PiPO M6 Pro 16Gb

Overall rating 2 stars
2 from 1 reviews
Battery capacity
10000 mA * h
Working time (video)
8 hours
Built-in speakers
there, sound stereo
Built-in microphone
9.7", 2048x1536
Screen type
TFT IPS, glossy
Touch screen
capacitive, multi-touch
Battery capacity:
10000 mA * h
Working time (video):
8 hours
Built-in speakers:
there, sound stereo
Built-in microphone:
9.7", 2048x1536
Screen type:
TFT IPS, glossy
Touch screen:
capacitive, multi-touch


Overall rating 2 stars
1 reviews
Overall rating 2.00 stars
June 8, 2014


Pipo m6 device with a gorgeous potential, but unrealized crooked-obliquely-by. If everything is put in it still working…Eakdown scratched hands “to praise” this masterpiece of Chinese tehnoportala. I use the tablet half of the year, gave it to me for my order “to work” on the day of birth. Brought from Hong Kong, with a sort of super-market electronics. But better if the money would have a chance to add to normal device. Now this brick can neither sell nor normal use.The kit put the charging from another model, so I had to go on a radio market and buy him one. Glitches began immediately on the still clean from my programs and settings the device. At least once a day have to poke in the hole-reset. Sometimes several times a day. Him as if it’s necessary regularly, there is something globally to restart. And it’s crazy annoying! Would have a normal button, so at least it was convenient, and then have toothpicks everywhere with me to wear.But here there is a button esc. When the screen freezes, it sometimes saves the situation and allows you to exit a hung program.Column is full of hi, we can say that there was only one, the second, cheeps something. Forums wrote such complaints such as I are the happy owners of a Wiener m6. Someone there is something perephial, but I don’t know how))) However, headphones solve the problem and they heard well.Buggy all from any of the factory installed to added from Google store programs. Buggy constantly and in every way, especially violently negocial if you have connected the tablet to charge. Then it is very fun to type text and see the buttons on the screen change roles.Inadequate and the battery indicator. But once you get used to.From the connectors screen backlash and squeaks. Under the glass dust gets and when you watch the movie in full screen on dark scenes you can enjoy the white snowflakes. Lyapota.Camera all tablets leave much to be desired, but even on my ancient htc flyer came out in significantly better pictures that the front that the rear. On the pipo m6 it is possible to achieve more or less adequate images only in ideal lighting conditions.On the tablet a lot of connectors.

rezyumiruya valuable to me hdmi port. There is a projector, connect the tablet to it and watch movies in high resolution directly from the Internet. Fortunately, this mountain is connected to the projector fine, but in the process of watching the film continuously loses connection. Just hell annoying. The wire is normal, not long, the projector is also excellent.A nice bonus is the ability to plug a usb device into the slot, but immediately warned that the hard drive cannot be connected, only a mouse. And thanks for that. It does help immensely.The screen is good, Yes, just like the iPad. Suitable for games, movies and seats in social networks. But to work, to type, for example, I update my account online and there is a risk to hang in the process that just leads me into a rage when this happens. How tempered Buddhist calm, damn it. Everything is garbage.Included was a tape already affixed to the screen case. First cover like, glue some innovative adhesive composition to the tablet to the rear, the cover folds and allows you to set the tablet to watch movies. But given that the reset on the back, and to get to it it is necessary each time to detach the device from the case, super glue quickly worked. Nothing else except adhesive rectangle case not fix. Useless.Accessories

accessoriesiphone to connect the usb Usb-wire to connect to Konopatskaya (bought in Russia. From China it comes under Chinese outlet with adapter)Useful ssylki:ыы:In a sober mind and sound memory do not buy cheap devices, because such purchases and formed a negative attitude towards the Android platform. I have something to compare! I have a still perfectly working Htc flyer. Just heaven and earth. And in design and in functionality and in General, in every Perhaps it is my model with a manufacturing defect, but on hand I have no warranty papers, and for the money it’s not worth it. It is possible that the tablet will save the flashing. If you decide on this act of creation, then do upd.I hope the review was useful to you!

Advantages:lots of connectors, price, screen

The PiPO company offers users to check out M6 Pro 16Gb. The features of M6 Pro 16Gb, in addition to their interesting design solution, make us pleased with their performance and functionality. Best solution for both house and office. Many customers already appreciated and left M6 Pro 16Gb reviews available on our service. Price comparison, that is also offered by our service, helps profitably purchase PiPO M6 Pro 16Gb. Buy PiPO M6 Pro 16Gb with benefits.
Battery capacity 10000 mA * h
Working time (video) 8 hours
Built-in speakers there, sound stereo
Built-in microphone Yes
Screen 9.7", 2048x1536
Screen type TFT IPS, glossy
Touch screen capacitive, multi-touch
Video processor Mali-400 MP4
Widescreen display No
The number of pixels per inch (PPI) 264
Processor RockChip RK3188 1600 MHz
Built-in memory 16 GB
Operating system Android 4.2
The number of cores 4
The memory card slot there are, microSDHC, up to 32 GB
Support Wi-Fi there is Wi-Fi 802.11 n
Support Bluetooth there, Bluetooth 4.0
Audio output/headphone there, 3.5 mm
Connecting to a TV/monitor mini HDMI
Connecting to a computer via USB Yes
Connection of external devices via USB Yes
The camera
Rear camera there, 5 million pixels.
Front camera there, 2 million pixels.
Features rear camera flash
Sensors accelerometer, gyroscope, compass, light sensor
QWERTY keyboard optional
Automatic screen orientation Yes
Size and weight
Weight 620 g
Dimensions (Dhshhg) 243x190x10 mm
Additional information
Features multitouch up to 10 touch points; dual band Wi-Fi module
Equipment tablet, USB-cable, OTG-cable, AC adapter, manual
Case material metal
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