Lenovo B590

Overall rating 4 stars
4 from 3 reviews
Operating system
DOS / Win 7 Home Basic / Win 7 Home Basic 64 / Win 8 / Win 8 64 / Win 8 Pro 64 / No OS
Battery type
While working
6 hours
Battery capacity
4400 mAh
A microphone
The presence of speakers
Operating system:
DOS / Win 7 Home Basic / Win 7 Home Basic 64 / Win 8 / Win 8 64 / Win 8 Pro 64 / No OS
Battery type:
While working:
6 hours
Battery capacity:
4400 mAh
A microphone:
The presence of speakers:


Overall rating 4 stars
3 reviews
Overall rating 5.00 stars
February 17, 2014


Cool price and quality.I use a laptop for 4 months, no problems associated with iron was observed.Eye-pleasing matte screen, good color. However, sometimes the angle is not very well seen when compared with gloss.One of the biggest benefits for me – no overheating, and good battery that can withstand 4-5 hours of work.Comfortable keyboard, basically the buttons you can snap carefully, clean the insides, but I suggest you not to litter. Dynamics of average. Neither for nor against – I will not say anything.From minuses for me – not a very good touchpad. He shifted a little to the left, due to which sometimes the thumb of the left hand touches the touchpad when typing and rearranged to other lines and words. Maybe it’s from my personal habit of typing with a touchpad in the middle. The case is matte, sometimes a little visible stains or due to the finely engraved surface when holding accidentally something vymazani, the irregularities fall into the smallest particles and not wiped off immediately. But overall, with careful use it will not, and the matte finish makes a nice design. Problems with modems, while the camera was not.

Advantages:matte screen, not very expensive, pleasant to the touch, stylish, modern laptop cool and quiet

Overall rating 2.00 stars
December 5, 2014


In 2013 I needed a new laptop, I put forward their queries and asked the person who understands a little about computers, tell what to stop. My queries (laptop for a College student): computer games I do not play, do not need to install a powerful and large programs (such as autocad or photoshop). Importantly, the notebook kept the battery, no noise; I work with documents, watch movies and surf the Internet. Actually for these purposes does not require something supernatural, so to spend money on a powerful laptop – no meaning!

Eventually settled on a Lenovo 590, you could even say trapped, because the stores are simply a plethora of models of this brand. This model is available in several different trim levels, I have Core i3 3110M 2400 Mhz/15.6″/1366×768/4.0 Gb/1000Gb/DVD-RW/NVIDIA GeForce GT 720M/Wi-Fi/Bluetooth/Win 8 64

By the way, originally, the Chinese brand does not bother me, as they did successfully work with such well-known IBM…PF…In December 2004, the company signed a broad multi-year agreement between IBM and Lenovo. In accordance with this agreement, Lenovo bought IBM’s Personal Systems Group — the division on manufacture of personal computers. Under the deal, Lenovo can use the IBM brand until 2010 and after that date, the company’s products are available only under the brand name Lenovo.

And now the history of the purchase: the laptop I went to my Dr and so I wanted to quickly draw up the laptop and go for another thing, that I even turned a blind eye to deliberate the plastic body of the laptop and the fact that he was standing on the demo kit, in stock of such.” Brought home, Internet I Wi-fi bad connection is interrupted (Yes that there, on the phone faster loaded), after 2 days, attributed to the workshop (it was necessary at once to return). Repaired for 1 day, is moved contacts. After 3-4 months, I dropped the laptop from a height of approx. 1 meter, the plastic side broke off, the impact on the laptop is not affected. By the way soft pads – pads with covers quickly come off, just slid…unpleasant.

It has been 10 months since the purchase, I started to lose audio, sometimes it’ll include the laptop, the sound is there, you will stand 2 hours idle the sound disappears if you restart in 90% of cases the sound appeared. Everything else, again, “mccp” with the slow functioning of the Internet. Refused to the track pad and the disks were readable. When the computer is “hung down”, the fan always started to buzz wildly. Again repair, it ordered a new Mat.cost, details was a very long time, so the laptop is returned after 42 days (I’m hoping that it will not return for 45 days and I will go to the store to change it)!

But! How am I able to get it back? – because I was fixing the laptop 2 times during the warranty period, and the total repair took more than 30 days, then wrote the application with all checks to the exchange, within 2 weeks it was considered and approved, and before his D. p. in 2014 I went to choose a new laptop in exchange for the FIREWOOD!

The laptop was tested, it was not faulty or defective, so the disadvantages of it are considered more objective than. Summing up, we have Bad work notbasically design (thin plastic case)Overpriced for tree price 18 390 RUB (OK, let’s not count the first problem, but the period of the work Mat.Board about 10 months for the money is a joke)!The laptop is used exclusively at home.Note of the advantages of a matte screen, BUT did YOU KNOW THAT if You give my laptop in for warranty repair, You must provide for the term of this repair laptop, worse Your characteristics, it is necessary to write an appropriate paper, I never did, because I had something to work on, but in General, if You find this relevant, I ask, is Your right!Information for Russia (other countries do not know) and by the way this is not just about laptops and tablets, there is a large list of devices. All this information and samples of applications for refund, exchange, etc. can be found on the legal forum or just through a search engine!DSLR Nikon D3200/ angry at myself and hate it!Multivarka VITEK/ facilitate cooking and make tramavirtual hair dryer/ drug for hairy osoben BOSCH Quattro-Ion/ zaplyuyut onlinesince to remove the pellets Atlanta/ will help to get things in original form

Advantages:matte screen

Overall rating 5.00 stars
April 9, 2016


The laptop is great. Over the two year summed up in 4 (!) times.First, the pluses – the matte screen is pretty good drawn games such as:DotA 2 And cs:Go,and of course a good keyboard.Now O4-Yoh negative aspects. The first three are connected with Wi-fi. 4 times is associated with the drop polutorametrovoy (!) height.After the fall opened, and… almost wept from the sight frame around the screen lying on the keyboard, the floppy drive of the half was videowalla from the case without the consent of the come back and unfortunately broke a piece of plastic around the port to receive the headset . Through bukvalno three minutes it turned out that the problem is not so deplorable. Frame back into place a minute later it turned out that it rests on the banal attachment that seems to be designed for such situations (by the way before the fall would not have thought about its existence since the cracks were not noticeable poetichesky – indicating high-quality Assembly, the drive didn’t work at first but after 2 days during a RAID in WoW…and suddenly Sauzal Earned!As for a fragment of plastic on the work of wodnika not affected.In General we have a pretty durable and a quality product which is well drawn and pftp FTP game,with enough Moshenniki processor ( although it depends on the series). PS I Read the comments with negative ratings. What I would like to say. Understand there is adopted the majority rule that after the fall of your laptop usually fails in the system,and therefore require the sky still functions not worth it – will not only respond with a proud silence. Also not worth it with this CPU like i3 to demand maximum performance and tembolee to blame it on the laptop and not on the hardware , personally, on my model i5 and everything works perfectly.In the end I want to note that at the moment my great regret in reviews are people whose aim is to smear the make or model, and these people do not care about their primitive knowledge concerning iron, because the gentleman paid for it a little bit a lot a third of his average wage,and then the machine bought for 15 thousand rubles is not drawn Far Cry Primel?! All I can say is this group of people, it is just a great phrase: “don’t demand more by giving less “.

Advantages:matte screen, great for games, good keyboard

The Lenovo company offers users to check out B590. The features of B590, in addition to their interesting design solution, make us pleased with their performance and functionality. Best solution for both house and office. Many customers already appreciated and left B590 reviews available on our service. Price comparison, that is also offered by our service, helps profitably purchase Lenovo B590. Buy Lenovo B590 with benefits.
Type laptop
Operating system DOS / Win 7 Home Basic / Win 7 Home Basic 64 / Win 8 / Win 8 64 / Win 8 Pro 64 / No OS
Battery type Li-Ion
While working 6 hours
Battery capacity 4400 mAh
A microphone there
The presence of speakers there
The presence of a subwoofer no
Two video no
Adapter type / built-in / discrete / discrete and integrated
Video processor / Intel GMA HD / Intel HD Graphics 3000 / Intel HD Graphics 4000 / NVIDIA GeForce 610M / NVIDIA GeForce GT 610M / NVIDIA GeForce GT 720M
The amount of video memory 1024 MB
Memory type DDR3
Memory frequency 1333 MHz
The amount of RAM 2...6 GB
The maximum memory size 8 GB
Support 3D no
Screen size 15.6 "
Touch screen no
Screen resolution 1366x768
Led backlit screen there
Multi-touch screen no
Widescreen display there
Type cover the screen Matt
3G no
Wi-Fi there
WiMAX no
4G LTE no
Bluetooth optional
EDGE support no
Support GPRS no
HSDPA support no
Bluetooth Version / 2.1 + EDR / 4.0
The Wi-Fi Standard / 802.11 g / 802.11 n
Code processor 1000M
Core processor Ivy Bridge / Sandy Bridge
Processor type Celeron / Core i3 / Core i5 / Pentium
Processor frequency 1800...2600 MHz
The amount of L2 cache 512 KB
The volume of L3 cache 2 MB / 3 MB
The number of processor cores 2
COM port no
DVI output no
HDMI output there
Interface LPT no
Output TV-out no
Entrance a MIC there
DisplayPort Out no
Output mini VGA no
The audio input no
Micro HDMI output no
Built-in Fax modem no
The PS/2 interface no
VGA output (D-Sub) there
The eSATA interface no
Infrared port (IRDA) no
Built-in network card there
Audio output/headphone there
Max. speed LAN adapter 100 Mbit/s
The FireWire Interface no
The input on the TV-in no
Mini DisplayPort Output no
The FireWire 800 Interface no
Number of interfaces USB 2.0 2
Output audio digital (S/PDIF) no
Number of interfaces USB 3.0 Type A 2
The connection to the docking station no
Memory card
Support SD there
Support SDHC there
Support SDXC there
Support Memory Stick there
Support xD-Picture Card there
The device for reading flash cards there
GPS no
Width 254 mm
Length 379 mm
Webcam there
Weight 2.5 kg
TV tuner no
Thickness 34 mm
Metal case no
Remote control no
Shockproof case no
Waterproof case no
Slot for Kensington lock there
The number of pixels web camera 0.3 megapixels.
Input devices
The positioning Touchpad
Storage device
Optical drive DVD-RW
Hard drive type HDD
The amount of drive 320...1000 GB
Hard drive interface Serial ATA
The speed of rotation 5400 rpm
The volume of the first disk 0...1000 GB
The placement of the optical drive internal
Expansion slots
ExpressCard Slot no
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