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Rye bread
The dough
Sweet pastries
French baguette
Gluten-free pastries
Rye bread:
The dough:
Sweet pastries:
French baguette:
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Overall rating 5 stars
3 reviews
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January 28, 2016


Hello!Bread has become one of the main helpers in the kitchen. Bread it turns out very tender and soft. Also, we discovered many delicious options, for example, dairy, egg, French, bran.We stopped to buy bread, after the home it seems tasteless. In choosing a bread machine was considered not only technical characteristics, but also design.

Full model name: bread maker Panasonic SD-ZB2502 instruction manual and recipes

The manual includes the most significant details: safety precautions, instructions for use and care, recipes, and, what especially pleased, problems and their solutions. We never had to search the Internet for answers to questions. The most common problems ( +some absolutely stupid, but the questions beginners) and ways of their solution are specified in the regulations.To quote a few:problem: the Blade for kneading is booming.Reason: This is because the scapula is moved on the shaft (this is not a malfunction).Problem: My bread is sticky and slices uneven.Reason: It was too hot when you cut it.Solution: Let cool the bread on the grill before slicing to release the steam.Problem: the display shows 01.Cause 1: the activation Time of the dispenser for the yeast depends on the programs menu and the room temperature.Reason 2: In a dispenser for the yeast contains moisture, or accumulated electrostatic charge. Solution: Wipe with a damp cloth and leave to dry naturally.Reason 3: Dry yeast wet. Solution: Use a new batch of dry yeast.Problem: On the display U50.Cause: the Device is too hot (above 40° C). This may occur with continuous use.Solution: Let the device cool down to 40° C prior to its reuse [U50 will disappear].


Please note the picture with the correct location of the device and rules located to the left of the figure.

Description and accessories

Baking 1. Rezept the manual given several recipes of bread (4 pages).

There are recipes dough (4.), baking recipes (see photo below), recipes of jam and fruit in syrup (2 pages).

Take the usual recipe of white bread (1 screen with recipes).2. Ingredients

Strongly suggest not to skimp on the flour and the yeast. Yeast SAF-moment like most, the dough rises better.We will need 600g. of flour, two teaspoons salt, two tablespoons sugar, two tablespoons of oil (olive preferred to add, it turns out much tastier), 370 ml. of water.Let’s deal with the yeast. If you pay attention to the recipe, we will see that this two options. Add 1 tsp yeast), if you prepare in normal mode (01), 2 tsp if cooking in Express mode (02).Please note that you must strictly adhere to the proportions specified in the recipe. For this you will need scales, measuring Cup and spoon.3. List programmble clarity will make a list of programs and modes, will immediately understand the difference.

The manufacturer has carefully told, what is the importance of each of the ingredients.

4. Small nuanyu we already have all the necessary ingredients in the right quantity. It’s time to prepare the baking dish.

Important point: do not forget to insert a spatula or the dough simply would not get mixed up.Only two kinds: for wheat (top), rye (bottom).Another important point: quite often, the spatula gets stuck in the bread and pulled out of shape with him. Before you start cutting the bread, check it inside (it gets stuck at the base).

The order of adding the ingredients is not important to mix also did not need a bread maker will do everything herself.

We add all the ingredients EXCEPT the YEAST.

Yeast pour into a round dispenser. Large capacity for raisins and nuts. Yes, if we prepare sweet bread, don’t add dried fruit to the basic ingredients, and put separately together with the yeast.

3. Parameters gotowkowe all preparations are complete, refer to the control panel.

In the pictures everything is already set up. Get a big loaf of white bread (size XL), Golden and a little crispy (crust color: medium), cooked for 4 hours (normal mode 01).If you set the timer, set the time until ready (let’s assume it’s 10 am, you want the bread was ready at 7 PM, so put the timer on 9 hours).

4. We just finished liblice shakes out the bread from the mold. Knives and other similar items are prohibited to remove, damage the coating.You can’t pack the bread. You need to got out all the moisture. We put the bread on the grill and cover clean towel

Rye bread is obtained in two times lower. Guide to baking bread

The result:Bread has served us for several years.The first time was periodically forgotten to put the blade, the bread did not, but that’s our bad. There was only a slight problem with the dispenser for raisins and nuts, ceased to throw them in shape.Tried to bake cakes, really tasty, purchase them far. Especially suggest sweet bread with raisins, bake it constantly, not boring.Not cause any trouble, is working properly, I would say more, bought the same grandmother.Deserves the highest rating. Reviews on appliances for the kitchen

Multivarka REDMOND RMC-M4502

Overall rating 5.00 stars
February 19, 2016


Hello!It’s been a year and a half as I have a bread maker, but I still can’t get enough of the fact that I have it. Of course I’ve been thinking we need it or not, because firstly it is cumbersome and we need to find her a place, and second of bread in the stores a great many eyes run. But the bread itself it was too, because I try to do it myself: yogurt, kefir, fermented baked milk. I want to know what and how it is that I eat myself and feed my family. So, the long awaited bread is in my kitchen. Yes, it is not small. Cord approximately 80 cm it comes with a recipe book and instruction manual. Two blades, one for rye bread, the second for white. Measuring spoon and measuring Cup. In the bread maker has two dispensers, one for yeast, one for fillers ( raisins, sunflower seeds, etc.) Regular white bread is baked for 4 hours, but there is a quick bread, it’s 2 hours just yeast is placed not one scoop but two. The taste, appearance and quality of the bread speed baking is not affected, but still I prefer a full program of mixing and standing.I baked it and rye and molasses cake with raisins and all the food according to the recipes from the enclosed booklet I have, it always worked, misfires were not.The bread is taken out sometimes along with a shovel, so be careful not to cut the shoulder ( just kidding, it will not cut, but hurt her mind )In the bread maker can make jam and something else, but I honestly do not practice this.Some have complained in reviews that the loud clicks of the dispenser in which the yeast. Yes, loud, but otherwise they primanita and half of the yeast will remain on the walls of the dispenser. Many are unhappy that signal that the bread is baked, too quiet. Yes, quiet, why are you loud? It’s not an air RAID, well baked, piped, it does not mean that we should jump out of a bath or out of bed to get it out, I did and after an hour sometimes removed. It just cools off a bit, and the crust browned better. By the way there is three options of brown, who he loves: dark, average and bright. I used the average set and only a week ago began to put in the dark. Turned out to be better. In the photo the crust is dark.In General the oven is wonderful, I am very pleased. I recommend it. Do not deviate from the recipe a gram and all you will get.

Advantages:always delicious homemade bread, quality bread maker

Overall rating 5.00 stars
March 4, 2016


Good time of day!We long dreamed about bread: looked in the shops, spoke to friends, read the reviews and finally decided. Examining reviews and ratings, we decided on auto bakery model SD-ZB2502.

Several years ago, she was a leader among bread.We loved her design. It is very stylish.You need to consider in advance the location: bread is rather massive and it is desirable that it was not under the shelves (and steam in baking can ruin the furniture). We have not considered this question and has to put it on the table during operation.

To the bread maker has detailed instructions on Russian language. Problems with the use will have no, if to study it.

There are many bread recipes.

First we baked a lot. He disappeared immediately after baking, but now all ate, and bake bread 2-3 times a week. It is enough for us.

Bread Denizcilik have decided which bread prefer and only use a few recipes.I want to say that not all at once began to turn. We order suffer not yet picked up the necessary ingredients. It is very important that the flour was baking, the yeast use the same. Oil preferably olive, but sunflower is suitable.For kneading, there are two blades for kneading, but the blade for rye bread use not recommended (it is poorly pomeshivat dough).You need to be careful with the blades after baking bread. They often get stuck in the bread. We scratched in the first month of using the bread machine.How is baking bread.Put ingredients in baking (flour, preferably sifted), not forgetting to put the shoulder blade. The ingredients is accurately measured using electronic scales, spoons and measuring Cup.

Yeast to use in the dispenser for the yeast.

Install the program for baking. If you want to get the bread early in the morning, put the bread on the night with a timer. When using the timer note that the scoreboard indicates the time until cooked bread.Also, select the bread size and crust color.

Next comes the maturation of the dough.

After that the dough rises.Cakes.

After baking, the bread must be put on the grill and allow to cool.

Baking results.Regular white bread, made from flour “White-tender.”

Plain white hibhib “Custard”. Made with wheat flour “White-gentle” and flour “Rye”.

Bread Custard”Bread”. Made with wheat flour “White-gentle” and flour “Rye”.

Bread Darnitskiy bread with raisins. Flour wheaten baking flour of the “Extra”.

Bread made from several types of flour Ingredients: wheat Flour, corn flour, oat flakes, dried milk, vegetable oil, yeast, salt, sugar.

The result:

This bread turns out less high, but very tasty. Bread we are pleased for the first year.I recommend to all lovers of fresh bread!!! Reviews on the ingredients used when baking bread in the photos:Wheat baking flour of the highest grade “White-tender.”

Perfect rye flour for making bread in the bread maker

Flour, which often buy. Use for baking various bread, and for cooking pancakes, pies.

Yeast “SAF-moment” is perfect for the bread machine

Flakes on all occasions. Do a face mask, scrub. Cook porridge, bake bread.

My other reviews on kitchen appliances:Aero grill VES 787 – my trusty kitchen companion for the past three years

Multivarka Redmond RMC-M 4502. My helper in the kitchen. Cooking without problems. Especially make life easier for mothers with young children.

Advantages:always delicious homemade bread, quality bread maker

The Panasonic company offers users to check out SD-ZB2502. The features of SD-ZB2502, in addition to their interesting design solution, make us pleased with their performance and functionality. Best solution for both house and office. Many customers already appreciated and left SD-ZB2502 reviews available on our service. Price comparison, that is also offered by our service, helps profitably purchase Panasonic SD-ZB2502. Buy Panasonic SD-ZB2502 with benefits.
Jam Yes
Cupcake Yes
Rye bread Yes
The dough Yes
Sweet pastries Yes
French baguette Yes
Gluten-free pastries Yes
The number of baking programs 12
Dimensions and weight
Weight 7.6 kg
Dimensions (WxHxD) 256x382x389 mm
Additional information
Features the cooking of fruit in syrup
Dispenser Yes
Case material metal
The number of tectonically 1
General characteristics
Bread loaf
Power 550 W
Timer there are up to 13 h
The temperature Yes
Maximum weight of baking 1250 g
Weight adjustment baking Yes
The choice of color brown Yes
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