Philips HP8233

Overall rating 4.9 stars
4.9 from 10 reviews
diffuser, concentrator
loop for hanging
Power cord length
1.8 m
2200 W
Additional modes
supply cold air ionization
The number of modes
diffuser, concentrator
loop for hanging
Power cord length:
1.8 m
2200 W
Additional modes:
supply cold air ionization
The number of modes:


Overall rating 4.9 stars
10 reviews
Overall rating 5.00 stars
March 20, 2014


Good day! My old dryer broke down and decided to buy a new one. Time to read the reviews I was not, therefore, immediately went to the store to choose on the spot. This Hairdryer I initially liked: stylish design, attractive color. Selection criteria was that the Hairdryer was light enough, had the diffuser with soft “fingers” and ionization. This instance met the requirements!Other features of the dryer:• the dryer with power 2200 W to create a voluminous blowout, as in the beauty salon• Narrow nozzle hub 11 mm• Turbo for very fast drying• Soft head massage and the maximum amount of hair• Six heating modes and speeds for different hair types• cold blowing Technology ThermoProtect temperature provides the optimal drying of hair and extra protection from progrevaemost around 2000 Ruben really like. Recommend!

Advantages:+stylish design, ionization, light, massage nozzle diffuser, powerful, turbo mode

Overall rating 5.00 stars
September 5, 2014


Hello, dear readers!I want to share with you experiences about his recent purchase of hair dryer by Philips.When there is a need to purchase a new dryer, the first thing important to me was the following parameters: the low price of several temperature regimes, the presence of ionizational a lot of options and break the mountain of reviews on the Internet, my choice fell on this company and this model.

So, consider the technical characteristics of this product: Capacity 2200 2 mode 3 temperature regimeindicated cold 2 attachments: concentrator and diffusion cord 1.8 m

My impressions: I am very happy with the purchase. Externally, the dryer looks very stylish, I like the combination of purple and black 🙂 the Build is good and nothing loose, all high quality. Nozzle hold well, waving your hands will not fall off. After the old Hairdryer that I at first seemed quite large and heavy, but I instantly got used, conveniently lies in a hand. There is also a loop for hanging. Rear lid is easily removed and cleaned from any debris that may accumulate there.

And most importantly: dry dryer is great! You can select ThermoProtect, and then the temperature becomes optimal. I usually land hair like this, and when they are still slightly damp, dried up cold air.

The manufacturers on the box even made recommendations for the use of Hairdryer in pictures

The process of drying my long and thick hair takes no more than 15 minutes. Hair after it soft and shiny, no bristle in different directions, not get too dry, as it was with the old Hairdryer. I do not know, it is a merit of ionization or something else, but the fact remains that the Price of the hair dryer at the moment on average 420 USD, but a few months ago I bought in online store is cheaper. And finally a photo of my hair after blow-drying

To care for hair use this oil.The dryer, of course, recommend to buy!

Advantages:+stylish design, ionization, beautiful, massage nozzle diffuser, powerful, turbo mode

Overall rating 4.00 stars
October 1, 2014


As usual , another holiday (this time it was my birthday) denied me my main helper is my Hairdryer. Not that he died, but the button to switch modes in the heat, he absolutely ceased to move. In General, the hair had to dry cold air, that’s a toughie. And here by the way and my birthday and work colleagues began to ask what I want. Well, then I might want a new Hairdryer? Right, that’s what I asked…I was hoping to get a small, economical option which would be easy to hold in hands, but it was not there.The guys tried their best and with all the variety of chose power and size, well guys,what can I say…at First I could not get used to scale and size , but very quickly appreciate the bright design and a significantly faster drying of hair. Fees in the morning decreased for ten minutes exactly.The Hairdryer Philips HP 8233/00 beautiful and stylish, with a capacity of 2200 watts with turbo mode, cold air and ionization (turns on and off with a separate button for the hair dryer feature Technology ThermoProtect and 6 modes of speed and temperature.The kit includes a narrow nozzle attachment and diffuser, a rear mesh for air intake easily removed and cleaned.In General, the dryer I like, to weight quickly, fast drying hands, not so tired. I use it for almost a year, no problems with it there.

Advantages:+stylish design, ionization, beautiful, massage nozzle diffuser, powerful, thermoprotect technology, turbo mode

Overall rating 5.00 stars
June 13, 2015


Hello!In this article I want to tell you about my successful purchase,but rather about one of the gifts my husband on my 21st birthday))) – a hair dryer Philips HP 8233.I have to say,from adolescence I had a small,road “pencik”designed explicitly for styling and quick drying .I like it extremely rare and,in principle,not particularly lamented…not yet started to pay special attention to good,powerful (real) hair dryers at different Barber shops and beauty salons.There are of course lit up..and away study sites and the shelves in the stores))).And finally,the dream came true and my husband made the right decision!BRIEF DESCRIPTION:Power 22002 feed speed 2 temperature and ThermoProtectы nozzle-nozzle diffuzionnaya hub 11 cable 1.8 ThermoProtect ionic dryer 8233 temperature for fast drying at a constant optimum temperature of 57ºC .The dryer is reliable.Dry carefully and very quickly,the mode of ionization include always.Love that you can pick up independently from each other, and the speed and temperature of the air under their feelings.,for super-fast drying turbo mode is used.For maximum volume use a diffuser (by the way,great head massage for better blood circulation).The back mesh is removable,making it easy to remove the accumulated debris.The Hairdryer can be hung on an eyelet of any hook.And of course,like any girl,pleased with the unusual design 🙂 I Hope my new assistant will last me a long time without problems,and not to overdry I use my blonde hair!I recommend

Advantages:ionization, beautiful, massage nozzle diffuser, powerful, inexpensive, thermoprotect technology, turbo mode

Overall rating 5.00 stars
January 14, 2016


Hello!It is time to upgrade my old dryer, which served me faithfully for over 5 years. It was the most common, of the firm of Maxwell.I have long dreamed of a professional hair dryer that would retain the beauty of the hair and not dried them, turning in tow. And also craze on the hair dryers with ionization function has done its job. Decided to make a gift for the New year, to welcome to buy a Hairdryer)

The main criteria by which I selected the hair:the choice of temperature;the Presence of ionizing functions;Flow of cold air;Narrow nozzle;Loop for hanging the dryer, strange as it may sound;Price range from 2500-3500 thousand.All these requirements are consistent with several models from different manufacturers. I compared everything in Yandex Market and opted for this Philips 8233. Very attracted by its design. Model not new, not many stores have in stock.The Philips trust, I have a pad from this company for 4 years and never broke.

Price: 2790 roubles.Place of purchase: IMAG of Tehnoelectrica dryer:Capacity 2200 Tsirina nozzle 11 marimow heating – 3 , modes of intensity of air flow – 2.The flow of cold air, ionization.Power cord length 1.8 m.


Removable grille

Convenient loop

The result ispolzovaniye become much better to look healthier, shiny and soft. Styling was quick and neat, hair not Posada, not electrified.Use this Hairdryer gives aesthetic pleasure. The temperature and strength of air flow can be adjusted depending on Your preferences and specific situation.When drying with a nozzle hub(diffuser don’t use) and regular hair brushes, hair dryer perfectly straighten hair and You will not need to straighten their iron.With the Philips hair dryer to dry hair; if you are in search of high quality, stylish dryer in an average price category, I recommend to pay attention to this model!About how I caring for hair can be found here!Hope my review was useful and I will be happy to answer your questions in the comments)

Advantages:+stylish design, ionization, beautiful, powerful, turbo mode

Overall rating 5.00 stars
January 17, 2016


Hello! Happy New year! Today we will talk about Philips hair dryer HP-8233. It gave me my husband on March 8, since old long ago fallen into disrepair , and watch me at night I suffer with dry hair it was not intended.Before he consulted me, as he does not understand the “girly stuff”. My choice fell on the hero of this review. Reading the description in the online store , even a person with mega short hair and an empty wallet will want to buy it. Luckily, those I am not._________________________________________________________________________________________Go over the specs:Power: 2200W, which is quite a lot.The presence of ionization, cold air, TURBO mode and features TermoProtect” can not but rejoice.Attachments: concentrator and diffuser. With the help diffuser it is possible to make massage of the head and pobaldet.

*when the mode TermoProtect” air flow temperature does not exceed 57 degrees Price: my husband bought it for 750 hryvnia.Place of purchase: supermarket chain Eldorado.Design: very stylish, the combination of purple and black I really liked. Also, the hair dryer there is a loop for hanging which is very convenient.

Experience of using a hair dryer carefully to dry your hair. The diffuser creates a good amount, but mostly I use the hub. Particularly fast to dry hair with this hair dryer could not never, anyway, almost to the waist get. For drying short hair. I always use 2 temperature (TermoProtect) and 1-2 speed on roots, length be dried with cold air (not so cold). And, of course, be sure to apply thermal protection before doing this process. Turbo mode I didn’t use as it needs.

Ionization I always include, though the actual effect is not noticed. Hairdryer I am quite satisfied, a good combination of quality and price. Recommend, but keep in mind that it is not necessary too often damage the hair by any thermal device.

Advantages:+stylish design, cord length, ionization, beautiful, massage nozzle diffuser, powerful, inexpensive, thermoprotect technology, turbo mode

Overall rating 5.00 stars
January 28, 2016


I’ve watched this dryer in the store and eventually asked him as a gift from my boyfriend.

I liked that it has a diffuser, which most dryers don’t have plastic toes, and rubber. You can even scalp massage to do!

The power dryer 2200 W (enough to make a high quality installation).Operating modes: 3 heat, 2 speed,cold air cooling, ionization.I never regretted this unit!!!!

Advantages:ionization, massage nozzle diffuser, thermoprotect technology, turbo mode

Overall rating 5.00 stars
March 4, 2016


Greetings to all! Before drying the hair I was enough of an old Hairdryer without any frills. But in General I prefer not to use a Hairdryer and dry your hair the natural way. But then, as usual, reading reviews about modern hair dryers with ionization, I decided that I, too, urgently need! And, you know, not sorry!Term of use: about three months.To further understand, describe their hair: they are curly, and quite strongly. It is very thin and naughty, put them into neat swirls I harder. And straighten every time is not an option, this is the first really stressful and troublesome, I second harm the already weak hair, and thirdly I’m more like myself with curly hair the Length is a little below the shoulders.Why I chose Philips HP8233?A lot of positive feedback, in particular I drew attention to the opinion of a girl with the same kurakami as I have. Power, appearance, weight and function of ionization also arranged.

Appearance: let it not the most important thing, but the Hairdryer looks stylish, a combination of dark purple and black plus gloss…specifications:

power 2200W no lower than professional modelado nozzle, narrow nozzle-diffusively for grenaderskaya modes suscitatio cord 1.8 m. the box is a small instruction with pictures how to use the nozzles.

Narrow nozzle that concentrates the airflow, I don’t use due to the nature of the hair, but the diffuser will be described below.It is asymmetrical in shape with “fingers” of different lengths. Black fingers that are located closer to the center of a solid plastic and the purple fingers on the perimeter — rubber.

I wanted them to be soft, does not cling to hair and don’t hurt the scalp when drying.

My way of drying the hair: on wet hair apply the foam, comb them with a wide-toothed comb, then a little restrepia and jankau” hands to shape the curls. Then the strands dry by the hair dryer with a diffuser, the diffuser directing upwards. As pictured, only each strand of hair.

Then land the roots of the diffuser from the top down, when the fingers come into contact with the scalp. Use the same fingers to lightly comb through the roots. And the result can be mounted cold air by pressing the appropriate button with the snowflake.

Bottom button-this is a turbo mode. In case you need to dry your hair very quickly.By the way I love that all the buttons have a hair dryer located not on the side as many models and exactly where are your fingers when you take a Hairdryer. In my opinion, so much the better.Of the modes I most often use ThermoProtect, the optimal mode and temperature. When the buttons are in the position as pictured.

Me his in principle enough, but options increase the strength of the air flow (left button up) and temperature control (right button). At maximum temperature (plus turbo) the air is very hot, regular to dry hair so I am hesitant.Ionization: in this model, there is a possibility to enable and disable the ionization.

Initially I treated this with irony, suggesting that it is essentially unwanted stray to a more loud commercials, but now I think it works. Even with dry air in the room and using a plastic comb, the hair is not electrified completely. Even a small growing hairs do not stand on end (as usual), and smoothed.Another plus:✔ compared to the old dryer, the drying speed is much higher.✔ Curls marked better, last longer, and the hair not Posada.✔ Some write that heavy, but to me at the time. Although the whole process of styling my short ten minutes somewhere.✔ Cone you can create a small root volume, and generally you can adjust the fuzz) Now I prefer a more “sleek” version, but you can make the visibility of the lion’s mane, and it won’t look like a crow’s nest but be careful. Conclusion: I am very pleased, can not imagine how I ever lived without this dryer! A diffuser is a godsend Price: I bought in the local network of electronics stores for 2380 RUB the disorder of the prices for Yandex-market from to 2690 4090 RUB

Thanks for the read, let your purchase you are always encouraging! ✿ܓ ✿ܓ ✿ܓ

Overall rating 5.00 stars
March 17, 2016


Hello!In high school and first year of University I didn’t bother with hair care products. When I needed a Hairdryer – I went out and bought the first Scarlett without even reading its characteristics.But then, with the beginning of nursing care for hair, I began to realize that Scarlett me well, never satisfied, and it would be necessary to purchase a new dryer! In a period of reflection, in the circumstances, I had about six months to live with his aunt, of course, using it with a Hairdryer. It was Phillips HP8182. I couldn’t get enough of him, compared to my Scarletta it was a miracle! Later, when I decided that I wanted this and only this!Launched a frantic activity to find Phillips HP8182, but they all had one outcome – the dryer is discontinued and, accordingly, sales. Then I thought, if not, then you need to take Phillips with similar characteristics.Key selection criteria: Capacity of 2000 watts. Terribly tired of Scarlett with 1600 watts who had dry hair for half an hour.The presence of at least 3 modes intensity of air flow and 2 speed modes of the flow.Nozzle hub.The function of supplying cold air.Ionization was desirable item. I don’t really notice her actions, but what it is, and probably works very pleasantly warms the soul.The loop for hanging.Long cord.Price up to 2000 rubles. Therefore, all criteria satisfied Philips HP8233, and in some ways even exceeded my requirements I was impressed with its excellent performance and a lot of positive reviews, hence the high ratings. And Yes, the price at that time was more than reasonable.The range of prices was huge, but it is cheaper this dryer was in El Dorado – 1549 rubles. Then in the night, 29.08.2014, I checked on the website of the online store and placed an order. By the way, I found a promo code for a discount of 8% (124 rubles).1.09.2014 I am pleased and happy took the device to the point of delivery of goods, paying for it 1425 rubles.

Check According to Yandex.Market, now the cost varies from 2 to 3 549 970 rubles the Average price of 2 899 rubles. Consider these wonderful features, bribery hundreds of girls to go to the store FOR HIM. Main features:Type of dryer — Obychnymi management — Mehanicheskiy-speeds — 2 bedroom in temperature — 3 buttons — Peredivannya:Cold air cooling — Astonishia — Estorbo mode — Estacada:Hub — Antidiffuser — Anticorpos:Loop for hanging — Ecticut/finish — Gloss black, which fades into filetomail case — Kitana:power consumption — 2200 Vanaprasta — Chastota 220-240 — 50-60 Tmotor — Motor-powered DC tochilina cord — 1.8 gabarity and weight:Weight — 600 g looks like the Hairdryer.

Equipment dryer Philips HP8233 Everything was neatly Packed in bags.Box with a special cardboard holders. The main parameters and symbols printed on the inner surface of the housing.

The main characteristics and refer to Two nozzles, as promised.

Attachments: Narrow, nozzle-hub 11 mm for a perfect kladbishchenskaia nozzle 11 mm concentrator directs the airflow for precision styling on specific areas. Suitable for shape fixing and laying at the completion of the image. Soft head massage and the maximum amount pricescardura massage nozzle-diffuser asymmetric curved shape facilitates stacking. Due to the uniform distribution of the air flow diffuser provides a more gentle drying, adds volume to hair and reduces frizz. Massage has beneficial effects on the scalp, improving the vitality of the hair. For best results, place the device close to the parietal region, closer to the roots of the hair: massage the fingers of the diffuser helps to give the hair volume, elasticity and create logoname opinion:I use only a nozzle concentrator. Despite its small width 11 mm – very comfortable and not worse than a smart hub In the process of drying out the hair, pushing the strands to the air mainly fell on the roots, not the length.But with diffuser to cope I never learned but the fact that the rubber fingers very pleasant massage your scalp – that’s a fact! Concentrator the dryer looks nice, I love it! This nozzle fits in his appearance that complements and beautifies.

Hairdryer with a nozzle-concentrator And diffuser all becomes somehow too menacing

Hairdryer with a nozzle-diffuser Arrangement of buttons make me happy. Button cold air supply and turbo are not fixed, ie they must hold. But then again, their location allows to do it easily and naturally. The hand is in a natural position, not straining and not get tired.

Location capaciity will discuss later There is a removable air intake filter

Removable air intake filter

Advantages:diffuser with rubber fingers, cord length, ionization, beautiful, light, powerful, stylish design, thermoprotect technology, turbo mode

Overall rating 5.00 stars
March 19, 2016


Hello! Today we will talk about my new pet hair dryer Philips HP 8233. Before March 8 parents asked what I want. This is the most difficult question is the question of what to give me on holiday. I have long puzzled and decided it was time to change the dryer as I bought a cheap Hairdryer for 300 rubles, foldable, with small power of about 600 WATTS. I follow the condition of their hair and believe that blow-dry time 2 days should be fun and not to spoil the hair.And then I started looking at the market now so obagoal new products that the eyes, of course, fled. At first I opted for Babyliss, reviews very little, but that small percentage is positive. What was my disappointment when the three stores I was not able to buy it. First attempt – I ordered called said can collect today, tomorrow again we will have to place an order, if we do not take. The second is just stupid not to call back. When I started to get a third after filling in the fields given 404. I thought about it and decided well, not fate, not talking to me, he hands, then the figs with him. And started looking for a replacement. And then I came across more budget Phillips, with all the same settings. I’ve been thinking to take\not to take. The reviews are mostly positive. We decided, use about 2 weeks and can give their opinion.Not bulky, comfortable package. With points ex got the package and did not disturb me all the way.

Content. Inside, everything was Packed correctly, so no detail is scratched and not broken. (it’s plastic). But writing a ceramic coating.

The package includes: hair dryer, two attachments (diffuser and concentrator), warranty, manual.

after unpacking.So here’s what it looks like this handsome black with purple. Very beautiful and elegant. So also powerful 2200 W no joke Okay, external design, build, and overall very cool and beautiful. Now to the main point – its functioning. What says us manufacturer:Hairdryer power 2200 W for volume styling, both in salon krasotische heating modes of heat and speed for different types wolowska nozzle hub 11 mm for a perfect ukladysonia for very fast sukimachi head massage, and the maximum amount pricescialis blowout for fixing obladministratsii, all of the above features it contains! 3 modes: cold, warm, hot, and you can also adjust the power of blowing: 1/2. Plus, there is a mode of ionization, I have not used and do prior to selecting a hair dryer had the idea that Ionization, in theory, should give Shine to the hair, but they have me so well and Shine so special difference I saw.And now a little test drive. For how long does a hair dryer dried my thick medium length hair??? I’ll note that my last dryer took 15-20 minutes. I was pleased with this result, but having read that the more powerful the dryer, the faster it dries, I thought that the difference will be significant.Wet hair, pressed towel, applied oil and thermal protection.

wet, wrung out towel. No attachments I don’t use, don’t like, but when you do styling necessary to use. Today without, so over 10 minutes At this point I usually start to panic that you are late and do not have time to dry.

after 10 minutes of drying.And finally, after another 5 minutes, my hair completely dry.

after 15 minutes of drying.As you can see, drying hair took me exactly 15 minutes, which can not but rejoice. But this time hardly differs from the time when I was drying a cheap Hairdryer with a power of 600W. So is it worth to pay for 2200, if it is good?I think you should. First, I immediately noticed how my hair was transformed, the amazing thing is that I can adjust the power and temperature, because before my hair specifically “burned” under a strong tempos. Secondly, ionization, may be my no noticable difference, but my husband says that hair looks good, but for me it is the biggest serviceproducing I can say about the pros:many different Manytylenol regiondescription of offerings is not inferior to the more expensive and disheveled loop that it was possible poisitions sororium of ionizations in Nabereznaya back cover to clean.And as well, cons:Dailypolitical, fragile, afraid that if once fall, you can crack to crack.If You are looking for a dryer for yourself, home use, convenient and practical, I advise you to look at this model, it has all the innovations of the market, with quite reasonable price.Bought in Techmarket, the price there was : 2650 R. Link to the product: the review was helpful. Love yourself and your hair

Advantages:ionization, powerful, inexpensive

The Philips company offers users to check out HP8233. The features of HP8233, in addition to their interesting design solution, make us pleased with their performance and functionality. Best solution for both house and office. Many customers already appreciated and left HP8233 reviews available on our service. Price comparison, that is also offered by our service, helps profitably purchase Philips HP8233. Buy Philips HP8233 with benefits.
Included diffuser, concentrator
Design loop for hanging
Power cord length 1.8 m
Type Hairdryer
Power 2200 W
Additional modes supply cold air ionization
The number of modes 6
Independent adjustment of heating and air flow is, heating modes: 3 modes intensity of air flow: 2
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