Philips FC 8761

Overall rating 5 stars
5 from 2 reviews
80 dB
5.5 kg
Fine filter
Suction power
360 W
Dust collector
cyclone filter, capacity 2 l
80 dB
5.5 kg
Fine filter:
Suction power:
360 W
Dust collector:
cyclone filter, capacity 2 l


Overall rating 5 stars
2 reviews
Overall rating 5.00 stars
December 4, 2014


All welcome! ******************************************************************************************************************************This review was written a year ago, but to Supplement it with photo hand got only now after a year and 3 months. What I want to say about the work of the cleaner, bit it did not disappoint me, still happy with it, and clean my apartment with a light heart and a light hand. Its capacity and absorbability it not lost, just a little poobalapillai about the shoals, as evidenced by my photo…******************************************************************************************************************************For 3 months as I have a new assistant and cleaning of the apartment ceased to be for me heavy need.

This cleaner can pick up dust on all floor surfaces with ease, whether laminate, linoleum, carpet or more. It is powerful, and therefore sucks the dust and debris perfectly. Yet it is relatively light, maneuverable and most importantly he’s got a long cord – my apartment of 62 square meters I clean with one outlet, do not run and not switch it.

Very handy tip, with streamlined corners, you can get through even in the most secret corner, and the elongated brush at the edges of the nozzles allow you to clean the dust even from the baseboards.

He has a telescopic handle that easily adjusts to the height of a man which at the moment is removed, has 6 modes of suction power. And to clean after the cleaning is easy: throw out the trash, and the container is washed under running water and all!!!

Vacuum cleaner features the work and its nuances – he has a HEPA filter, as I understand from it partially depends on the suction power, if it is clogged, will be less powerful to collect the garbage.

To wash and to wash it is impossible, after a certain time it simply need to replace a new one, but the sponge, which he has recommended to be washed after each cleaning.

Nevertheless, compared to the vacuum cleaners with dust bags, I in this model have only been discovered some solid pros! Bought and all advise!!!

Thank you for your attention!

Advantages:quick and easy to clean, quite maneuverable, long cord, powerful grip that adjusts to your height, convenient brush

Overall rating 5.00 stars
July 14, 2015


When it came time to choose a new vacuum cleaner I carefully studied all the information on the Internet before he settled on this model.Requirements for the cleaner I had these:- first, it needs to last a long time. Previous budget LG broke down pretty quickly.- Second, the cyclone – no of bags and additional supplies.- Thirdly, it needs to be powerful, able to take a thick carpet of thick wool – the fourth, should be easy – fifth, beautiful design.- Also like the control on the handle, (but described me Philips unfortunately, the adjustment on the body).- Seventh, the less additional attachments. Forever to nowhere to store. First of all, I got to watch Samsung – my parents have a Samsung with the bag works properly for 15 years. It inspires confidence. Watched the series CS88 as the most likely to buy. However, too active design has forced to consider alternatives in the market.And then I stumbled upon the reviews about vacuum cleaners Philips. Their main advantage is the suction power! There are even videos on Youtube clearly showing. I mean, I learned that there is nominal capacity (the one that say the manufacturers specifications), but there are real – in fact, things are. So, the actual suction power from the Philips was much higher than other manufacturers. And it played a big role in my choice – after all, it is the main function of vacuum sucking.

korobchitsy cute. Not lost – for a year of operation is not enough.

Made In China.Externally, the model looks modern. Plastic is not the best quality but acceptable level. All the parts fit well to each other, no backlash.At first it seemed that the carry handle is not very reliable, because attached to the plastic removable dust container. But in the process of operation, this assumption was not confirmed. All good snaps and holds.

carry handle

Well kept and tip: we were pleased with the fixation elements by means of metal pins. Don’t need the pipe and hose to fasten to each other, as happens with other vacuum cleaners.

the accessory

flexible hose spinning in place osnovaniem parked in 2 positions: vertically and horizontally.


On the handle, like I said, adjust the power there. But it turned out to be not critical, because mostly we just vacuum the floor. Sometimes you need to switch to carpet is only 1-2 of the tilt during the cleaning (if you have a lot of different surfaces in the house – Drapes, furniture, mats of different thicknesses, tiles, laminate – it is better to consider another vacuum, where there is adjustment on the handle)of regulation 5 – this is enough for all domestic needs. Laminate vacuum on the lowest power – this is enough to suck everything off the floor (by the way, the noise level in this case low). Rugs at medium capacity.The most powerful mode can be enabled, for example when handling corners, slots or keyboard, system unit – in those cases when you need suction without a tight fit to the surface.

The cleaner was really powerful – he is five!However, due to the motor weight 5.5 kg. Is higher than that of smaller cleaner, but lower than that of similar vacuum cleaners of other manufacturers! Not to say that it is light, but not the most difficult – even a pregnant woman can lift and move over the threshold. In addition, the unit proved to be maneuverable – you can pull the hose and it will go in your direction. Agility also contributes to the long power cord – 8 m For apartments with area of 50 m2, only one socket (somewhere in the middle of all the rooms).

The downside is just the lack of bumper on the body – scratches remain on the plastic.

To turn on/off and wind up the cord can foot. However, you need to adjust a little – if you push on the edge of the buttons it does not work.The dust container during operation does, of course, not as beautiful as on the advertising pictures of the manufacturer. From dust it is not transparent. However, the level of debris you can see.

If you look inside – there is 2 point. On the orange cone are wound with hair and a different string as well as large items (and they somehow fit well there, not reminding yourself of extra sounds). In the remaining space of the bowl collects fine dust.

The motor is protected with 2 filters foam and fabric.

a foam filter protects the motor from dust All of this we will periodically wash and dry.At the air outlet from the vacuum cleaner also includes a filter (Hepa 10) – it does not allow small dust particles back into the air. Because of this there is that smell in the air that we can feel after using the old Soviet vacuum cleaners.

Hepa filtrovat, now there are more modern filters Hepa 12 and HEPA 13, which can be washed. But I think it’s just an advertising ploy. For 3 years of operation our filter HEPA 10 was white and remained.Nozzles in the set of all 3 – main brush TriActive triangular shape, and a slit nozzle for furniture.

There is also a device for the fixation of small nozzles on the handle of the vacuum cleaner. But from experience I can say that there is constantly just one head, because the handle is curved. Therefore, the slit I is stored somewhere else.

About brush TriActive – I thought a long time whether to take me a vacuum cleaner with an unusual brush or not, because all sorts of turbo brush think is not necessary. And the regular square brush always cope with all tasks.

But this nozzle, I was pleased. Convenient to chase it along the walls. On the bottom edges of the bristles are blue, which sweep the debris got closer to the nozzle. But the most important is the hinge that allows the hose along with a brush to become almost flat – we can vacuum, for example under a kitchen unit or a low sofa.

The lack of one – the corner between the walls 90 degrees to take.

the angle is not clear In conclusion, I want to explain a little bit about the other vacuum cleaner Philips FC series 87 they differ only by different sets of nozzles.Philips 8760 is the triangular brush is of the usual rectangular.Philips 8767 – brush AeroSeal (square, more hermetic, than ordinary) and an extra small brush with metanoia Philips 8766 8767 all like and + special brush for parquet with round discs.

Advantages:long cord, regularly serves 3 years, powerful, no bags, easy to use, moderately easy

The Philips company offers users to check out FC 8761. The features of FC 8761, in addition to their interesting design solution, make us pleased with their performance and functionality. Best solution for both house and office. Many customers already appreciated and left FC 8761 reviews available on our service. Price comparison, that is also offered by our service, helps profitably purchase Philips FC 8761. Buy Philips FC 8761 with benefits.
Type normal
Noise 80 dB
Weight 5.5 kg
Cleaning dry
Fine filter Yes
Suction power 360 W
Dust collector cyclone filter, capacity 2 l
Power regulator on the case
Power consumption 2000 W
Power cord length 8 m
Additional information filter НЕРА12; radius of action 11m
Features and capabilities automative power cord, footswitch incl./off. on the body, a place to store tips
Dimensions of the vacuum cleaner (WxDxH) 30x44x29 cm
Pipes and nozzles
Suction tube telescopic
Tips included floor/carpet TriActive; slit; small
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