Philips Xenium X501

Overall rating 4.4 stars
4.4 from 5 reviews
GSM 900/1800/1900
Bluetooth, USB
Internet access
Protocol support
Ringtones type
64-voice polyphony, MP3-melody
Battery type
GSM 900/1800/1900
Bluetooth, USB
Internet access:
Protocol support:
Ringtones type:
64-voice polyphony, MP3-melody
Battery type:


Overall rating 4.4 stars
5 reviews
Overall rating 5.00 stars
October 11, 2010


This phone I bought when the old cell was discharged every day battery. Learned that the Philips Xenium produces phones that can survive without recharging, and have excellent properties. Opted for 501. Design immediately liked it. Everything is simple and conveniently located, nothing more. Looks solid and more expensive than it cost. Metal cover, screen glass, not plastic. Beautiful phone conveniently lay in a hand. Camera, sound, Bluetooth, the communication quality at height. So just take it. I use it for 3 months. charged only 6 times, but under the condition that often used by java applications and listening to music. The battery if not strongly to torment can be charged once a month. Never appeared scuffs. Very quickly turned on and off. Does not slow down. Not buggy, never been rebooted due to unresponsiveness. Good display size and image quality. Easy and fast synchronization with a PC. A durable case. Of the minuses. Headphones need immediately to buy new. Pretty overall. The phone will probably appeal to those who like one piece body, long working time and availability of necessary functions.

Advantages:big battery, webcam, loud speaker, easy to use interface

Overall rating 3.00 stars
October 12, 2011


Bought in December 2008 and is only now going to change.The main advantage – the charge lasts a very long time. When the phone starts to show the battery is completely exhausted – this means that you can still spend one or two total conversation for ten minutes or he is guaranteed to hold you till later. The second plus at the time of purchase – USB interface, but now it has become ubiquitous. Finally, quite strong. Otherwise, it saved my simple tastes, I just don’t miss a call because of the batteries.There are disadvantages due to the energy consumption: in bright light the screen is hard to see (in summer on a Sunny day is seen only in the shadows) ringer even at maximum volume is not audible (e.g. jeans pocket). As the exhaustion of the charge reduces the volume, so that the conversation becomes so good to hear.Firmware is pretty bad by today’s standards is below the level of criticism. Functionality is poor and uncomfortable on the design of the interface is also saved. For example, only three alarms, and everyone just plays the specified signal. People did not Wake up – so the fate of this. Initially it was noticeably buggy (though for me, as a professional and perfectionist), with age, the biggest looser among increases sharply. Regularly loses the SIM card (that is, accepting incoming, nothing about not telling until you notice). When an incoming with a noticeable probability (five percent) does not play sound at all or breaks it in the beginning. Buggy, if you receive a message (especially not all parts) during user’s work with SMS-kami. When an incoming call cuts down the game (you have to start it again).

Advantages:big battery

Overall rating 5.00 stars
November 21, 2011


My husband bought a year and a half ago. The main criterion for buying was the battery capacity. Expectations met 100%. The battery lasts sooo long: a couple of weeks work easily even during active use. Simple and intuitive to use. Very durable: it fell countless times on a variety of surfaces, and to top it all the misadventures, favorite thoroughly so sat on it. The screen changed into a cobweb, but remained in place and the device is not affected. Certainly not too bright, the camera too leaves to wish the best, but for the price to expect anything else would be silly. Summary: a simple, but quite functional, reliable phone with very powerful battery.

Advantages:powerful battery, reliability, user-friendly interface

Overall rating 4.00 stars
May 6, 2013


I have this phone for a year and a half, and now I wouldn’t trade it to any other, although the disadvantages of it, (where the same without them). Pros:+ battery is really long enough — if you use enough, can call one to two times a day, charge about once a week, or even two. If actively texting and listening to music-once in 3 days.+ unkillable metal cover-if you keep dropping on a tile, etc.+ two SIM cards.+ in text files you can make bookmarks.+ flashlight. I comes in handy.+ standard headphone Jack and charging(don’t know how it’s called, but it came up charging from my camera and books)+ brake.+ easy transfers -30C+ loud speaker+ drop in water 2 times — still alive=)Cons:- very limited memory for calendar entries.- for some reason, the characters icon is missing ^, although generally the phone will recognize.- button – Hoop, performing the role of the shooter quickly begins to fall off.- bulky.

Advantages:large battery, loud speaker, big battery, reliability

Overall rating 5.00 stars
May 6, 2013


very good battery, does not slow down, pause folding applications, the ability to charge through pretty, not smart but he reads books, keeps good communication , very bright screen in the sun visible enough so we can still have Opera mini which is very pleasing , I do not really like little functional radio is not very loud, words cannot be added to the T9 it is not very convenient, the camera is only 2 megapixels. for the Amateur , is very hard for girls not like very much. Very nice likes to talk it is very convenient a lot of time is not necessary to charge a smart phone.

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Standard GSM 900/1800/1900
Interfaces Bluetooth, USB
Internet access WAP, GPRS, EDGE
Protocol support POP/SMTP
Vibra Yes
Ringtones type 64-voice polyphony, MP3-melody
Battery type Li-Ion
Battery capacity 1800 mA * h
Working time in standby mode 1440 hours
While working in the talk mode 16 hours
While working in the mode of listening to music 40 h
Diagonal 2.2 inch.
Screen type color TFT, 262.14 thousand colors
The size of the image 320x240
The number of pixels per inch (PPI) 182
Additional functions SMS message templates
Other functions
Airplane mode Yes
The A2DP profile Yes
Loud speaker (internal speaker) Yes
Encoding modes sound HR, FR, EFR Yes
The CPU and memory
The memory card slot there is, up to 8 GB
The number of processor cores 1
The amount of available user memory 60 MB
Additional information
Features connect the headphones via mini USB
Equipment phone, headset, battery, charger, stereo headset, USB cable, user manual
Notebook and organizer
Organizer alarm clock, calculator, task planner
Search by owner Yes
Notebook in the office 2000 numbers
General characteristics
Type phone
Weight 129 g
The SAR 0.316
Management navigation key
Housing type classic
Type of SIM card normal
Dimensions (Shmht) 47x110x15 mm
The number of SIM-cards 1
Multimedia capabilities
Game Yes
Audio MP3, AAC, WAV, WMA, FM radio
The camera 2 million pixels., 1600x1200
The recorder Yes
Video playback 3GP, H. 263, MPEG4
Recording movies there are (3GP, H. 263, MPEG4)
Java applications Yes
Max. video frame rate 15 frames/s
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