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The dough
Bread flour
Wheat bread
Express cakes
Sweet pastries
The dough:
Bread flour:
Wheat bread:
Express cakes:
Sweet pastries:


Overall rating 4.25 stars
4 reviews
Overall rating 5.00 stars
March 11, 2015


Mom bought a bread machine about 2 years ago to give. I was skeptical to her. Well, sort of as bread, watchers necessary to watch… Well, time at the cottage, and well. Less temptation. Parents are going there for the summer and live happily with her grandchildren. What is coming for the weekend, mom met us a selection of pastries – it was great as it turned out. When baked the first loaf, I realized the horror sold under the appearance of bread in the shops! There is nothing in common! Fragrant, warm and crispy loaf of freshly baked bread! Were treated to the neighbors, if you have time to come over for dinner! Today, remembering that we have such a miracle, I decided to bake… well how to bake…. Throw the ingredients for the recipe into the form, set the desired program. To manage it very easily. There is a booklet with recipes of a certain bread, and programs. Actually, this man’s actions come to an end. Then begins its work it is – bread. Kneading the dough will give it time to rise him on the program and starts baking. The aroma that words cannot describe. Son came home from school, he saw the device and happily squeaked that we will have real bread! In General, it turned out a great loaf of white! All cooked, though not very browned. But as crispy crust!!!!!!! In the photo, where there is a batch, I’ve already got the bread from rye flour. So a dark dough. The white loaf was baked for the 1st program. Baking of white bread. If you are thinking to take or not to take this miracle, then I can assure you – do this THING! Happy with it! Both adults and children. And by the way, if there’s such bread in moderation, or baking of bran bread, it is just very diet product!

Advantages:noiseless, easy to operate, fun for the whole family, economical in electricity

Overall rating 4.00 stars
June 6, 2015


The issue of buying a bread machine got after the farmer enjoying our share of land, was to pay flour. Studied reviews, technical specs, and found suitable for the price and quality option in one of the online stores. Delivered in three days. And here she is, my assistant bread Philips HD 9045 .

My assistant.The body is made of white plastic, vertical load, comfortable bar with lights, a viewing window, a loud audible Segal, a knife and a bowl made of metal with non-stick coating, short power cable, occupies little space in the kitchen. Easy to clean. Remembers program.

Phillips HD 9045 kit measuring Cup, spoon, hook for lifting the hot handle and retrieve the knife.This model has 14 programs:1 Your first bread or white bread – I use only it, well propechetsya for 3.55, crust color, you can specify any.2 Quick white bread – often use, happy with the result.3 Borodinskiy bread – not tried.4 French bread did not rise, was soggy on the inside.5 Butter cakes I have not tried.6 Express bakery – probable time.7 gluten-free Bread I have not tried.8 whole wheat bread, have not tried.9 Quick baking whole grain Dough 10 I have not tried.11 Fresh dough – did a couple of times on the dumplings well.12 Cake has not risen, it turned out a flat pancake.13 the Jam – I plan to try this year.14 Individual mode – not tried.

One of the recipes Start can be delayed up to 13 hours, is very convenient to put in the evening and in the morning to drink tea with sandwiches of fresh bread.To choose the weight of the loaf (for a family of 3 people 750gr a little, while soft eat for the evening, as other baked goods do not take, make a 1000g loaf).

My very first bread (August 2013).

In razreshil always turns out very flavorful, but on the inside sometimes brings. I only use “their” flour in the store do not buy, for the best result it is necessary to sift.And yeast different companies give different results. I went very well the yeast from Pakmaya instant Magnet Packed perfectly, they raise the dough, the bread is always high crust (cap). SAF took the time the bread rises, settles, cleckley.

Yeast I podoslki not removed immediately after the sound or Seagal for 15 min, it dampen. Doing everything according to instructions. The bread is good to eat for 3 days, while the factory molds almost the next day. A year takes about 2 bags of flour.Use the bread machine for almost 2 years, almost daily, beginning skrepet when mixing quite loud, and sometimes bad pomeshivat the dough, the edges of the flour remains. Have to help with a spoon.

Not promishlenik Phillips happy, simple, convenient, and most importantly delicious.

Advantages:joy for the whole family, economical in electricity

Overall rating 3.00 stars
January 29, 2016


I bought this bread maker at a time when even nothing did not know about bread, flour, technology, etc. Just to have homemade bread. Several months of hell on embedded software and are given in the book recipes. Was something unconvincing, medley, bread with fried onions was good. I compare this with bread that I baked later on their own, without the bread machine. Trying to use it in your own programs, faced with the limitation of 2 hours at any time (during 1, 2 or 3), although the starter bread is sometimes required and 3, 4, even 10 hours or more.So, since I’m unhappy with this unit as a bread maker, a little bit of detail about the advantages and disadvantages. Immediately say, that the instrument no claims, there are claims to the software developers.1. Good bread is taken out, the dough too. very good surface of the bowl.about the merits.The status of the stove after years of use (2-3 times per week) in the photo.Disadvantages:1. not in “his program” to change the order or number of stages, for example to leave only pastries.2. It is impossible to determine the temperature.3. with flour on the built-in programs trouble – white bread with a thin soggy crust, even on the “dark” mode.4. Kneading dough may not be restricted in time, stopping so many that are already tearing the gluten.5. Blade after another baking stuck on the pins and I can’t remove (it’s only claim to the design, but I does not interfere). The bottom line: use it for quick yeast dough for bread in their recipes to prepared the dough (police), for the dough for dumplings (that’s with a Bang), like a baking dish in the oven such as rye bread (don’t like it when sticky fingers, sticky and rye almost always). If I had to pick something on the basis of my present knowledge of bread would take more than rich settings Moulinex, albeit more expensive.

Advantages:nedopetye to a dark brown, limited time, no temperature settings, no selection of stages of baking, its one program, only one

Overall rating 5.00 stars
March 7, 2016


Hello! I want to tell you about the irreplaceable thing in the household breadmaker.As it turned out – this device can be multifunctional.This bread maker is the second in my life. First I started making bread using recipes from books, and when stopped, then started experimenting. But she stayed with my parents.When we moved to another city, I bread machine is very lacking. Now bread a great many, with all sorts of fancy functions. But as it turned out n practice, used a maximum of 2-3 programs. This I did not choose, bought first.So the first time I cooked recipes book. Weights I had, so in the recipes there are variations in cups and in grams. And I faced such problem: at first the bread rises well, but when I watched the stage of baking, the top falls inward, forming the crater and the bread looked not very beautiful. And the same problem I noticed in the reviews of other users. I thought that the reason most bread maker. But it was not so. It’s all about the recipe, or rather the proportions of the ingredients. The dough may fall under the following reasons:-too much water-too much yeast-a little of Akito is in the booklet with recipes for the bread reverie proportion of water, yeast, flour, etc., I found recipes for bread maker Moulinex, which I had before, and compared the proportions of ingredients for plain white bread. And that’s right: in the other recipe had less water. The difference is negligible, but what effect. Bread now puff and smooth.I also like to use the program for test preparation.In the program 10 makes a great pizza dough.And 11 knead the mixture to casseroles and cookies.If you use a mixture with rye muoki, then bake it in program 3. And yet, even have to comply with all instructions in the manual, the bread could still fail.For example, to fully dissolve the sugar and yeast. Failed reactions between them and the bread does not rise. So you should try to make bread by the sponge and then 100% bread rises and the crumb a delicious and airy. So. Here’s my photo recipe for wheat bread from the grains in dough.

Used the proportions for rolls of 750 snachala make the dough. To do this, of total prescription deductible 1 Cup procianoy wheat flour, yeast and sugar. Instead of sugar you can use honey.

Add 1 Cup of warm water (just subtract from the total for the recipe). Stir well. In a set with a bread maker is such a metal wand, it is very convenient to stir the dough. The result is a lot similar to sour cream that cover food pleney and leave in a warm place for half an hour.

If the mass is increased several times, so that the correct reaction of yeast and sugar.

Half an hour later the dough has risen.To ordinary wheat white bread turned into charm we will put different zernica. -1 tbsp. spoon peeled roasted seeds 1 tablespoon flax seeds (I bought a pack of the Globus hypermarket)1 tablespoon sesame 1 tablespoon of wheat bran.

Sunflower seeds

Flax seeds

Sesame seeds

Bran pshenichnyj a baking pan add the remaining ingredients: warm water, salt, vegetable oil, sunflower seeds. Procianoy the remaining wheat flour and sourdough. (the milk I added)

It is important that form in the bread machine first, put diagonally, then turn until it clicks. This is for reliability that the bread doesn’t fall out. And sometimes shakes it very much

Then put the first program. And all can take their business. A bread maker will do everything herself. Stir well and bake.

After the first batch

After the first podhimata after 4 hours you can already see the round top of our bread. I leave even for 15 minutes in the bread maker to form little cold. Before removing it from the mold, cover with a towel where the bread cools a couple of hours.

And voila, our beautiful hlebushek ready. It turned out insanely delicious.

I bake bread once a week. Enough for two 750 g loaves. And store it in the refrigerator, so he will live longer.Thank you for your attention! I hope that my review will be useful.

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Jam Yes
Cupcake Yes
The dough Yes
Bread flour Yes
Wheat bread Yes
Express cakes Yes
Sweet pastries Yes
French baguette Yes
Unleavened cakes Yes
Borodinskiy bread Yes
Gluten-free pastries Yes
The number of baking programs 14
Dimensions and weight
Weight 5.1 kg
Additional information
Dispenser No
Case material plastic
The number of tectonically 1
Memory during a power failure 10 min.
General characteristics
Bread loaf
Power 600 W
Timer there are up to 13 h
The temperature there are up to 1 hour
Maximum weight of baking 1000 g
Weight adjustment baking Yes
The choice of color brown Yes
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