card Dimensions (Shght) 114x157x10 weight 185 g Now there are a few colors that you can dig up in Russia – it’s white ( my version), black and red(just the rear, front white color). If we consider these books in Canada, Japan and the United States, they added blue, purple and a few others. However, it is not very important, as I put my book in case. I found him in St. Petersburg on ulitsa Efimova. Button layout:


To nitroscanate about how to include a book for the first time will not, in the first place, everything is intuitive, and secondly, if the intuition fails, you can refer to the world networks, where about all of this long ago told. So, when you turn on the reader, you always get to your desktop. I have only neobhodimoje almost: the icon with the book I’m reading at the moment, the Internet(Yes, it’s there, and it can be used to advantage, as will be discussed below), the sync button( what is it again later), my stats library(the entire set of books) and a collection(aka the shelf). For pampering, there are a couple of toys: chess, Sudoku and risovalka.


Menua now is the time secrets!Secret # 1 Internet electronic book can be used with advantage. Of course in VK and other social services. networks not to sit, but on the Internet to find some kind of storage, such as Yandex Disk. It can be used with a computer to upload to the vault of the book, and at a convenient moment to e-book these details to pick up. I hope I clearly explained. =)Secret # 2 to regret, sooner or later the owner may refuse to work.(Ugh-tuff!) In such case Kobuski at the bottom is a small hole where you can stick a needle or pin. It is located in the lower part of the book, and you can see it in the pictures. After that, the owner is rebooted. I won’t be needed.

Owner in the case of the pros: + Touch screen (though this is purely personal) + E-ink + Nice design + the ability to sort the literature by collection + Plug memory card + Standard USB connector + Ability to track your progress Is an app for sync of preaching on Apple devices + Availability of dictionaries (English, Japanese and other, except for Russian) + Search at the top of the screen + Backlight + Reads a large number of formats Disadvantages: the fragility of the screen (this is a problem all e-books) – When the lighting of the screen seems to be blue – a Necessary practice of a foreign language (does Not apply to books purchased on the territory of the Russian Federation, but it is more expensive ). But there is a belief that if you reflash the owner, you can get a polyglot who can speak Russian. And also will be able to read on the Kobo all formats. If I do ever decide to do it and not ruin the reader, it will tell you how to do it. Thank you for your attention! And up to new meetings!I’m happy to answer questions, please =) ….ooooO………….. ….(……)…Ooooo… …..\….(….(…….)…. …….\._.)….)…./….. …………….(._./……

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February 2, 2016


Good afternoon. Today I want to talk about my joy and the problem in one person ebook Kobo Glo.

Reading is my passion. Bought books favorite authors in large numbers. Agree that in our time a paper book is expensive. And besides, they need to be stored somewhere, although rare copy I read. With the advent in my life of a smartphone, I use it for reading. But the small screen size greatly affects the vision.You could certainly buy a tablet and use it for reading. But since I have two kids, and the tablet has been superseded by the Saba. As the children immediately took him to games. So I chose a long e-book.In stores the price of the book size of 6 inches starting from 6 thousand rubles. Then as a tablet for reading, you can buy twice cheaper. In short, I began to storm the online auction website eBay. And managed to win the auction Kobo Glo size of 6 inches. With shipping it cost me 5011 rubles in the spring of 2015.And after three weeks the cherished parcel from me. My joy knew no bounds. Delivered was this device straight from Japan. The book is Packed in a carton covered with film

. In the box was itself e-book, manual with the characters, book in English, USB cord for charging.

The charger itself is not included. Already – minus.Further – more. The menu in the book proposal.For me it is not critical, because I know the basic concepts in the English language, and this knowledge for correct use of the book is enough for me. Format read only ePub books that, as you know, severely restricts the range of downloadable literature.Plus, my little book has the ability to regularly hang. The first time it brought me to a screeching halt. Then I realized that it comes at a time when the charging level approaches 20-15%. So in her case also the pin, to reload. For this there are books at the bottom of the micro hole.

On the screen in the off state shows the cover of the latest read books. But after the next hangup my book shows something else, not read yet.Of the advantages can also note the presence of 4 built-in games. My favorite is Sudoku in 3 difficulty levels.

There is access to the network via Wi-Fi for downloading books. But as it happens I have not tried. Also has a built-in dictionary, but in the absence of the Russian language he told me unnecessarily.The body of the book is made of soft, pleasant to the touch plastic.

On the case there is a power button and illuminate the display.

Other buttons not. The brightness level of the backlight can be adjusted, which is very convenient. On the site Aliexpress, bought her a wonderful case with a stylus.

Charge holds for about a month with daily use 1-1. 5 hours.

Recharged about 4 hours.In General, summarizing the above, it is fine with me, if not for her unresponsiveness (1 – 2 times per month). Maybe it’s a defect of my books?!

Advantages:built-in backlight, built-in games, the technology of electronic ink

The Kobo company offers users to check out Glo. The features of Glo, in addition to their interesting design solution, make us pleased with their performance and functionality. Best solution for both house and office. Many customers already appreciated and left Glo reviews available on our service. Price comparison, that is also offered by our service, helps profitably purchase Kobo Glo. Buy Kobo Glo with benefits.
Supported formats
Text TXT, PDF, ePub, RTF
Other HTML
FM tuner No
The recorder No
Connect and charge
3G No
Wi-Fi there is Wi-Fi 802.11 n
Bluetooth No
USB interface there, with charging
The possibility of charging from network No
Design and dimensions
Weight 185 g
Button paging No
QWERTY keyboard No
Dimensions (Shght) 114x157x10 mm
Display characteristics
Type E-Ink, infra-red, Pearl, touch, grayscale: 16
Settings 6", 758x1024, 212 ppi
Auto-rotate screen Yes
Built-in backlight Yes
The processor and memory
Memory card microSD, microSDHC
Built-in memory 2048 MB
Processor frequency 1000 MHz
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