Pentax K20D Kit

Overall rating 4 stars
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A lens kit
there, the model specify vendor
Support for interchangeable lenses
lens mount Pentax KA/KAF/KAF2
Manual focus
Type autofocus
The AF illuminator
Adjustment of auto focus
Power connector
A lens kit:
there, the model specify vendor
Support for interchangeable lenses:
lens mount Pentax KA/KAF/KAF2
Manual focus:
Type autofocus:
The AF illuminator:
Adjustment of auto focus:
Power connector:


Overall rating 4 stars
3 reviews
Overall rating stars
January 14, 2009


Still no comments after 9 months? OK I’ll be first…

Cliff’s is one of the few really fair reviews of this camera. Unusually he has good things to say about it’s AF system. I agree with his comments – it is accurate and usually pretty fast. Admittedly it slows down quite a bit in low light.
Other reviews make a big deal about focusing being “noisy” – an odd complaint – do the same people complain that their kettles make whistle and ping noises? Unless you are a ninja, you are likely to be making just as much noise as your camera anyway…

Yes, exposure metering could be improved. I appreciate the argument that it deliberately underexposes to retain highlight detail, but I have exposure compensation to do that if I want. The problem is more one of consistency. Compared with a D300, the Nikon will get exposure exactly right 99% of the time, the Pentax “only” 90%. Then again, it’s never very far off, and the great dynamic range means it’s not a great problem (especially if you shoot RAW).

Cliff is also one of the few reviewers to not criticise it’s high ISO noise performance. Everyone else seems to ignore the fact that noise reduction is switched off by default, so of course it suffered in comparison with other cameras. Personally I set NR to it’s lowest setting, as I’d rather keep more detail. Software continues to get better at removing noise – much less likely that it can add detail which was smeared away.

Above all Cliff is right to give it 10/10 for value. Quite how other reviewers failed to see this is beyond me. One magazine roundup recently gave the Nikon D300 a better value-for-money rating – madness. The D300 is a fantastic camera and I would love to own one, but the fact is that the Pentax does most of what the D300 does, does it very nearly as well, but does this (with cashback) for about HALF the price! Considering that the range of available lenses is also improving, you’d be mad not to consider the K20d if you’re looking for a proper enthusiast’s camera.

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January 15, 2009


I should correct my previous post… my comments regarding exposure metering refer to multi-segment metering mode. I have found no problems with the accuracy or consistency of center-weighted or spot metering.

Overall rating stars
February 23, 2010


Good review. This is very informatove.

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A lens kit there, the model specify vendor
Support for interchangeable lenses lens mount Pentax KA/KAF/KAF2
Manual focus Yes
Type autofocus phase
The AF illuminator Yes
Adjustment of auto focus Yes
Power connector Yes
Battery capacity 530 photos
The battery pack D-BG2
Number of batteries 1
The format of batteries your own
Camera type mirror
Size APS-C (23.4 x 15.6 mm)
Color depth 42 bit
Crop factor 1.5
Sensitivity 100 - 3200 ISO, Auto ISO
Enhanced ISO value ISO6400
Maximum resolution 4672 x 3120
The type of matrix CMOS
Image sensor cleaning Yes
The total number of pixels 15.07 million
The number of effective pixels 14.6 million
Excerpt 30 - 1/4000 with
Metering multizone, center-weighted, spot
Compensation +/- 3 EV in 1/2 EV steps
Excerpt X-Sync 1/179 c
Exposure bracketing Yes
Automatic processing of the exposition with shutter priority, aperture-priority
Manual setting of shutter speed and aperture Yes
Flash built-in, suppression of effect of red-eye reduction, Shoe, sync, P-TTL
White balance auto, manual, from the list
Image stabilizer (photography) optical, shift matrix
Shooting modes
Timer Yes
The timer 2, 12 c
Speed shooting 3 frame./sec
Maximum series of images 38 for JPEG, 16 for RAW
The frame format (photography) 3:2
Size and weight
Size 142x101x70 mm, without lens
Weight 715 g without batteries; 800 grams with batteries, without lens
Memory and interfaces
Interfaces USB 2.0, video, connector for remote control
Image formats 3 JPEG, RAW
Type of memory cards SD, SDHC
Record video and audio
Sound recording No
Video recording No
Viewfinder and LCD screen
LCD screen 230000 pixels, 2.70 inch
Viewfinder mirror (TTL)
The second screen Yes
The viewfinder field of view 95%
Using the screen as a viewfinder Yes
Other functions and features
Announced 2008-01-23
Equipment lens, battery D-LI50, video cable I-VC28, plug FK socket flash Hot Shoe cap viewfinder for ME, battery charger D-BC50 manual software, cover the lens mount to the camera, Eyecup FP, strap O-ST53, a Russian-speaking manual, warranty card, AC cord Plug D-C02 E, USB Cable I-USB17 software S-SW74
Protection from moisture
Case material metal/plastic
Additional features tripod mount, remote control, orientation sensor, computer control
Additional information quick shooting 20K/s, up to 115 frames with a resolution of 1.6 M (JPEG)
My review Pentax K20D Kit

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