Panasonic HDC-SD600

Overall rating 4 stars
4 from 2 reviews
F1.5 - F2.8
Manual focus
Zoom optical / digital
12x / 700x
Equivalent focal length
35 - 420 mm (16:9), 38.8 - 466 mm (4:3)
Manual exposure control
The diameter of the filter
46 mm
The focal length of the lens
3.45 - 41.4 mm
F1.5 - F2.8
Manual focus:
Zoom optical / digital:
12x / 700x
Equivalent focal length:
35 - 420 mm (16:9), 38.8 - 466 mm (4:3)
Manual exposure control:
The diameter of the filter:
46 mm
The focal length of the lens:
3.45 - 41.4 mm


Overall rating 4 stars
2 reviews
Overall rating stars
August 27, 2010


Hi thanks for the great review. I am deciding between a new HD camcoder. 1st one I have every bought and am not a professional at all. I am looking at the Panasonic SD60 which gets 9/10 on your reviews and the SD600 which gets 8/10 on your reviews. Does this really mean that the SD60 is better than the SD600? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks

Overall rating stars
December 2, 2010


I am so disappointed with this camcorder, so many glowing reviews but after having it for five weeks and digging into it’s features i feel the detail levels are not real, by that i mean edge sharpening is being applied to give an illusion of sharp detail, unfortunately this edge sharpening which i will call edge enhancement adds some halo’s around images whenever a dark object is in front of a white background.

Edge enhancement is the trick they used to use to make DVD movies seem sharper than they really were, the brain is fooled into believing there is fine detail present on smaller screens, i view at 104 inches using a full 1920x1080p projector and edge halo’s tend to stick out like a sore thumb, i tried setting sharpness to -1 then all the way down to -5 but the edge enhancement is still there and at lower settings detail is poor with far too much softness.

I am just so very disappointed to have to write this review but edge sharpening is not real detail, it’s false and it’s also very ugly to view.

I wish i could get my money back but it’s been five weeks now and thus i cannot return it,i also have to wonder if all camcorders claiming to be high definition within this price range are in fact edge enhanced, i hope the reviewer can re-visit the camcorder and look closely at this, if he did i believe the score would be lowered to 4/10 or less.

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Aperture F1.5 - F2.8
Manual focus Yes
Zoom optical / digital 12x / 700x
Equivalent focal length 35 - 420 mm (16:9), 38.8 - 466 mm (4:3)
Manual exposure control Yes
The diameter of the filter 46 mm
The focal length of the lens 3.45 - 41.4 mm
Photo Yes
Widescreen photo mode Yes
Maximum photo resolution 4864x2736 pixels
Matrix 3.05 m
The type of matrix MOS
The number of matrices 3
The physical size of the matrix 1/4.1"
AE Yes
LCD screen Yes (2.7", 230400 Pix.)
Viewfinder No
White balance auto, preset, manual installation
Image stabilizer optical
Recording formats 1080i, 1080p
Additional features recording in H. 264 recording in MPEG4
Interfaces and media
Interfaces AV-out, HDMI-out, USB-interface
Memory card support SD, SDHC, SDXC
Recording to the memory card Yes
Additional information
Weight 375 g
Announced 2010-02-11
Equipment rechargeable battery, AC adapter, AC cable, AV cable, USB cable, DC cable, stylus pen, lens cap, software
Dimensions (WxHxD) 138x66x69 mm
Minimum illumination 1.6 Suite
General characteristics
Media type rewritable memory (Flash)
Night mode Yes
Widescreen video mode Yes
Maximum video resolution 1920x1080
Support high resolution video Full HD 1080p
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