Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH3 Kit

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A lens kit
there, the model specify vendor
Support for interchangeable lenses
lens mount Micro 4/3
Manual focus
Face detection
Type autofocus
The AF illuminator
Adjustment of auto focus
A lens kit:
there, the model specify vendor
Support for interchangeable lenses:
lens mount Micro 4/3
Manual focus:
Face detection:
Type autofocus:
The AF illuminator:
Adjustment of auto focus:


Overall rating 4 stars
17 reviews
Overall rating stars
October 23, 2012


This looks like a great camera. I was wondering if you could comment on any noticeable aliasing or moire problems with the video? Is the Extra Tele convert feature cleaner than the GH2 when underexposing?

Wish it was indeed broadcast quality – despite shooting 50+ mb/s the GH3 shoots AVCHD which is only 4.2.0 not 4.2.2 colour space.

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October 23, 2012


Broadcast or not, that’s a matter of validation. Some broadcasters do allow these specs. But on another matter, the GH3 also records in a Quicktime wrapper and MP4. I think you refer not so much to the AVCHD (which is a wrapper) but to the used codec here, H.264 (which also comes in a lot of flavours but is indeed in this camera 4:2:0. However in my opinion , the Gh3 gives at the current time the best codec options found in a DSLR (or DSLM).

In case anybody is interested, I’ve had the opportunity to play around with a pre-production model this weekend. Wrote a little report and thrown some shots together. Please be kind, this is not meant as a extensive scientific test, just a personal impression of the GH3

(and please note it’s a v0.5 firmware pre-production model)

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October 24, 2012


You are quite right John, I did mean H.264.
Luckily I haven’t found 4.2.0 a limitation yet especially for online consumption and broadcast news and short documentary work.
As a GH2 owner, I have a lot of hope that the GH3 will tick all my boxes especially in regard to controlling aliasing and moire. I’m also hoping that the Extra Tele Convert mode is cleaner when underexposing as well.
Haven’t seen any tests yet in this regard.

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October 28, 2012


As a newbie to movie capabilities on a “still” camera,What does 4.2.0 color space Mean? And what version or type of movie works best, generally?

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November 26, 2012


If you transported this camera back in time to 1970, any camera buff would be able to look at it and tell you where the film canister was located, the film take up spool, the mirror box and pentaprism. Except, of course, none of those constraints exist any more – so why are cameras still being designed to accommodate them? Will no one break the mould?

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November 26, 2012


I see where you’re coming from but two things:

1. Why change just for the sake of it?
2. What is actually wrong with the current design?

So far as I can see everything’s there for a reason and it works ergonomically so leave well alone.

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November 26, 2012


Not change for the sake of it. But to say that the constraints necessary to celluloid film and SLR design just so happened to shake down into the ideal ergonomic form is far fetched.

Surely if you started from the minimum constraints necessary to the technology (therefore ditching all those clingons from film and single-lens-reflex construction) and asked the question – what is the optimum form for this new image recording device, would a retro-SLR box be the answer?

I would like to see thought given:
a better answer to portrait/landscape handling compromise
possibility to hold and use one-handed (like a video-cam?)
a more pocketable shape – fewer sticky-outy bits and angles
shutter button design/location which is less prone to causing the camera body to jerk
I’m sure there is more. But it won’t come by endlessly apeing what was done 30+ years ago.

A few brave designers did have a go. I recall swivel lens designs and other new-thinking, but it seemed to peter out. Maybe the market/reviews punishes any divergence from the norm?

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A lens kit there, the model specify vendor
Support for interchangeable lenses lens mount Micro 4/3
Manual focus Yes
Face detection Yes
Type autofocus contrast
The AF illuminator Yes
Adjustment of auto focus Yes
Battery capacity 1860 mA*h, or 540 photos
Number of batteries 1
The format of batteries your own
Camera type mirrorless interchangeable-lens
Size 4/3 (Four Thirds) (17.3 x 13.0 mm)
Crop factor 2
Sensitivity 125 - 3200 ISO, Auto ISO
Enhanced ISO value ISO6400, ISO12800, TO ISO25600
Maximum resolution 4608 x 3456
The type of matrix Live MOS
Image sensor cleaning Yes
The total number of pixels 17.2 million
The number of effective pixels 16.1 million
Excerpt 60 - 1/4000 with
Metering multizone, center-weighted, spot
Compensation +/- 5 EV in 1/3-step increments
Excerpt X-Sync 1/160 c
Automatic processing of the exposition with shutter priority, aperture-priority
Manual setting of shutter speed and aperture Yes
Flash built-in, to 12 m, the suppression of red eye, Shoe
Shooting 3D Yes
White balance auto, manual, from the list
Image stabilizer (photography) missing
Shooting modes
Timer Yes
The timer 2, 10 c
Burst mode Yes
The frame format (photography) 4:3, 3:2, 1:1, 16:9
Size and weight
Size 133x93x82 mm, without lens
Weight 550 g with batteries
Memory and interfaces
Interfaces USB 2.0, video, HDMI, audio, Wi-Fi
Image formats JPEG, RAW
Type of memory cards SD, SDHC, SDXC
Record video and audio
Video codecs AVC/H. 264, MPEG4
Sound recording Yes
Video recording Yes
Format video recording AVCHD, MOV
Maximum resolution videos 1920x1080
Optical Zoom when recording video Yes
The maximum frame rate of the video 60 fps
The maximum frame rate when shooting HD video 50/60 fps at a resolution of 1280x720, 50/60 fps at a resolution of 1920x1080
Viewfinder and LCD screen
LCD screen 614000 pixels, 3 inches
Viewfinder electronic
Type LCD screen rotary, touch
The viewfinder field of view 100%
The number of pixels viewfinder 1744000
Using the screen as a viewfinder Yes
Other functions and features
Digital Zoom 4x
Additional features tripod mount, remote control, orientation sensor, computer control
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