KTM Country Star 26 Damen

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Double rim
Rim material
aluminum alloy
The name of the rims
Remerx Dragon L719
The name of the tires
Schwalbe Silento, 47-559
The diameter of the wheels
26 inch
spring loaded saddle
Rear brake
walking / Tektro 855AL
Double rim:
Rim material:
aluminum alloy
The name of the rims:
Remerx Dragon L719
The name of the tires:
Schwalbe Silento, 47-559
The diameter of the wheels:
26 inch
spring loaded saddle
Rear brake:
walking / Tektro 855AL


Overall rating 3 stars
1 reviews
Overall rating 3.00 stars
September 10, 2014


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Advantages:quickly heats water quickly warms the room, the availability of maintenance and repair, low cost

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Double rim Yes
Rim material aluminum alloy
The name of the rims Remerx Dragon L719
The name of the tires Schwalbe Silento, 47-559
The diameter of the wheels 26 inch
Comfort spring loaded saddle
Rear brake walking / Tektro 855AL
Front brake walking / Tektro 855AL
Type front brake V-Brake
The type of rear brakes V-Brake
The wheel
Design helm curved
Frame, fork
The fork 63 mm
Plug design spring-elastomer
Depreciation Hard tail
Frame material aluminum alloy
Adjustment plugs the stiffness of the springs
The steering column Threadless
The name of soft plugs SR Suntour SF13-NEX-26
The dimensions of the frame 14.56, 16.53, 18.50, 20.47 inch
The level of the soft plugs a pleasure
Carriage walking / Shimano BB-UN26
Magazine elementary / Shimano MF-TZ37-7, 14-34T
Shifters elementary / Shimano ST-EF51-3/7 EZ-Fire Plus
Rear derailleur walking / Shimano Altus RD-M310
Front derailleur elementary / Shimano FD-M190
Number of speeds 21
The design of the pedals classic
The design of the carriage non-integrated
The design of the shifters trigger bellcrank
The number of stars system 3, the number of 42-34-24 teeth
The number of stars in the cassette 7
Type the landing of the shaft of the carriage square
Additional information
Call Yes
Step Yes
Equipment the trunk, fenders, electrical equipment
Protective circuit Yes
General characteristics
Type mountain (MTB)
Model 2014
Drive type chain
The weight of the bike 15.3 kg
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