Lenovo A328

Overall rating 3.9375 stars
3.9375 from 16 reviews
GSM 900/1800/1900, 3G
Wi-Fi 802.11 n, Bluetooth 4.0, USB
System A-GPS
Satellite navigation
Battery type
Battery capacity
2000 mA⋅h
GSM 900/1800/1900, 3G
Wi-Fi 802.11 n, Bluetooth 4.0, USB
System A-GPS:
Satellite navigation:
Battery type:
Battery capacity:
2000 mA⋅h


Overall rating 3.9375 stars
16 reviews
Overall rating 5.00 stars
August 28, 2015


_____________________________________The BACKGROUND____________________________________I Bought this phone after a bad experience with polysensory Nokia.Frankly, after I was disappointed in the touch phones, but find the phone the cursor is now somewhat problematic. And the prices bite.After some deliberation I decided to stay on the brand Lenovo. The selection was small, so I decided to choose a model at an affordable price for me. And I found it Lenovo A328.

Place of purchase: Euroset________________________________KEY FEATURES___________________________Price: 5990 roubles, BUT the Play Market to install + 2 year warranty + case + SIM card MegaFon( which should be free !!! on assurances of the seller, but it struck the check and included in the price) – all this came to me at 8127 roubles. Housing type – Monobacterial housing and trim – Plasticweight – 140 grammrudman (length x width x thickness) – 32 x 68.5 x 11 mm Total characteristicity – smartphoneprint system – Android 4.4 SIM card Number – 2 of several SIM cards alternate screen Type – color, touch screen Sensornye – uncostitutional – 4.5 inch.Recording movies – estimately camera – Yes, 2 megapixels.3, FM radioraheem headphone – 3.5 GSM 900/1800/1900, 3GыWi-Fi 802.11 n,Bluetooth 4.0, USB GPSC A-GPSMediaTek MT6582M, 1300 Mccoist processor cores – 4 internal memory – 4 Bobjam RAM – 1 Gbsat for memory cards up to 32 Gblip battery – Li-polymer battery – 2000 mAh & nbsp; battery – chimneyville conversation – 21 curema expectations – 240 golosovoy set, voice upravleniem flight_______________a DETAILED ANALYSIS AND DESCRIPTION (an inside look)_________________________At the bottom of the chassis are 3 buttons: “more options (options)”, “main menu”, “back”.

Click on the button 1:

The phone has only 2 themes:

Click on the button 2 called by MAIN MENU

There are multiple desktops, which replaced the usual scrolling from right to left:

Desktop 1ы, only downloaded applications are displayed that are marked “New” until you do not use them 3-4 times

Desktop 3 your desktop № 2 to save space and time created multiple folders with similar files/applications.

Desktop 2 what happens if you open these folders:

If you go to the gallery, all files will be neatly into folders depending on the source of.

Player on this phone is quite simple and easy to use:

Actions that can be done with playing the song. “Create a mix” – it means to play songs in a mixed order.

Your favorite song can be set as a common call, and in individual contact. To do this, simply find the contact and press the No. 1 button

Same thing with photos.

There are different options for sorting the songs.

If you pull your finger from top to bottom, that POPs up here is the menu:

And if you click on the icon in the upper right corner, we’ll get this menu, which shows, in my opinion, the most popular functions.

By the way, this phone is very unusual for me to make screenshots. To make a screenshot on phone Lenovo A328 need to simultaneously hold the volume down button and the lock screen.

Like with the inner part of the phone, we understand. Moving to another part:____________________EXTERNAL DATA, PHONE Lenovo A328___________________________the phone Itself was in black and white. I chose the BLACK. My hands are rather big, but the fingers sometimes do not reach the desired buttons. Girls with a petite handle is quite uncomfortable.If you pry a small recess, which cover is removed quite easily.

What do we see after removing the cover:

The battery is fairly thin and lightweight. Above it are the slots for SIM cards and memory cards. One of the cards memory supports 3G Internet. The other only 2G. The memory card you can insert up to 32 GB. I have 4GB and it is enough.

Rear camera 5 megapixel with an led flash, but it is quite weak. There is a function smile detection and automatic shooting. Here is a photo taken by the rear camera phone:

Photo taken on the rear camera and processed in another photo editor.

Photo without processing, just cropped in the editor on the phone

Photo without processing, just cropped in the editor, telefonieren camera 2 megapixel. Selfie will do.

Speaker is pretty loud and strong.

On top there are 2 connectors for charging and headphones.

The phone charges for about 3 hours. Charging early days held a day then began to hold 2 and sometimes 3 days, provided that not often sit in iternete and play games. From conversations and music battery not much sits. But the camera only entry!_____________________________________SUMMARY_____________________________________________Summing up, I want to say that the phone I was pleasantly surprised.I definitely recommend it for anyone looking for a phone with good combination of price and quality! Successful to You of purchases!I hope I didn’t tired you, I would be glad if you look at my other reviews!

Advantages:many functions, no freezes, inexpensive, easy to use, good catches Internet

Overall rating 4.00 stars
October 19, 2015


Hello.I hope my review will be useful.

facial storonu March 2015 I bought the phone Lenovo A328.Use every day and very often.So, the main characteristics of my phone: smartphone, system is Android 4.42 Sims (I use Tele2 and MTS)built-in memory 1 GB + microSD 1 Backupuser 2000 mcamera – 5 MP, front camera – 2 MP, video shoots in HDwi-fi, 3G, dru and the rest of standardonline 1 cm

Sims and nutrio main job there are no comments, not a bit sorry that bought it.Main advantages:excellent quality chemisier work smoothly (even very weak catches in the subway tunnel holds a charge for 2-4 days (several hours a day working in a wi-fi network and often use different applications, as well as talking)by gps no complaints, geolocation works zamechatelnoe sovietcontrolled the screen for the period of use is not deteriorated (although a couple of times it has been dropped)speakers work well and sound without rattles and Graciano, of course, with all the advantages there are also disadvantages:not enough memory – there is a solution, microSD more (in the store spoke to 4 GB is working fine)not to upgrade, again due to platyspiza so-so, but it’s a smartphone, not a camera For its cost it is generally super. In March I bought about 7,500 rubles (in St. Petersburg, Maximus). Have just seen it a little cheaper (about 1000R.), but from my point of view, he is at work and the functionality and even inexpensive. Consider it on par with the IPhone s, but only at the right price

Advantages:the battery holds a charge well, beautiful, many features, no freezes, inexpensive, easy to use, good catches Internet

Overall rating 5.00 stars
October 23, 2015


Smartphone Lenovo A328 in use for almost a year. He was a gift from my husband on his birthday. I could not get enough of just! And now, too. During this time, had a good impression about him. Never Nitsche, no hanging out, no breaks, ugh-ugh, he’s still not been repaired.It’s hard to find a good thing for the money, but it turned out that it is real!The phone is not very expensive, it is a very cute ( I have a white smartphone), the battery holds a good, if not hang all the time on the Internet, especially via Wi–Fi. If you just use to reply to calls and literally 30 minutes a day to hang on the Internet, the battery will last for 4 days. If every day for a few hours, then on day 2. Well, if he practically climbs, every day need to be recharged.It is very good that this smartphone for 2 SIM cards which is quite convenient to use (although when one room talking, the other is the zone, but I don’t think it’s a big problem). Most importantly, it does not hang and not break (previously also had a smartphone for 2 SIM all the time vis).Like what Lenovo A328 can work with programs OfficeSuit, as it is quite comfortable. Anywhere, wherever I was, you can view a document or report.The only negative – no flash… That is what is not present – without a difference…overall, very happy. Recommend! Sure you will not regret.

Advantages:the battery holds a charge well, beautiful, many features, no freezes, inexpensive, easy to use, good catches Internet

Overall rating 4.00 stars
December 27, 2015


Bought the phone Lenovo A328(photo).

on the Wallpaper, my cat is Good, camera 5 megapixeles, there is a flash. And like that bumper and screen protector included! The battery very long holds a charge, but if you use this phone. Unfortunately, there is no focus:(((. Is not expensive enough. Convenient operation. The second protective film included! “Frontalka” too. He merits a lot of, but disadvantages too. As I said, there is no autofocus. Battery is spent quickly, for example, if to sit constantly on the Internet or playing games. The memory is small, so if you want to download some app, it is better to put the SD-card. It can be quickly mastered. And two SIM cards into the bargain:D. “Lenowisco” I like it! It is just right for someone who wants to buy iPads or something like that. Now about the configuration. Attached: charger, earphone, user manual and warranty card. Bad still that the radio works from the headphones, but who now listens to him on the phone. In short the phone is awesome! Recommend!

Advantages:the battery holds a charge well, beautiful, inexpensive, convenient to use

Overall rating 3.00 stars
March 17, 2016


I bought a year ago, Lenovo A328 and now I can talk about it. The first month could not have been happier, new Android,good camera … But! a very weak battery, when active use is enough for half a day or less, the internal memory only 4 GB can be expanded up to 32GB flash card, but the point?! if all applications are installed on the 4 GB of which half is the Top. except VK,instagram, email and vats APPA summer and the color is just a huge minus! Flash cards Alice for a photo. Six months later the phone began greatly to fail – instead of the names from the phone book gives a number, like calling unknown, I felt that not enough memory and have to remove something,although there is nothing to remove. This can be fixed by restoring default settings, but it only helps for 1-2 months. Cute appearance and disgusting contents of the phone, although it is not very cheap.

Advantages:beautiful, cheap, good catches Internet

Overall rating 3.00 stars
May 3, 2016


I bought a mobile phone Lenovo A328 for mom. Year worked fine, even great. Quality, not a complicated phone at an inexpensive price. Smartphone easy to use, manageable. Responds well to commands even when pressing lightly on the sensor. But nichina dropped and flew touchpad. After the fall she took in for repair. To renovate a whole month has passed. In the Studio was not the same touch pad, they had to order it from your supplier through China. After waiting two weeks, installed the sensor, but the mobile was not working properly. Could not placate the Chinese new sensor to the smartphone. Keys ceased to obey the letters when writing a text, not the rack. Also in the Studio said that Lenovo is hard to find spare parts to replace.Now the phone is awful. It is not necessary to drop taitelman, it after the fall no become.After a year of using the battery to sit.

Advantages:the battery holds a charge well, beautiful, inexpensive, easy to use, good catches Internet

The Lenovo company offers users to check out A328. The features of A328, in addition to their interesting design solution, make us pleased with their performance and functionality. Best solution for both house and office. Many customers already appreciated and left A328 reviews available on our service. Price comparison, that is also offered by our service, helps profitably purchase Lenovo A328. Buy Lenovo A328 with benefits.
Standard GSM 900/1800/1900, 3G
Interfaces Wi-Fi 802.11 n, Bluetooth 4.0, USB
System A-GPS Yes
Satellite navigation GPS
Battery removable
Battery type Li-polymer
Battery capacity 2000 mA⋅h
Connector type for charging micro-USB
Working time in standby mode 240 h
While working in the talk mode 21 h
Diagonal 4.5 inch.
Screen type colour, touch
Touch screen type multi-touch, capacitive
Auto-rotate screen Yes
The size of the image 854x480
The number of pixels per inch (PPI) 218
Other functions
Management voice dialing, voice control
Airplane mode Yes
The CPU and memory
Processor MediaTek MT6582M, 1300 MHz
Video processor Mali-400 MP2
The memory card slot there are, up to 32GB
The amount of internal memory 4 GB
The number of processor cores 4
General characteristics
Type smartphone
Weight 140 g
Management touch buttons
OS version Android 4.4
Housing type classic
Type of SIM card normal
Dimensions (Shmht) 68.5x132x11 mm
The number of SIM-cards 2
The mode of operation of multiple SIM cards alternate
Multimedia capabilities
Audio MP3, FM radio
The camera 5 million pixels., led flash
Front camera there, 2 million pixels.
Headphone Jack 3.5 mm
Recording movies Yes
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