Philips HP 6423

Overall rating 4.8333333333333 stars
4.8333333333333 from 18 reviews
230 g
cleaning brush, hard case
from the network
Number of speeds
230 g
cleaning brush, hard case
from the network
Number of speeds:


Overall rating 4.8333333333333 stars
18 reviews
Overall rating 5.00 stars
July 26, 2015


Hello,dear girls!This is my second epilator, before it was Braun,he served faithfully for 10 years, BUT!! I didn’t use it often, 4-5 times a year, as the process of hair removal for my legs brought me to tears, to try in other areas were not even thought.Of course,use a razor ,my hair grow back wow how fast,so I had to go to him every 2 days. But I began to notice that after each use of the machine internal area of the tibia (hope you understand me) was covered with a rash,was the blood, the reason can’t reveal,there were none to catch, even if the hair is enough industry,it was still a very strong irritation for 2 weeks…And here I thought it’s better to wait a couple of hours, but to go without irritation,and the embarrassment in front of people.I turned to the old epilator,the pain was hellish,but suffered,was proepilirovali feet. Noticed that it chops off the hairs,even at the root…I Think “hell no,if I must endure,for long-lasting smoothness!” and went to the store,pre-break a bunch of reviews. Stopped on Philips HP 6423, as I didn’t want a lot of tips,because it is not planned to epilate nothing but legs. Took over 1800 and change,I think that is quite cheap for the current prices on epilators. Photo attached.The kit was :the epilator with 3 heads (epilator accessory snap onto,razor,comb,cleaning brush,cord and pouch.Putting everything in a bag, he was very light,almost imperceptible ! Which is very convenient for long trips.So first I proepilirovali feet, the pain was tolerable,and subsequently further use of felt just like the tingling,so to epilation, I began to concern is much easier and easier!MIRACLE!! Captures even the hairs short,it is definitely very happy,not have to wait to grow back a decent length.As it became easier to live without a razor!! Girls,stop to use a razor,especially those with black hair! The epilator is a miracle kind of thing!The shaving head I have used in the bikini area,the effect is the same as a razor,but a chance to get hurt a lot less.A little scary buzzing sound during this procedure, But in the future I decided on hair removal underarms. Hell of a pain,but it was worth Podushechki become white!No follicles are seen black! To summarize: the epilator I liked it,very happy with purchase,with feelings in all different ways,but even if it hurts to tears, then over time the hairs will become softer and will not hurt so much With the epilator lives became much easier,no irritation,no spending on expensive depilatory cream and razors!This epilator doesn’t need any bells and whistles such as massage nozzles and lighting,and he gears the smallest and thin hairs!

Advantages:+beautiful design, a shaving head included, long cord, easy, inexpensive

Overall rating 5.00 stars
October 15, 2015


Previous Braun epilator has served me faithfully for 12 years. And would serve, but I broke the plug, buy a new one is not wanted. Decided that it was time for another option to try. Brown was happy with a hundred, until I tried this disk Phillips.Honestly, I didn’t think the difference may be so obvious. Pincity brown coped well with its task as I thought. But the first test disc Philips showed me how really clean you can remove all at once, without endless Alazani epilator back and forth.After the first experience with Phillips, I wondered, that little fluff left on the epilator. And this is just the tiny hairs that pincity brown always missed. And if I used to have perfectly smooth legs only during the week, and then the individual hairs had begun to embarrass, then now is a mirror foot for 10 days and only after this period begin to appear the individual scouts.)I use the epilator in the bikini area, underarms, arms to elbow and toes to knee. Before processing all of these areas, it took me about 45 minutes. Now – half an hour.The shaving attachment is not in use, because generally, the razor is not in use since 2003. Want another epilator – epilation with extra small nozzle, but this was not available. However, I am satisfied with it.It is also light weight and price.Among the shortcomings: well, it is very very noisy. Old brown does not allow this. Well, it stinks something heated synthetic immediately after switching on (from brown, again, this was not). However, the noise and the smell – nothing compared to what we get a result. No missed hairs, right down to the thin.

Advantages:easy, even removes fluff, removes better percetnage

Overall rating 5.00 stars
October 24, 2015


Good afternoon everyone! This review is about my first epilator…I Bought in El Dorado, without reading any reviews, just went and bought it.Came home, pulled the epilator out of the box. In addition to the epilator there was still a storage bag, cleaning brush from “angled” hair, shaving head with comb for bikini area..

The wire is long, 245,removable.Two speed, the second speed is pulled out hair faster and works epilator, of course, louder.

The design is nice, the epilator is easy to use. 20 tweezers is enough.

Thought that waxing is painful, but I was wrong! The hairs on the legs pulled out without pain, bearable anyway! The epilator grabs hair long at least 1 mm 0,5…still no FIB… Those hairs that didn’t want to pull today, after a couple of days you can re-wax or go the conventional tweezers.

Pulling out hairs as thick, and thin-transparent..Ingrown hairs from the epilator no more..They have got was without the appliance..(but it helps scrub).

Cost 1889 rubles. 2 year warranty. Did not overpay for lights, more speed, cool design, etc… This model is simple but everything you need is in the kit. Therefore, I advise!Thank you for your attention!

Advantages:long cord, lightweight, interchangeable tips, convenient to operate

Overall rating 4.00 stars
November 9, 2015


Purchased this appliance on the website Hello. ‘ve tried it from all sides. Ponravilsya me that it is very light, it’s got a long cord, a shaving head. All that is necessary. Of the minuses no battery and backlight, but it blends in with the plus – the price.Sometimes tearing the hair, especially if hair removal to do in the armpits and how I was able to tolerate it?? In bikini area they are VERY painful. So the razor I need. Shave is not great, but OK, needed a few times. So how to get real pleasure??? The answer is very simple. None)) as Well, not tried can’t stand it – it hurts and all. Helps only one. Sometimes I think when abiliry feet, it’s lovely, just tickled… And a little bit of help, psychologically… But this only applies to feet.Another moment)) Tried husband to shave) don’t laugh, it just happened) is basically normal) Not as smooth as brtual, but light can get out.

Advantages:shaving head included, long cord, easy

Overall rating 5.00 stars
February 4, 2016


Hello and welcome to guests the other day, I became the proud owner of the appliance company PHILIPS. Number: HP6423/00 Satinelle.

Price:My epilator was worth 1859 rubles in Eldorado.Package contents:

The kit includes:

Epilator with two heads – the shaver head and… Shaving head follows the contours of your bikini line and underarms for a smoother shave.

…Proven epilation head features a unique epeirogeny disks (20 disks)Unique epidermisa discs removes hair length of 0.5 mm. without discomfort on the skin.

Comb (just the trimmer Before epilation or bikini-design trim the hairs using the attachment comb, setting it on the shaving head.

Brush Academicheskaya brush for removal of hair from epidermisa drives.

Charging wire length 2 meters

Pouch for storing

Manual and other papers

Specifications:epilator manufacturer warranty 2 years. Country of Assembly – Bosnia.The epilator has two speed settings.Epidermisa heads can be rinsed under water. The epilator CANNOT be used in water.Food – network!Size:the epilator is very compact and fits easily in the hand.

Changing heads is as follows:

Move the nozzle to the left (arrow indicates direction):

Then remove the nozzle and install the new:

See that the motor matched. Why did I choose epilator this model:Because I don’t need different functions such as hair removal services in water, operation of the appliance from the battery (without wire), all kinds of massage nozzles, etc. I don’t see the point in all of this. It’s just stupid to overpay money.Also was available the same appliance, but without the shaving heads (for the price of 350 rubles cheaper). I did not buy, because the shaving head with the trimming comb allows you to trim hair to 0.5 mm exactly and it will come in handy when you need to urgently get rid of hair, and time is absolutely will not. As usual the press get a lot more irritation than this nozzle. Shaved and ran his business.In this configuration I would like to have a flashlight to highlight all hairs and a cooling glove. These things are really necessary))) Well, now go directly to most hair removal.The epilator I didn’t use never! For the past probably six years old only razor! Tried of course epidermisa cream, but it is absolutely not my! I don’t like their smell and I do not like to sit and bide your time until the cream. Irritation from the razor I was suffering exactly as long as you have not tried MIRACLE-METHOD – wiping definiremmo place of salicylic acid! It really helps! True salicilico dry skin, so I advise you then to wipe cream on it. Anyway, somehow the day before I decided to go to the salon to the master and make yourself hair removal with hot wax. Just did armpits. The result I really liked! Hair out by the roots, and the smoothness made me happy for another two weeks. At home this procedure can certainly perform, but too much of it Marco, you do not want to mess with the wax. And then it hit me – the coolest way is e-PI-La-tor! And here I thought it and bought it!—— 1. FEET ——For the first time, I decided to try to wax his legs. I knew that for me it will be quite painful, as my hair is quite thin.Here’s what happened:(sorry for the photo, but you came here to see not only the appliance but also on the result )



“AFTER”Is, isn’t it?More photos:

Left – profilirovannaja leg, right – no.

Left – profilirovannaja leg, right – no.

Left – profilirovannaja leg, right – no.On both legs to the knee took me about 15 minutes. In JUST 15 minutes! The first minute, until the skin is accustomed, the pain was comparable to eyebrow plucking. And after the addiction was even fun just want to say my mistake – I have grown long hair, so I have some hairs broke. Perfect length for epilation – 0.5 mm. please Observe this. Fortunately I have a shaving head with trimmer – all, you can quickly trim)) But I, for some reason, not used it for the first time. If you repeat this situation and before atilirovanie my hair will grow more this length I will cut it with this nozzle. After the procedure, I treated the skin with salicylal and rubbed moisturizing cream. Red dots slept about three hours. —- 2. Armpits —-Waiting until my armpit hair will grow back after the last shave I decided to wax this place yourself.Before the procedure I washed my armpits, proscribable, wiped it dry and started the execution. Ohhh….I felt a plucking of the hair….it is beyond words. But I took myself in hand, because the thoughts I had perfect armpits as after the procedure with wax. And started to epilate on.

Here is proof that the epilator pulls out the hairs by the roots!Left armpit I have proepilirovali better than the right one, as my skin there still do not know what is pain and suffering. Right managed to wax at least cleaner, and there remained little more hair. But I decided that for the first time it’s even more than okay. Decided then not to torment the skin and to leave her alone, and the next day to go again and epilator to remove the remaining part of the hair.Here’s what I got:

1 photo 1 row.2 photos-1 row – immediately after (podniku I soaked with cold water, because it was bolinao)1 photo number 2 – the next 2 photo 2 range – walked again epilator and the result is a perfectly smooth armpit.Graphically:

Before/After.After I rubbed the skin salicylic acid, and then bought a good lotion after hair removal (opinion I’ll write a bit position).—- 3. BIKINI LINE AND extended BIKINI—-I have to tell you that before deep bikini I have not yet reached, but the bikini line was able to wax yourself. The feeling is exactly the same as the armpits, only the size is smaller.In General, deep bikini first suggest a couple of times to make the master that the hair has become thinner and the skin was used to the pain, and then go wax yourself. Most likely that’s what I’ll do. —- 4. ANTENNAE —-Well, here I have all goes quickly and smoothly. The feeling that the skin has a small discharge current is Tolerated))) And the result is pleasant)) the CONCLUSION.Epilator copes with its task! The main thing – to get used to the pain. The first three or four times will hurt, but then the hair becomes thinner and less. The MAIN thing is not to run and not to go back to the razor!!! And then you will have to endure all over again. Suggest once a week to pass the epilator on the right places, because hair has different growth cycle, and therefore you don’t need to tear large quantities of hair, but only to maintain the effect. Tips for skin care the Skin should be skrabirovanie to growing hairs easily penetrated through the skin and was not ingrown hairs.The skin need to moisturize, moisturize and again moisturize. Since epilation to remove the top layer of skin it becomes drier.It is necessary to use special lotions/creams/gels to slow down hair growth and prevent ingrowing hairs.

Overall rating 5.00 stars
February 14, 2016


All good day)))how Long did you think before buying the epilator. My friend has long abandoned machines, waxing and other methods of hair removal. I spent money on replacement cartridges for the machines (it was the best for my form of hair removal). My doubts was that my purchase would be in vain and I throw away money for nothing, thought it would be very painful and epilator will lie idle.But I still decided, I’m tired of spending money. Moreover, the cassettes were more expensive than some cheaper models of epilators. In General, I read a lot of reviews online and chose this model.Pros:- low cost. I paid in 2014 for his 440 UAH. Braun and other models with the bells and whistles then cost under 1000, and even more expensive, the quality of convenient shape, very pleased with it deal attachment for sensitive body areas, although they are in almost every appliance cover. To me it is very useful, not lying idle – 2 speed-brush. Very convenient and useful thing. Very aesthetic. SAIs I, If we talk about the cons:-a Bit noisy but for me it is unimportant-no backlighting. To pay a decent amount of money for the backlight I have no desire. I would like to try with the backlight use. But it is the little things…still resisting buying this model I was very pleased. First time when I was doing hair removal, was bolnovato, but tolerable. Shaves well. After the procedure slight redness, which quickly pass. For the first time shaved his legs more often, and now much less. Hair grows slower. Tongs grasp the hair is OK, 10 times is not necessary to pass one and the same place. Also pleased and head for sensitive areas. Painless shave, but the hair of course grow faster, about as well as if I shaved with a razor.Comb – tried it once, but for me it was useless.But what a savings of money…It’s a very big PLUS. Once gave 440 UAH live and enjoy life. And the price of cartridge shaving just horrify me. Yes, and time saving very even, every day, every day, no need to shave. Some pros…I am happy. Of course I recommend.

Advantages:+nice design, inexpensive, interchangeable tips

Overall rating 5.00 stars
February 20, 2016


All huge Hello!Finally, the moment came when I decided to purchase the Appliance.But let’s start with a little background..had To use a razor, depilatory creams, sugar waxing.The effect of the cream and razor was literally for 1-2 days, after had a beard, had to constantly stand in the bathroom and nabivat body parts, but I wasn’t willing, but in this frequent use razor quickly deteriorated and every time to buy a new, heavily impact on the finances. The more I used to use expensive, interchangeable cassettes, and then moved on to more budget.Waxing is generally a separate topic, a waste of fun with a very “aromatic” cream, which sometimes gives not a very impressive result that we have to dobrovat some areas with a razor.The effect of sugar wax I liked, by analogy with the appliance process is very similar, and here and there hair pulled out in most cases with root. After legs are super smooth and don’t grow hair somewhere 2-3 weeks. But the process is very painful and time-consuming, if You are cooking pasta.Then, having read the reviews on the website, and after listening to laudatory opinions from my friends, I still decided to purchase the appliance. But the store is very large variety of these devices. Particularly, they do not differ, except the additional massage nozzles, cold rukavichki and function to use the epilator under water.I chose the simple model, without any bells and whistles. They became – Epilator Philips HP 6423/00.

Costs 2 thousand. Bought in the store.Why I chose it? Yes because extra nozzles is a waste of money.

The epilator is packaged in a cute box, with printed girl who showcases her smooth legs.It’s not too dimensional, so it fits easily in the hand.

In several papers, including a certificate

and the epilator brush to clean brush heads from the hair,

shaving head with comb, pouch, adapter.

The device operates from a network. Has 20 tweezers and two speeds.

The warranty period of 2 years.The adapter wire is long, the nozzle can be washed under water, BUT not the device itself.

The epilator removes hair from 5 mm.

Using the comb can straighten hair long, for example, to make an intimate haircut, or make it easier to epilate the body.

And the shaving head is very easy to use, almost like a razor, only electric, carefully shave any bending of the body.

The noise pretty much 75 decibels, but during the procedure is not particularly pay attention to it.!Before applying need to read the instructions, the skin, varicose veins, pimples, moles, abrasions cannot be processed.

Feeling Rough..the pain I imagined, because in his time, used sugar paste – it was something.Before applying I read some tips from the forums, the video, but any way not ran since turned off the hot water.The fear started as I turned the epilator on to the network and 1 speed, the head with the forceps was rotated very quickly, making frightening sounds, but for the sake of beauty I am ready for anything and walked on a small area of skin, was pleasantly surprised that the pain I almost did not feel.But now let’s talk about how to prepare the skin for this procedure..Recapiti to coustelet peeling of the skin, RUB the skin with sponge – mitten – this allows you to “storysite” all the hairs, even if they brassiest.Pain suggest treat the skin Menovazin before and after the procedure, with the help of a cotton pad, it really helps with pain and additional inflammation.Some time later, to lubricate the skin moisturizer.The epilator is smart, works quickly, unfortunately we have to look at each site for the presence of do not end up plucked hairs – he had no flashlight.That was not particularly painful, the skin suggest a little pull. After there was a small irritation to a speckling of red. At first glance, the feet are clean, without a single hair, but at the touch of a foot is not smooth, very worried about this issue, so that girls who have the same recommend a few days to re-examine the epilator, but before that know how to handle skin tight gloves.

Usually does help grow hair, but if you take care of the skin correctly, they will not need to do regular exfoliation.After the procedure, I treated the leather menovazin, to little to soothe the skin and disinfect after a while smeared with cream and a couple of hours the irritation is gone.

Generally epilator very much, all who have not tried to remove the hair with it, I advise you to try and ask him of his beloved on the eve of women’s day. Thank you for your attention!

Advantages:shaving head included, long cord, easy, inexpensive

Overall rating 5.00 stars
March 21, 2016


Hello! A month ago I bought myself a new epilator, two weeks wool the Internet and chose for yourself the right model. I already had the experience of using the epilator for 8 years I served my braun, but it is already obsolete and over the years has become worse to cope with its task. I have to say I needed a reliable appliance without all the bells and whistles. I liked the Philips hp 6423 00.

Externally, the epilator is beautiful, light, nice to hold, but the noise well) other things I haven’t seen a silent epilator)

2 speed, disc forceps, seized the hair well.All screw tips are detachable and can be washed.

Head evening the hairs of one length of 4 mm.

Included is the storage pouch of the device.

There’s also a head shaver. In their choice I was not disappointed for a minute. Good price and excellent quality operation of the machine. Do hair removal every 10 days, my hair grow very fast.Doesn’t hurt, because for 10 years of hair removal are already used to)Total: 2 000 I had a great epilator, shaver (by the way very clean shave) the trimmer head on a razor for trimming hair), a brush cleaning apparatus, and storage pouch. Suggest)

Advantages:+beautiful design, a shaving head included, long cord, lightweight, does not breaks the hairs, inexpensive, interchangeable heads, removes even the fluff, removes better percetnage, easy to operate

The Philips company offers users to check out HP6423. The features of HP6423, in addition to their interesting design solution, make us pleased with their performance and functionality. Best solution for both house and office. Many customers already appreciated and left HP6423 reviews available on our service. Price comparison, that is also offered by our service, helps profitably purchase Philips HP6423. Buy Philips HP6423 with benefits.
Nozzle shaving
Weight 230 g
Included cleaning brush, hard case
General characteristics
Type epilator
Power from the network
Backlight No
Number of speeds 2
Material tweezers metal
Number of tweezers 20
The epilating head with the possibility of flushing
The use with application of foam No
Minimum hair length for epilation 0.5 mm
My review Philips HP 6423

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